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  1. walleye


    i live on a island in the middle of lake erie. i have a female bamboo cat shark. iam looking for a male. does anyone have any ideas where i can find one. tank mates are a snowflake eel and a white ribbon eel. thanks
  2. walleye

    First Time Ordering

    i got my first order from this line yesterday. i got a flying gunard a tentent tang and a bubble anemmie. everything was great. i will order again. thanks.
  3. walleye

    what is this

    does anyone know what this is. i had a freind get me some fish they told him it was a sea robin but i know its not. i took it because he had order it. thanks
  4. walleye

    feeding frenze

    this happens everytime i feed. the eels come out and follow the sharks around and try to get all the food. it is real funny to wacth.
  5. walleye

    fishing people

    i live on a island in ohio. the ice has left so now its time to go back to work.we fish for walleyes in the fall and winter.heres some pics.
  6. walleye

    new baby

    i went to bed last night and when i turned the light on this morning my shark egg hacthed. so iam going to order 100 white shirmp today so its got some food in there. iam also going to try scallops to. it should be at least 72 hours before its hungry i hope.well thats all i have to say for now.
  7. walleye

    horseshoe crab

    well i got up this morning and my 4 inch big eyed squirlfish was gone. was gone i think my horseshoe crab has eat it. there is nothing else in the tank that could have done it. anyone have any other ideas. thanks
  8. walleye

    sea robin

    well i finally got one. he is cool looking. i have been looking for one for over a year. my buddy that got him for me said it eat his damels that he had in the tank. i dont have anything that small in mine. hope to get him to eat silverside. he is about 6 inches long. once he gets use to the...
  9. walleye

    something killing fish

    i have a 220 gallon tank. here is what in it. i have a brown banded catshark sailfin tang manderinegoby snowfake eel ghost eel squirrle fish and a fox face.a horseshoe crab. something has killed 2 damels and a coralbeauty angle.does anyone have any ideas. thanks
  10. walleye

    ghost eel

    has anyone had a ghost eel. i have had mine for awhile. he is about 20 inches long and the size of a pencil around. he is a pretty eel. if anyone one has had write back. thanks.
  11. walleye

    shark eats feeder stick

    i was feeding my wobie and he broke the end of the feeder stick off. he seems to doing fine he eats just as much as he always has. anyone else hsd this happen to them .
  12. walleye

    fish going fishing

    heres a pic of my angler. trying to get something to eat. lol
  13. walleye

    new fish wobbegong

    i got a wobbegong shark. i had him for 5 days now. he eats real well. here are some pics of him.
  14. walleye

    i know i have asked

    i know i have asked. i still have not been able to find a male green wolfe eel. my female just laid eggs again. this is the 3 time. so if anyone can help. plese let me know. thanks
  15. walleye

    wolfe eels

    i need to know if anyone out there can tell the sexs of wolfe eels. i have a female that has laid eggs again. its the 2 time in 2 months. so if anyone can help let me know. thanks.
  16. walleye

    crocodile fish

    i just got a new fish. its called the crocodile fish. here are some pics of it.
  17. walleye

    sting rays

    has anyone ever had a pair of sting rays breed in there tank. i have apair that stay real close to each other. i know there breeding season is coming up. so if anyone knows anything let me know. thanks
  18. walleye

    thank you all

    this is a message to thank all the people that helped in my shrimp promblem. i found what i wantedand my sea horses are very happy now. thanks again.
  19. walleye

    feeder shrimp

    does anyone know where you can buy salt water feeder shrimp. they are called white shrimp. i use them to feed my sea horses. thanks
  20. walleye

    wolfe eel with eggs

    i have a wolfe eel that laid eggs today. they are the purple sack with her.