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  1. pacopetty

    Help on starting a reef club in Roanoke, VA.

    I would like to start a Reef Club in Roanoke, VA If anyone could give me info on how you got your club started or how you run your meetings or anything useful please let me know. Also anyone in the surrounding areas that would like to join or help me get this thing started please let me know. I...
  2. pacopetty

    I'm picking up a pair of GSM clowns this week

    The LFS has been holding them for me for a month and they have been together in the same tank at the LFS for at least 3 months. Any tips on caring for them would be greatly appreciated.
  3. pacopetty

    Tri Color Fairy Wrasse

    I am thinking about getting one of these fish, if anyone has one or can give me any input on them I would greatly appreciate it. My current stock is: 1 royal gramma 2 GSM mated pair 1 green mandarin goby 110 lbs LR 80 lbs LS
  4. pacopetty

    Will scarlet legged hermits eat my GSP?

    Ever since I put my GSP in the tank today there seems to be at least two or three SLHCcrawling all over it. Will they harm it in anyway?
  5. pacopetty

    My Coral Banded Shrimp is killing my scarlet legged hermit crabs!

    I caught him with the smoking gun today or maybe I should say the smoking hermit! Anyway, my hermits have been slowly disappearing lately so I was looking around the tank and one was hanging out of the CBS mouth. Is it normal for CBS to do this? If so will he attack anything else in my tank?
  6. pacopetty

    SWF fish DOA, what do I do now?

    I got my first fish order from SWF today and one fish was DOA. I e-mailed SWFand told them. Can anyone tell me how they handle these cases? And how long will it take them to respond to my e-mail?
  7. pacopetty

    Lets see some pics of your 125 wide tanks

    I just got a great deal on a 125 wide 72x24x17 for $125 so I would like to see your tanks and set ups.
  8. pacopetty

    How big will my Ward's Tiger goby get?

    and can I keep a yellow watchman goby in the same tank?
  9. pacopetty

    Leopard Babe

    I've got a question about pics
  10. pacopetty

    Cleaning up diatom outbreak and water changes

    First of all my tank is 5 weeks old. It has 80 lbs LS and 50/20 LR/BR. Two powersweep PH 228s and one Penguin 550 PH for circulation. A Turboflotor 1000 PS for filtration and a medium sized patch of calupera. I used a powerhead to remove as much brown algae as I could from my LR today, cleaned...
  11. pacopetty

    Adding first fish, what foods should I get?

    2 Aquacultured Percs 1 Bicolor Blenny 1 Ward's Tiger Goby I just ordered them from SWF so I hope to have them by next Thursday or Friday. So lets hear what I should buy before they get here.
  12. pacopetty

    Help! Skimmer trouble

    I unplugged my skimmer today to add something to my tank and when I plugged it back in it wasn't producing bubbles anymore. If I hold my hand over the inflow nozzle it starts running noormally but as soon as I remove my hand it quits producing bubbles and just pumps water through the skimmer...
  13. pacopetty

    "Spaghetti" algae?

    I would like to get some "spaghetti algae for my fuge'. I live on the VA/NC border right above Greensboro. If anyone has any I would gladly meet you and pick it up or pay for shipping. I haven't been able to find it anywhere near me in the local LFS. Thanks, Andy
  14. pacopetty

    New protein skimmer turning tank into a bubble factory

    I just installed a turbo flotor 1000 multi to my tank and it looks more like a bubble factory than a PS! How long will this last?
  15. pacopetty

    What to do about a brownish-green algae

    Today I noticed a brownish-green algae starting to appear on my sand and some of my live rock. It seems to be locatedin one end of the tank at this point. What should I do about this? 55 gal FOWLR set up Livestock: 1 coralbande shrimp and 4 astrea snails
  16. pacopetty

    How do I get my calcium up and how do I test it?

    I just bought a jug of Kent Marine Kalkwasser and 2 gallons of B-ionic calcium. I need to know how to dose my tank. I need a good calcium test kit. Recommendations please! Andy
  17. pacopetty

    Coral banded shrimp molted today!

    I came home and found my Coral banded shrimp molted in the bottom of my tank. I freaked out and thought he had died! Until I looked in his usual hang out and there he was just chillin'. How often do they do this? Andy
  18. pacopetty

    Dead yellow watchman goby

    I came home today to find my YW Goby dead I just put him in Friday. He was the only fish in the tank. It's a FOWLR setup. The only other livestock in it are 5 turbo snails and a coral banded shrimp. My readings are this: Temp 78 Salinity 1.023 PH 7.7 KH 9 Nitrite -.3mg Ammonia 0 I called the...
  19. pacopetty

    DIY Moonlights

    I have read several of the threads on here about this subject but I still have a few questions. The transformer I have is 5.9V 350mA, is this strong enough? The LEDs I am using are 3.8V 5mm 480nm 60 degree viewing angle. What size transistors do I need? I have seen threads on here using...