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  1. shoreliner11

    Pics from Norman Reef, QLD (9 pics)

    Did a short liveaboard this weekend up in Cairns. Diving was great...thought I'd share some pics. Aaron pic 1 nudibranch pic 2 gorgonian with crinoid pic 3 another nudi pic 4 crinoid with sunburst pic 5 yet another nudi
  2. shoreliner11

    Some GBR and Reef HQ shots

    Its been a while since I've posted anything but I thought I'd share some photos. I don't have an aquarium at the moment because I'm living in Townsville Australia studying marine biology and I'll be here until July. The first couple shots I took with an underwater disposable and John Brewer...
  3. shoreliner11

    7-pac of misc shots

    Just messing around. Aaron
  4. shoreliner11

    Midnight Trawl

    Tonight/this morning I went out and did a bottom trawl for one of my classes. It was a lot of fun although it was raining most of the time so I didn't get my camera out. Here are a couple pics of some stuff we saw. Pic 1 and 2 are of a Ratfish...relative of a shark; very cool looking creature...
  5. shoreliner11

    New additions

    I received some new additions from a local reefer so I thought I'd show them off. I bought the frogspawn for $20, which has 5 heads. He threw in the large frag of Pocillopora. What do you think?
  6. shoreliner11

    Hydroid Jellyfish?

    I saw this guy on my glass today and wasn't sure exactly what it was. I was thinking it was a hydroid jellyfish but I'm not sure. Can someone confirm or deny the id? It does have a bell shape, common of many jellyfish on the opposite side. Any related info on hydroid jellyfish(if it is) would be...
  7. shoreliner11

    Who likes pink mouths?

    I do!
  8. shoreliner11

    Couple o' pics

    Took a couple pics tonight after a water change. pic 1- some zooanthids pic 2- close-up of purple ribbon gorgonian polyps pic 3- my 3yr yellow watchman- what a pretty face huh? pic 4- toadstool frag pic 5- a full tank shot Thanks for looking Aaron
  9. shoreliner11

    Venting about LFS purchase

    I don't buy stuff at full price often because I use to work at a lfs. So when I decide to go and buy something its a pretty big deal (especially b/c I'm a college student with not a whole lot of $). I deciding to go buy a purple firefish for $30 which is a farely reasonable price. I drip...
  10. shoreliner11

    Sexy Shrimp Hanging Out Again

    He usually hangs out in my sinularia spp. but lately he's been roaming. I posted some pics of him hanging out in my rics but this was a little bit of a surprise. Here are a couple pics of him hanging out in my hawaiian feather duster.
  11. shoreliner11

    Sexy Shrimp and Ricordia pics

    My sexy shrimp was hanging out in my ricordia mushroom today so I thought I'd snap some pics.
  12. shoreliner11

    No, they're not tropical

    I took a trip to Forks WA this weekend for one of my classes and got some pretty cool pics. We went to 2 beaches but the second was called Cape Alava and it was truly amazing. You had to hike 3 miles to get to the beach and it was by far the most pristine beach I've ever been to. Take a look at...
  13. shoreliner11

    Invert Pics

    Here's some pics of some inverts I took this weekend up at Friday Harbor Labs in the San Juan Islands. Pic 1- a cuttlefish...not sure of the genus sp. Pic 2- a closeup of the cuttlefish's chromatophores, he wasn't very happy being in the dish Pic 3- A Archidoris montereyensis nudibranch Pic 4-...
  14. shoreliner11

    A couple new additions

    Here are some pics of some new additions to my 10gal. Hope you like. Aaron
  15. shoreliner11

    Acanthastrea Popularity

    Has anyone not hopped on the bandwagon yet on these corals. They are beautiful but the prices they are pulling now makes me sick to my stomach. As with everyone I like bright colors but for 400 for a 3-4in piece thats a little above my budget. Its just funny noticing the "fads" in the hobby...
  16. shoreliner11

    Anyone need ice cubes today?

    I sure did. We got up to 88 here today and needless to say it was a little warm in the apartment. Being a poor and poorly planned college student I live on the 3rd floor of my apartment complex and I don't even have a fan. Its about 90 in my room right now, sweat is actually dripping down my...
  17. shoreliner11

    New Fish

    Here's the newest member of my nano. A small longnose hawkfish. He'll be staying until January and then he'll be off to a larger tank and I'll be off to Australia for 4 months. I'm trying to find a friend or family member to take care of the tank while I'm gone but I haven't found anybody I'd...
  18. shoreliner11

    Gorgonian Growth Pics

    Take a look at what about a month and a half did for this gorgonian who was dying at the lfs when I got it. Aaron
  19. shoreliner11

    Gorgonian Growth Pics

    Sorry for the double post DELETE if you will mods. Aaron
  20. shoreliner11

    Trying to pair a yellow watchman

    I've had a yellow watchman goby for almost 2 years now. He/she is doing very well and right now is my only fish due to a downsize in tanks. What method should I use in order to try and --- another yellow watchman? To my knowledge there aren't any physical differences but is there a certain...