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  1. slosurfer

    Moving Tank to New House

    In the next month I'm moving my 36 gallon reef tank to a new house which is about 3 hours away. I'm wondering how I should go about this process and if anybody has any advice. Thanks
  2. slosurfer

    flat worms

    what would you suggest to get rid of them. I'm afraid they may be covering my xenia too much to the point that they could be harmful. Any responses appreciated
  3. slosurfer

    "yellow" watchman goby

    my faithful yellow watchman goby, which I've had for a year and a half now just recently has lost his color. He's now a very dull yellow and i'm worried about him. He still acts the same and is eating well, and none of my other fish are having any color problems. Is this a problem that comes...
  4. slosurfer

    critter i.d

    I have an unknown critter in my tank, while actually it is more like a snail without a shell than anything else, but anyways it's mulitiplying pretty quickly and currently they are on many of my corals, especially my mushrooms. i'm having camera troubles at the moment and can't get a picture up...
  5. slosurfer

    Metal Halides

    I currently have a 175 watt 10,000k metal halide set up on my tank, but the bulb is getting old and I'm going to get a new one. Do I have to stick with the 10,000k or can I switch it up and get the 20,000 and still use my current ballast?
  6. slosurfer


    I have all my fish right now in a hospital tank and i'm doing a hyposalinity treatment on them for the next month and was wondering what type of feedings i should do in my display tank which i have corals, an anemone, two shrimp, hermits and snails in. i'm going to feed the corals as i usually...
  7. slosurfer

    CPR bakpak smimmer

    I have this skimmer set up on my tank, but it is pretty loud and it makes it difficult to sleep in my room. Would it be best to turn the valve all the way off so its not skimming, but the water is still flowing through it or to unplug it at night or to just put some earplugs in and deal with it?
  8. slosurfer

    very aggresive clown

    My percula clown which I've had for about 4 months and is about 3 inches long has been overly aggresive these past couple weeks towards the new corals I've put in my tank. I first got a clam a couple weeks ago and any time I'd set it up on a rock to try and get it closer to the light, the clown...
  9. slosurfer

    clam problems

    A week ago I purchased a clam and I figured for it to get the maximum amount of light, I would set it up on a rock near the surface of my aquarium, however, the it didn't stay there and by the next morning it was down in the sand, so I once again moved it up on some rocks. Again and again he...
  10. slosurfer

    feeding scallop

    does anyone have a good technique for feeding an electric scallop?
  11. slosurfer

    36 gallon bowfront

    I've had my tank up and running for a while and just purchased a new filter, but encountered a problem. It doesn't quite fit because of this plastic strip across the middle. Does this strip provide support? or what is its purpose? I'd like to cut it off, but I'm guessing that wouldn't be a...
  12. slosurfer

    long spine urchin

    I've read that an adult urchin may go after inverts for food. Would that include cleaner shrimp or an anemone? I have a pretty big scarlet cleaner shrimp and rbta and also a medium sized long spine urchin. Could this be a problem?
  13. slosurfer


    anyone have pics of a false percula clown hosting in a rbta?
  14. slosurfer

    ViPeR 930

    I see that you have a 36 gallon bow front reef as well, do you have any pictures of yours? I just got some new lighting for mine and hope to get some new corals. What fish do you have in yours?
  15. slosurfer

    alternative hosts

    Does anyone have any suggestions on alternative hosts for percula clowns other than anemones? I have sufficient lighting for one, but I don't want to have to leave my mom with an anemone to care for when I go out of town in a couple weeks. Any suggestions appreciated.
  16. slosurfer


    I just got a 20 gallon qt tank. I already have some old lights that I can use on it and plan to buy a cheap heater and filter. Would this be an alright set up? Any suggestions are appreciated
  17. slosurfer

    which fish?

    I have a lot of grass growing on my live rocks and it's getting a little out of control, I'm wondering what type of would help me out by eating it. In my tank I have a percula clown, yellow watchman goby, an arrow crab, cleaner shrimp and some hermits as well a bubble tip anemone
  18. slosurfer


    how would 175 watt metal halide lighting be over my 36 gallon reef tank as far as me having corals and an anemone?
  19. slosurfer

    175 watt metal halide

    How would a 175 watt metal halide setup be over a 36 gallon reef tank? would that be enough output for most corals?
  20. slosurfer

    black and white perc

    I'm thinking about getting a black and white percula will it get along with my false perc?