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    Izu Catshark

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    Shark and Stingray Tank

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    Banded Cat Shark

    Keeping other types of fish are a bit dicey when you keep sharks. Some are very bad tank mates - such as triggers, large angels, & puffers. Also any fish that is small enough for the shark to eat is a poor choice - as the shark will eventually prey on that fish. The groups of fishes which have...
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    Best Saltwater Sand for a shark?

    Actually - very fine grades(sugar like) of sand are best for keeping benthic sharks. As the bellies of such sharks are quite sensitive.
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    which eel is the easiest to care for ?

    I tend to think that the easiest eel to care for would be the Snowflake. As it's often rated as a beginner eel, and they can be kept in a 25-30 gallon tank.
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    Shark ID Please

    Actually that shark is definitely a Gray Bamboo - Chiloscyllium griseum. They max out at about 30 inches (76 cm).
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    can you keep sharks in 55 gallon?

    Actually it would depend on how wide the 75 gallon tank is compared with the 55 gallon. Typically 55 gallon tanks are only about 12-13" wide. So Really they kind of start becoming a bit cramped for a small shark - when the shark reachs about 9-10 inches. On the other hand - if the 75gallon is...
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    ordering a monster

    Yeah - Shark or rays with Puffers & triggers is a bad idea. And Lions with sharks or rays isn't a great idea either. So you'll really need to pick which is that you want to have. The shark & ray or the trigger, puffer & lion. Still with a 300 gallon tank - you will eventually need a larger...
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    can I keep a shark in a 55g while it is small?

    Okay - a 55 gallon may only work as pupping tank(for a couple of months) or a QT for a newly hatched bamboo, epaulette or catshark. But all of these species will need a tank larger than 250-300 gallons eventually. Also planning to keep a shark(benthic or bottom dwelling) with triggers or puffers...
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    Is 120 Gal big enough for a shark?

    Yeah - a 120 gallon tank is too small to keep any shark in for life. However - it is very possible to keep a juvenile shark of one of the Bamboo, Epaulette or catshark species in a 120 gallon tank for about 9 month - if it a newly hatched pup when you first get it.
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    New Ray- Not Eating

    I definitely agree the puffer is a poor tank mate choice for a ray. Also it's possible the puffer could be stressing the ray out - which may be causing it not to eat. But I would still suggest attempting to feed the ray on a daily basis. Hopefully it's just a problem getting it acclimated to the...
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    Shark Tank.. who has them?

    Actually the best way(for a private aquarist) to keep sharks is in a pond, not in a tank. Still there are a few people on this board that have some nice photos of shark tanks & ponds.
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    Shark Tank.. who has them?

    There seems to be some debate as to the bare minimum based on published books. While "Aquarium Sharks & Rays" states the bare minimum for benthic species of sharks -such as Bamboos, Eppies, Horns, Coral catsharks, wobbegongs & Nurse sharks - is the tank/pond needs to have a length at least...
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    Angels, Tangs, Sharks, 200 gallons

    im talkig about a lagoon thats 16' in diameter :P not something tiny LOL it should displace close to 4500 gallons LOL Opps - My mistake. I thought you were talking about a pond 16 inches in diameter instead of 16 ft. in diameter. At 16 ft in diameter - you could keep several sharks the size of...
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    Angels, Tangs, Sharks, 200 gallons

    hey kjr, would 2 papuan epaullete sharks be ok in a 16' wide 3' deep circular lagoon with a bunch of reef fish? IMPO - NO! Papuan Eppies grow to about 30" long - so the minimum I would suggest for a pair(2) of them is at least 450-480 gallons - either a 8'L x 4'W x2'H aquarium or a 6ft diameter...
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    Angels, Tangs, Sharks, 200 gallons

    Yeah - a rubbermaid 300 would be good for a coral catshark or two. Maybe a single small bamboo or eppie(30" or less). But anything bigger and you'll need a bigger pond.
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    Shark/aggressive tank

    If your very seriously considering keeping sharks one day - I would suggest you first read up & do some research on the subject before just getting into sharks. Sharks aren't the easiest saltwater fishes to keep by any means - in fact they tend to be one of more difficult groups to keep. Also...
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    Angels, Tangs, Sharks, 200 gallons

    Absolutely no Angels with benthic sharks - very bad idea. Angels are known to pick on sharks, which can result in serious injury or even death for the shark. Also keeping either a Bamboo or a Horn shark in a 200 gallon tank may be ok well the shark is small juvenile(under about 1 yr old). But...
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    Banded cat shark tankmates?

    Well - I would consider a 180 gallon to be minimum for a Bamboo shark pup. Even then a pup will likely out grow it in about 18 months. As for tank mates - NO trigger, Puffers, Angels and any other fish that tend to pick on sharks. Also IMO stay away from Lions - as your shark could even up...