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  1. streetdoc

    replacing Power Compacr bulbs with T5 bulbs? Help Needed

    Quote: Originally Posted by 2Quills And no you can not just swap out bulbs, the ballasts that drive pc's are different than T5's. Are you sure about that? I believe they are the same technology, just different wattages
  2. streetdoc

    Tunze 9002 Protein Skimmer Review

    Skimmate looked very watery. Perhaps once it will thicken up once it runs a few weeks
  3. streetdoc

    Xenia Bulb - Pic

    Stand back. I think she's gonna blow!!!
  4. streetdoc

    Fraggin' elephant ears

    Seems the same technique for 'shrooms would work for the elephants. Anyone tried fragging them?
  5. streetdoc

    show me black sand reef tanks please

    How does black sand effect your lighting. I mean, does it make the tank look darker? Seems like you would need to bump up the watts per gallon a bit. yes or no?
  6. streetdoc

    splitting live rock

    I'm not sure where you plan on placing it (in sand or on other rock) and I don't know the shap of it, but would a tile saw be an option to split it in two pieces 9and not severa, as with a hammer)?
  7. streetdoc

    Vodka dosing info

    Hey Joe. I have been trying to get a 'fuge made around here for a while now and I keep getting the run around...promise it will get done and then never does. May I ask whom you are going to use?
  8. streetdoc

    Reef Crystal Salt

    It all depends on your parameters. I have had differnet batches of the same brand of salt with different levels of Ca, Mg, etc. I dose according to tank test results. Hope this helps
  9. streetdoc


    I have used super glue gel in the past. I have also had good luck using my 'shroom fragging technique. I place a piece of the mat onto a rock, wrap it with a piece of fiberglass screen, and then secure it with a rubber band for a few weeks. You don't need the band too tight, just enough to hold...
  10. streetdoc

    looking for

    I've been doing most of my business there lately. I order a lot from here also and once in a while from Ocean Environments. Peter sold Saltwater solutions though. I haven't really met the new owner. The GSP is spreading to an adjacent base rock that has only a little coralline and a couple of...
  11. streetdoc

    looking for

    Hmmm. I have some other colors but they're not really big enough to frg yet. I have some bright green GSP that should be ready to frag soon though.
  12. streetdoc

    Frogspawn Info!

    Seems pretty easy to keep. Started with 6 heads a year and a half ago and I have eleven now. It host my Percula as well.
  13. streetdoc

    Looking for an aquarium in SW Florida

    I have a 55 sitting empty with a stand that will handle a 75. let me know if it might work for ya.
  14. streetdoc

    looking for

    Any particular color in mind?
  15. streetdoc

    Beth's sticky

    Thanks for trying..but too late. Died, scooped out, and flushed a little while ago. I would like to know what you believe the disease to be when you get a moment though.
  16. streetdoc

    Beth's sticky

    As far as I can tell they are just faded. It isn't obvious if they aren't. It has been getting progressively worse over the last week or so and it was a gradual onset. Still eats well but not as aggressively and it doesn't seem to be as active as it usually is. Been doing the garlic thing for...
  17. streetdoc

    Beth's sticky

    OK. Got a pic of the problem. I also just noticed that its' body is sunken in the dorsal area behind the head. Any ideas and suggestions for Rx?
  18. streetdoc

    Lets try some pictures

    Gotta get one!!!
  19. streetdoc

    Beth's sticky

    Been through Ick before, this is not it. Larger spots than ick and only on the body (not fins) I have two yellow tangs in the same tank as well as a few chromis, and angelfishes. None have any signs of diseases. I'll work on the pic part
  20. streetdoc

    Lets try some pictures

    Which camera are you using. The display is incredable, but those Pics are so awesome.