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  1. chroniccoral35

    What am I doing wrong?

    Okay, I have had my 28g JBJ for about a month 1/2 now. Though I transfered my 15g to it I still did not add anymore livestock then what their already was for 3 weeks. the back chamber is completely gutted out, it's packed with LR rubble. I have an 11W bulb over micro algae I bought from my LFS...
  2. chroniccoral35

    Micro Algae Help

    My micro algae is turning purple at the top, any ideas? its getting plenty flow and I have an 11w light over it.
  3. chroniccoral35

    Black spots?

    My clowns appear to have small black dots all over them, any ideas?
  4. chroniccoral35

    15g sump, 38g tank.

    Whats the best/good pump to use to make a 15g a sump for a 38g? thanks in advance.
  5. chroniccoral35


    Does a finger leather need adequate flow?
  6. chroniccoral35

    ID coral

    Could anyone ID this sps please? thanks in advance.
  7. chroniccoral35

    Ric acclimation?

    How long should rics be acclimated for?
  8. chroniccoral35

    Clam Question

    I am acclimating a beautiful clam I picked up at my LFS today, just one they prefer sand bed? or can I put him on a rock thats on the sandbed? and how long should they be acclimated for?
  9. chroniccoral35

    Long Tentacle Plate Coral

    Do theese need to be fed? if so how many times a week?
  10. chroniccoral35

    Wavemaker help for JBJ?

    Not a huge problem, still learning how to work this nano 100%. Skimmer is working fine...a lot of disgusting build up. My problem is with Pump #1 on my wavemakers, #1 is blowing out some air bubbles...not a lot but is blowing them out, any idea how to fix it? I tried messing with the seconds...
  11. chroniccoral35

    T-Connector for Skimmer.

    Just curious on the 28g JBJ nano, where should the nob for the skimmer be at on the T-Connector?
  12. chroniccoral35


    I am new to nano cubes still, I hooked up mine Tuesday, nitrates were 20 after feeding my fish, I did a 2.3g W/C, now their 5. I was wondering on when I should add my protein skimmer? the tanks cycled since it was a conversion from a 15g. Last question is, should I put rock in my filter chamber...
  13. chroniccoral35

    ChronicCoral35's 28G JBJ DIARY

    I converted my 15g Tuesday :). The rock and sand was from the 15g aside from a few pieces of LR. Should I still wait before adding coral or anymore fish? Nitrates are 10 PPM SG is 1.026 1 False Percula 1 Yellow-Watchman 2 Peppermint shrimp 1 Sand Sifting Starfish 4-5 asst. snails and hermits
  14. chroniccoral35

    Help Please.....? 28g jbj

    My filter is making a decently loud noise, the wavemakers seem to be working fine, they are blowing out strong and are on 25 sec. The skimmer chamber is empty because I didn't add the skimmer just yet, I took the filter chamber looks fine, and there is a another black sponge to the left...
  15. chroniccoral35

    Worried about Air Bubbles

    I just transfered my 15g to my 28 JBJ, the levels are fine...nitrates are spiking a bit...but thats normal right? they are at 15. Anyway..I transfered it Tuesday, it's all clear aside from the air bubbles, they're under my rock and on my cabbage and in the all in the water...I was told the...
  16. chroniccoral35

    15g Transfer to 28g JBJ!!! :)!

    FINALLY!, after a broken JBJ :(! I received my new one today and me and my buddy hooked it all up. We didn't add the skimmer just yet, going to wait about a week. The filter came with theese white balls, my LFS says not to put them in does anyone know what they are?, everything looks real...
  17. chroniccoral35

    Big disaster! :(....

    I ordered a 28g JBJ a month ago online, I should have opened it once I got and checked it, but I didn't because I was in school and working and just had no time to transfer my 15 to the JBJ, so today I open it.....the whole back glass where the filter is, is shattered, thats only the small part...
  18. chroniccoral35


    Is a 36W PC Coralife lighting good enough for a 15g long?
  19. chroniccoral35

    Sad Morning :(

    My tank is about 8 months old, I had two false percs. since I started the tank, last night I heard a noise...I thought it was a coral that fell, but I was wrong....I wake up this morning and I cant find my baby false perc anywhere, the mother is still there but I have no idea what would of...
  20. chroniccoral35

    Devil Hand

    I've had my devil hand for about 5-6 months, recently its been shriveled up, sometimes it does look nice, but now the back of it looks bleached basically, and its shriveled up, any ideas?