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  1. crt81

    Oceanrunner External Pumps

    Has anyone ever used this pump? Is it quiet? Does it produce alot of heat? Are they a pump that even though it may be small, the power is very strong? I'm torn. I'm not sure if I should get the Pan World pump or if I should get the Oceanrunner pump. Please help!!!!!
  2. crt81

    Should I add this?

    I've heard iodine can help mushrooms open up more and bud faster. My mushrooms are drooping and not opening up fully anymore or at least in the last few weeks. If the iodine can help, how do I dose it? (new here, so very detailed instructions are needed). It would be for a 12 gallon aquapod...
  3. crt81

    IS this too much flow?

    The tank size will be a 65 gallon reef. There will be a mixture of corals and a few clams. I thinking- 2,525. Should I lessen it or is it not enough?
  4. crt81

    Where'd they go?

    I'm not sure if this is along the lines of rule breaking or not but here it is. (If so it's not intentional)! Is all glass still a company? I tried going on their website ( and I got a totally different company. Answers needed- b/c I just bought a tank a month ago and it hasn't...
  5. crt81


    I need to replace my carbon in my 12 gallon aquapod and I'm not sure how much I need! Also do I need to get any particular type of carbon? -OR- Would any type/brand work?
  6. crt81

    Something horrible happened but it's alright now!

    So last light I woke up at 2:00 to get water and I saw that the power was out, not thinking I went back to bed. So at 4:00 I woke again, this time to the sound of rain. So I looked at the clock and saw it was blinking like the power went out (forgot all about when I woke up earlier), so I went...
  7. crt81

    Having trouble deciding! Need Help!!

    I'm having trouble deciding which color to choose for my tanks background. Could you please show pictures of both black backgrounds and blue ones! I kind of need them as soon as possible b/c I'm picking up the tank this weekend (it will be the stick on kind you get put on by the LFS)
  8. crt81

    Your thoughts and opinions are needed!

    So I'm looking into the euro-reef skimmer, the RS 80. The average load is 80 gal., heavy load 50 gallon. So I was wondering if this skimmer is an okay size for a 65 gallon reef tank? I like the price of this one and if going to a larger sized one is the way to go, than I'm no longer able to...
  9. crt81

    Calling all coco worm owners!!!

    I just went to go look at my tank and I noticed that the crown (the feathery part) has come off of one of the 2 heads of the worm! Is this normal? Will it regrow it? This may seem like a stupid and unusual question, but should I leave the pink crown in the tank? Is it still living? When I touch...
  10. crt81

    Need some suggestions!

    I'm starting really soon to start building my canopy and I had some questions.It will fit over my 65 gallon tank (36x18x24) and I will be placing two fans on each side (I'm thinking about the ones that are temp. sensative). So my question is this, I want a canopy that will fit over the tank and...
  11. crt81

    Questions about feather dusters

    I have one pink feather but I just picked up 2 more a little while ago. So my question is this- Are you suppose to burry the tubes or should you just drop them in and they will burrow for themselves? I forgot to ask my fish store once again! I just burried these in the sand and I did the same...
  12. crt81

    Gen-x pump

    I'm definitely getting a gen-x for my 65 gallon but I need to know- is the PCX-55 over kill or should I go with the PCX-30 instead? The PCX-55 is 1140 gph and the PCX-30 is 825 gph.
  13. crt81

    Brain Question

    I have a green brain in my tank and it is slowly looseing some of its soft tissue. Showing more of the hard exoskelenton(SP?). I know it's possible it is my fault b/c it is under my 12 gallon aquapod's lighting but I was wondering if this could be another explaination! On the brain, there are...
  14. crt81

    Please explain!

    T5's have a couple of bulbs to choose from - 10k or 460 nm for example! I am going to get a current nova extreme t5 fixture- so is it better to have the 10k and 460 nm bulb in the fixture or is it better to have two 460 nm bulbs in the fixture? And please explain what nm (460 nm) means! Which...
  15. crt81

    Super Glue?

    I have a question- when ever someone says super glue a coral to a rock or a rock to another rock do they really mean, super glue? I'm talking about the super glue that you can get at walmart or an home omprovement store or does it have to be a special kind of glue? And can it be applied directly...
  16. crt81


    I am going to be purchasing a 65 gallon tank tomorrow and I'm looking at the equiptment and I will be ordering the equiptment in the next upcoming weeks. So my question is this- should I get a skimmer rated for the 65 gallon or a skimmer with a larger rating? Which size do you recommend and...
  17. crt81

    New kenya tree!

    Can anyone give me some useful info on a kenya tree I just loved the way it looked and the price was right and the LFS said they are pretty hardy corals! Info needed- max. size, lighting, water movement, growth rate, able to spread, is it a good coral or have I made a mistake. Pictures are also...
  18. crt81

    Thought I'd share...

    This is the week I will purchase the 65 gallon tank from my LFS. I'm sooooooo excited! I currently have a 12 gallon aquapod and originally I thought I would be content with the 12 gallon but when I started adding corals, I began to run out of room for them all. I go constantly into the fish shop...
  19. crt81

    Why would you do this?

    Mixing of the LED moonlight colors.I've heard that people mix the white with the blue- is this for any reason? Does it make the tank look better? It is more benificial for corals/fish? Which ones do you prefer? Any imput is appriciated!!
  20. crt81

    Your feelings on this fish

    What are your feelings on a flame angelfish? Are they hardy? Would this be a good choice for a 65 gal reef that will house SPS corals, clams, and other corals? Do they have disease related issues, like that of the tangs? Does anyone have a flame angelfish and if so please tell me all about it-...