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  1. rackyrane

    Good LFS in San Diego?

    Hey all, My family and I are planning a trip to sunny California again, but this time to San Diego. Could anyone point me to a few good LFS there? I always see the amazing stuff that people post from the stores where they live and I am so jealous! We rarely get much good stuff, especially...
  2. rackyrane

    Filter media?

    Don't know where to post this for sure, but here goes. I have a wet dry filter. I have been buying the precut filter pads to go in it. I recently heard that you can buy bulk media and cut it yourself. Anyone know where to get this? Thanks alot!
  3. rackyrane

    Saltwater stores in Austin, TX?

    Hey guys, I am going on an overnight business trip to Austin today and just found out I will have a couple of hours of downtime. I hate to sit around airports, so thought about checking out a LFS in Austin. I will be staying at the Omni so will need to leave from there, to the LFS and then to...
  4. rackyrane

    What the Heck!?!?!?!

    Well, my 8 year old has the salt water bug as bad as my husband and I do. The poor kid didn't have a chance with all the tanks around. Well, my husband built a nano for him and he wanted a pipefish. He received his Caribbean pipefish about 10 days ago. We started seeing these funny little...
  5. rackyrane

    Getting discouraged.

    I am getting somewhat discouraged with corals. I have bought several zoo frags online only to have them arrive basically dead. The polyps on alot of them are small, shriveled and sometimes already brown. I have tried to get some of the prettier morphs and they arrive non-viable. Since I have...
  6. rackyrane

    Velvet Slug Weirdness

    My husband bought a velvet slug to eat flatworms. His tank somehow got infested. He hasn't put anything in there for a long time and all of a sudden--flat worm heaven. He got the velvet slug and he has been eating like a mad thing. 80% of the worms are gone and the slug has doubled in size...
  7. rackyrane

    Saltwater stores in Maryland?

    Anyone know any good stores in the D.C. or Waldorf, Maryland area? A couple of our local reefers are moving to Waldorf, Maryland soon and they are getting rid of the setup here. They are going to eventually restart when they get settled. I want to help them by finding out if anyone knows any...
  8. rackyrane

    Hosting Brain?

    My crazy clowns are always doing something weird. Usually they attack me when I put my hand in the tank. I just added a pretty open brain. The dragon goby is trying to cover it with sand and I guess the clowns just discovered it. They are now hosting the brain! Anyone else have clowns do this?
  9. rackyrane


    Hi, Saw on another thread that you had zoanthid spiders. I have found them on my zoos too. How did you get rid of them? I had them two months ago and thought they were all gone. I put the affected zoos in QT and dipped them again last week. Guess what--11 more spiders were found. They were...
  10. rackyrane

    Crazy BTA

    My BTA is weird. It has no bubbles on most of the tentacles. At times it will have a few, but mostly none. It is growing like crazy and is getting huge. My clowns ignore it. It has attached itself into an old barnacle shell and I can't get it out. The area it chose is at the top of the...
  11. rackyrane

    Mating Clowns???

    How do you tell if your clowns are mating? Mine are doing some funny dancing in sychrony. What should I watch for?
  12. rackyrane

    I think I have spiders

    Well, it's finally happened. I think I have something nasty in my tank. Tonight I was rearranging my LR to put some new in and took one of my zoos out. I saw this funky looking critter and of course ran to look it up. It was a zoanthid spider, I'm pretty sure. I FW dipped the zoo immediately...
  13. rackyrane

    LFS in San Francisco area?

    Does anyone know any reliable/good LFS in the San Francisco/Monterrey areas? We are heading out that way for spring break and plan on going to the Monterrey aquarium and San Fran. Would like to see a different selection than what is available locally. TIA!
  14. rackyrane

    Brain confusion

    I am confused about the brain corals. I have read alot and still don't know which one to get. What's the difference between cyanarinas and scolomias? Which opens and gets bigger--the open or closed ones? I really want one of these but I want to get an easy one for a newbie. TIA.
  15. rackyrane

    FW dip or not? Help please?

    :help: Hi all, I just bought some sweet zoos, a blastomussa frag and a montipora digitata. I was considering doing a FW dip on the zoos but don't know how. I have searched previous threads about it here and don't know what to do or if I should do it. Please help. I have the corals acclimating...
  16. rackyrane

    Ophiura, help please!

    I am very concerned. I swore I would research everything before buying, but my little one begged and pleaded for me to get a starfish while we were in the LFS. I bought a sand sifting star for him (in my tank of course) and now that I have been reading on here, I am concerned that he will...
  17. rackyrane

    Nearly broke my foot with LR!

    Before I ask my question, I have to tell you what happened, so bear with me. Catawaba and I made a long distance trip to pick up some LR. The LFS there has great LR with alot of life/hitchhikers on it. I picked out several great pieces (one even has a large sea squirt on it) and brought them...
  18. rackyrane

    Is this a good lighting system?

    I have been looking for a good lighting system. I have been reading alot, searching alot and have posted here. Catawaba found this system for me---Current48" OuterOrbit 2X150w MetalHalide 2x130w Actinic. Does anyone have this system? Any thoughts good or bad on it? I can pick it up for just...
  19. rackyrane

    Going just a little bit crazy!

    :help: :help: This whole lighting thing has pulled me to a dead stop. I can't buy anything else or go any further until I settle this. The problem is my lack of lighting. I have a tank I bought fully set up that was a FO tank. Had some really bad dead rock and fake plants and some cool...
  20. rackyrane

    Exploding BTA?

    OK here's a weird one for you guys. I was given two BTA's. One is doing well. The other was ok, but wasn't as full as the other. It ate mysis shrimp and brine shrimp two days ago. Today when I looked for it, all I saw was a few scattered pieces of anemone--attached to different rocks. I...