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  1. mikev

    ricordea problems

    the ricordea in my wifes nano has been shrinking over the past couple of weeks. they still have good color ,but the physical shrinkage has me a little concerned. my params ph 8.4 ammonia 0 trites 0 trates 0 these tests were taken with api test kits temp 79
  2. mikev

    octo nw-150 problem

    i was changing the filter socks today, and my skimmer started over flowing . i turned the pump off, cleaned everything. whaen i started it back up the skimmer produced hardly any bubbles and i had micro bubbles coming out of the discharge. help!
  3. mikev

    Flat worms

  4. mikev

    what skimmer for a nano28 hqi

    the skimmer that comes with it is a piece of junk, what would be a good skimmer under $150 ?
  5. mikev

    maxima doesnt want to fully open

    as title says, it has been this way for a couple of weeks. any idea why? sg 1.025 amm 0 trite 0 trate 0 cal 420 alk 8
  6. mikev

    fragging finger leather

    How do I frag a finger leather? I have three large stalks coming from the base. Need to remove at least one stalk, and not kill the whole thing.
  7. mikev

    which nano to buy?

    my wife wants a nano . i didnt realize there were so many different ones on the market. which one is the best bang for the buck?
  8. mikev

    Lawn mower blenny not eating

    as the title says, any advice? already have algea sheets and flakes available to it , but he wont touch it.
  9. mikev

    MH bulb height ?

    after 8 years i m finally upgrading from pcs to mh, what is the optimal height of the bulb to the water?
  10. mikev

    175 watt MH

    i have a 90 reef, will 2 175mhs and 2 96 watt 03 pc be enough to keep sps?
  11. mikev

    return question

    my quiet one 4000 pump has a 1" inlet. my question is , should i use 3/4" or 1" on the outlet?
  12. mikev

    fish for frag tank

    looking for a small algea eating fish for frag tank . thinking about a lawnmower blenny. pros / cons ?
  13. mikev

    bubbles in j tube

    i have a tidepool overflow rated at 600ghp. it has been in constant use for years, but here lately i have been getting large air bubbles in the j tube. im constantly having to "siphon" them out. is this a sign of a weak pump or is there another problem?
  14. mikev

    fragging mushrooms

    well my wife and i started cutting our blue stripped shroons. my question is , how long will it take them to attach to their new rocks. thanks, Mike
  15. mikev

    ls bubbles

    my 90 has been up and running for 2 weeks. i have 80 lbs. ls and 100 lbs. lr. my question is , why does my sand emit bubbles , and is this normal?