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  1. krj-1168

    Experience with Sharpies

    I was wondering who here has practical experience with keeping Sharpies (Atlantic Sharpnose Shark), in home or private aquaria. I know a lot about them. General biological data, approximate recommended tank size - general water temp range. Stuff like that. I've been told by some that they are...
  2. krj-1168

    How to Catch Sharks

    I've recent be come interested in this. And I've heard that Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine did an article on this back in their Nov. 2003 issue. Does anyone know were I may get a copy(used or new). Or give me some information about how it can be done (ie bait, tackle, rod or nets).
  3. krj-1168

    Atlantic Sharpnose keeper

    Allow me to say that the Atlantic Sharpnose is my favorite free swimming "aquarium" shark. And I hope to some day be able to keep one or preferable a small group. Here's why. _ they are the one smallest members of the requiem sharks (at least available in the North American trade). _ they are...
  4. krj-1168

    "Ideal" Home Aquarium Sharks

    The ideal sharks for home aquariums are species of the Bamboo & Epaulettes, as well as the genus Heterodontus(Horn or Bullhead), and the Coral catsharks. What is the main critria to be considered an Ideal species for the Home Aquarium? Basically a species that meets all of the following. - Very...