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  1. streetdoc

    Fraggin' elephant ears

    Seems the same technique for 'shrooms would work for the elephants. Anyone tried fragging them?
  2. streetdoc

    Beth's sticky

    I have a diseased Sohol tang. I went to Beth's sticky at the top of the page, but there are no pics anymore. What happened?
  3. streetdoc

    ID please

    Would someone please ID this and let me know about proper placement in the tank and feeding if required? Thanks all.
  4. streetdoc

    Durso drain help

    Hate to bother evryone with info I could find myself on this board but the search feature is unavailable until Tuesday. I have an AGA 90g drilled with overflow that has been working fine until I upgraded my turnover today and man is it flowing. I have a waterfall in the over flow and a lot more...
  5. streetdoc

    Red Sea salt

    Has anyone had problems with Red Sea? I bought a 200 gallon bucket of it the other week on the advice of my LFS who said it was better than the Oceanic I was using. Almost immediately I noticed some very nice algea blooms in both the 90 and 210. I also noticed that the tub I was agining it in...
  6. streetdoc

    DSB in the overflow?

    I was cleaning the filter in the overflow of my 90 reef and noticed some sand in the bottom of it that had a couple of spaghetti worms in it and it got me thinking of a couple of things. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to add 6-7 inches of sand in there. I was also wondering how a...
  7. streetdoc

    Spaghetti worms

    Can anyone describe what they are / look like or have pics of them?
  8. streetdoc

    Mat ID please

    Would someone please ID this for me?
  9. streetdoc


    I woke up this morning and found my powder blue tang all scratched up and lying on the bottom of the tank severely stressed. All the other fish, corals, and inverts are fine. I moved him over to the 210 because of the lower currents and lack of possible predators of a sick fish but he died this...
  10. streetdoc

    Banjo fish

    Does anyone have a Pic of a Banjo fish. I was skin diving in the Gulf of mexico today and found this wild looking fish which I managed to catch and bring home. A friend of mine said he thinks it might be a Banjo fish. I Looked in Marine Fishes by Scott michael and didn't see it in there. I put...
  11. streetdoc wish list

    What's the deal with all item at being labled as "wish list"? Are they finally moving to the new facility?
  12. streetdoc

    Acropora and hermits

    Is there any problem with keeping hermit crabs and Acropora together?
  13. streetdoc

    Chiller advice

    I could use some advice on chillers. I'm guessing I'll need 1/5 to 1/4 HP and have been told to go a little higher than recommended.....not much price difference and it will work a lot less. My problem is I don't have any experience with chillers. What is a good brand as far as value...
  14. streetdoc

    MH lighting

    I just received my new lighting fixture. 2x 400W MH with 2x 65w PC, dual fans and a plexiglass shield. I have glass lids over the tank. I have read here in other forums that MH should never be closer than 6" to the tank. Why? and does this apply to a shielded hood with glass covers on the tank...
  15. streetdoc

    Any Pics of a green tipped bristle worm?

    I have a 4" worm I believe might be a green tipped bristle worm. Does anyone have pics of one they could post? Also, are they bad for a reef? How do you get rid of them if they are bad? Thanks
  16. streetdoc


    I was wondering what everyone does to prevent the build up solid wastes in their LR and reef tanks. I am getting my first 100lbs of LR soon and would prefer to set things up right the first time. I currently have aCC bed and have noticed some people have nothing for a bottom. Any advise would be...
  17. streetdoc

    LR lighting

    I have a 90g (48wx18dx24h) that has been running over a year now with a total of 260w PC 50/50. I have many posts here about "proper lighting" but can't seem to find the type and quantity that would be. So far I have had a fish only but have recently added a few shrimp, snails, and a little LR...