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  1. big-fin


    I have a dogface puffer & a porcupine puffer in the same tank is this ok they get along just fine.
  2. big-fin

    How Long

    I just ordered some fish for the first time from saltwater I live in Jersey does anyone know how long it takes for the fish to arrive?
  3. big-fin


    My fish is to big for my tank does anyone want him.
  4. big-fin

    Kissing Hippo

    I have a blue hippo tang that lays on its side and puts its nose against my hermit crab all the time why? :scared:
  5. big-fin

    Dogface Puffer[aka Fatbastard]

    I have a 150 gallon tank with about 25 fish.When its feeding time my dogface puffer eats 80% of the food and he looks like he is inflated all the time.