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  1. wablondie98664

    my new puppy

    this is chase he is 10 weeks old
  2. wablondie98664

    anyone keep cockatiels?

    i have two of them, 1 for 9 months now and 1 for 2 months. just thought i'd share a couple pics heres davey
  3. wablondie98664

    new pic

    just thought i'd share a pic of my little puffer:joy:
  4. wablondie98664

    my 72 bow front

    i recently downgraded my tank from a 150 to a 72, here is a tank shot of the new tank. hope you like:yes:
  5. wablondie98664

    t-5 lighting question

    I recently downgraded from my 150 gal to a 72 gal bowfront. my husband is planning to set up t-5's on the new tank. 4 54 watt bulbs. i was wondering if t-5's are considered high lighting? we already got rid of our high light demanding corals, but would like to get clams a such later on down...
  6. wablondie98664

    pagoda tissue loss

    a couple weeks ago i noticed a small hole forming on my pagoda cup, so i've been regularly blowing off the settlement that collects on it with a powerhead hoping it would heal. well tonight i was looking closley at the pagoda and notice a few other areas on it where the tissue is dying off...
  7. wablondie98664

    is this popeye?

    we got a lionfish for free today because the lfs store said it had an injured eye. one of it's eyes just has a clear bubble around it. we were told he's eating, he's acting fine perching on the rocks. does he have popeye or is this just an injury?
  8. wablondie98664

    maroon clown nipping at corals

    i have a large maroon in my 150 gal reef, she is about 5-6 inches. anyways, about a month or so ago she started nipping at my feather duster, and has torn all the feathers down to about an inch in length. then she has started to nip the tips of my torch coral. is this normal behavior for a...
  9. wablondie98664

    id please.....worm??

    sorry i couldn't get a picture, but tonight i was looking at the tank and saw this worm like thing. it looked to be flat on it's underside and the head of it was suctioned to a rock. it was a beige color with darker beige vertical stripes. it had little spikes all around the top of it and...
  10. wablondie98664

    anthia had a bad day

    this afternoon i was sitting at my computer about 10 feet away from my tank. all of a sudden i heard a funny noise from the tank, i looked over and all my fish were hiding. i looked under the stand, behind the tank and couldn't figure out what the noise was. . then about 2 minutes afterwards...
  11. wablondie98664

    overrun by stomatella's

    over the last couple weeks the population of stomatella snails in my 30 gal has been steadily growing. at night you can see litterally 100+ snails on the glass. can there be bad effects of having this many, or is it o.k??
  12. wablondie98664

    1 year tank progress

    i have been in this hobby for a year now and feel that i have learned a lot. in the beginning i lost a lot of fish due to lack of knowledge, but over the last 6 months or so my tank has been doing great. the fish i have had the longest is my purple firefish which i have had now for 9 month and...
  13. wablondie98664

    some new pics

    here are some new pics of the tank and fish. hope you enjoy:D heres the left side
  14. wablondie98664

    new member of the family

    today my husband got a little kitten from one of his friends. don't know exactly how old she is, but judging by her size, she can't be more than 4 weeks old. haven't decided on a name yet, any suggestions??
  15. wablondie98664

    my 30 gal

    i rarely post pics of my 30 gal. it contains 40 lbs lr, 2 scissortail gobie's and a gold striped maroon with a rose bta here is a full tank shot
  16. wablondie98664

    loosing pets

    for the past week our 12+ year old love bird, milo, hasn't been doing too well, a week ago he all of a sudden couldn't use his left leg and has been plucking out all his feather, the vet didn't seem to know what is wrong, but doesn't think he is going to make it much longer:nope: then on top...
  17. wablondie98664

    added a fuge, temps under control

    about a week ago we addded a fuge to our tank made out of a 30 gal rubbermaid tub (about 23 gal water volume) and ever since then my temps haven't been fluctuating as much due to the lighting. before the fuge the temp would jump about 3 degree's a day and now it only goes up about 1 degree...
  18. wablondie98664

    1 months growth pc to mh

    i decided to post a couple pics of some amazing growth i have gotten in 1 month time since switching tanks from 3.5 watts per gallon pc to 6.5 watts per gallon mh. first here are some yellow polyps before:
  19. wablondie98664

    spraying for pests

    we just got a note on the door of our apartment saying they are coming in friday to spray as a prevention for pests. will this be harmfull to my tank??
  20. wablondie98664

    rbta split

    we have had our rose bta for only 2 weeks now and it has split already. we just looked in the the tank this morning and noticed a smaller one next to the big one:D now our maroon can't decide which one to host.