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  1. logan15


    I'm starting a new tank well redoing my 75 and this is my first time using southdown but it seems to have a 1/4" or so of a white creamy layer on the sand what is that? Thanks, Logan
  2. logan15

    New 75 Gallon Building Process

    Tag Along as long as you want I'll periodically be adding pics But it'll be underway Monday and now im building my new stand.
  3. logan15

    Colorful Fish For a 75?

    Im still looking up I want to get I have decided on 1 Purple Tang and a Pair of True Percs What else would go with this? That is COLORFUL This will be a LPS clam and Soft Coral Reef Tank Thanks, Logan
  4. logan15

    Curing Sand

    Ok im going to be using almost 200lbs of Southdown now I want to cure it first so what do i do? I have a nice 30 Gallon rubbermaid tub will that work?
  5. logan15

    Calcium and Alkalinity?

    Ok a question for the experts I have been reading up on LPS and SPS and their needing of Calcium and Alkalinity. Now I thought you just needed to keep the Calcium up to around 450-500ppm and your corals will be fine. Why is alkalinity important as well? Please Help Confused Young Mind, Logan
  6. logan15

    Fish List OK?

    FoxFace Lo Yellow Tang Pair of True Percs Evansi Anthias (Going To Research their diet more) Sixline Wrasse Bangaii Cardinal Royal Gamma Sound good? Itll be for a 75 Gallon with a 30 Gallon sump with A Euro-Reef Skimmer I dont think the bio load will be a prob but what do you think?
  7. logan15

    WTB: Dual 250 Watt MH ASAP

    Looking To Buy Dual 250 Watt MH If You have one please post looking for ballast and mogul sockets. Logan
  8. logan15

    Pics Of Your 75 Gallon

    I want to redo my 75 and get some experience before i start on a 125 Can you post pics of your 75 gallon tanks so i can get some ideas and so on :)
  9. logan15

    Anyone Have An ASM Skimmer?

    What do you think about it? I'm Thinking about getting a G-2 Any Advice Suggestions this will be for a 125 Gallon Tank
  10. logan15

    Looking For Someone To Make A Sump

    If Someone Can make me a sump/Refugium Ill be willing to pay up to $160 Dollars looking for something like this just a bit longer because ill be having a BIG Skimmer
  11. logan15

    Best Skimmer For Under $250

    Whats the best skimmer for under $250?I was looking at the Turbo Flotor 1000 or the 1000Multi any ideas?
  12. logan15

    Reef Lighting?

    Im going to do Triple 400 Watt MH and 2 110 Watt VHO over my 125 will that be too much light?
  13. logan15

    Ideal Setup?

    I have decided to go from a 125 to a 120 on my upgrade simply because i want a 24" wide tank and the lighting will be cheaper :) What type of setup would you do with a 120? Im thinking 2 - 400 Watt 10K XM 2 - 110 Watt VHO Actinics what else tho :)
  14. logan15


    Im thinking about getting a Euro-Reef CS6-2+ but since its caring a $418 price tag im considering other options if nothing works as well as it then ill buy it but what are your opinons? Logan
  15. logan15

    Is This Southdown?

    It dosent say southdown but it is from the carribean and it is from Easton,PA "same as the southdown inc" Its made by old Castle TOO
  16. logan15


    Could a Chevron Tang and Purple Tang go in a 125 together with about 200lbs LR?
  17. logan15


    Anyone know Southdown Sku or Part Number so I can have my Homedepot search around for it?
  18. logan15

    RyeBeard Help!!!

    What camera would you reccomend thats under 299.99 i was thinking a canon powershot A70 is that camera any good?
  19. logan15

    The Art Of Breaking LR

    Well today on the job at the LFS i had to break huge pieces of Fiji LR into smaller more afforadable pieces denise"a co worker" told me to use a chiesel and hammer my manager came out and said what are you doing i said breaking up the LR he said watch and learn he grabbed the LR and threw it...
  20. logan15

    The LFS "Kip 007 and Bang"

    Ok while I was at my first day of work yesterday I was really studying our 120 Gallon reef where we sell our corals and so on and ever since one of the most knowledgeable people got switched to another location the reef tank has slower not been as nice. Im going to ask if I can take care of the...