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  1. sugarfox03

    Christmas pics of the kids

    Since I have spent far too much money on fish stuff this year, my family is stuck getting pictures of the furkids for Christmas! Here are some shots I took today of them. The two big ones, Maui & Magnum were more than cooperative, Mako the shiba inu on the other hand was not too impressed, but...
  2. sugarfox03

    What do I need to plumb my 105 gal Oceanic?

    I have a 105 gal Oceanic tank that I need to get the plumbing parts for. Its a predrilled tank, a 1.5" and 1.75" holes, single overflow box in the left corner. I have everything else for the tank, just need the plumbing parts and she's ready for water! I did a 3 week water test with no leaks...
  3. sugarfox03

    TDS of 190 causing high nitrates?

    Yeah, ya'll read that correctly. Someone here recommended that I buy a TDS meter. I did. I checked the TDS of my so-called "RO" water from the LFS. It came out to 190! My tap water is 180! Now that I think I have pinpointed my problem (after all the fricken time & money spent trying to correct...
  4. sugarfox03

    Confused on overflow rate, pumps, head..?

    I thought I had this stuff figured out, but I'm wrong. I have a 105 g tank, I need to know what pump to get for the return. I was going to buy a Mag 9.5, would this be ok? Can they be tuned down if too powerful? How do I figure out how much the pump needs to be? I can get dimensions later today...
  5. sugarfox03

    Luv-A-Bully March in S. FL Oct 28!

    I am putting together a march in downtown West Palm Beach to help with the growing problem of BSL against bullies. I need people to come with their bullies and show their support!! The march is a nationwide thing (hopefully) and I just sent in all the info to the "packleader" so they can post...
  6. sugarfox03

    Nitrate/algae problem, will these products help?

    Hey everyone! I am having a nitrate/algae problem in my tank. I told the people at the LFS my story, and they recommended I use these two products: 1.) ALGONE - "Water clarifier & Nitrate Remover" to remove the nitrates 2.) Seachem's Reef Builder - "Raises Carbonate Alkalinity" to help cut down...
  7. sugarfox03

    What am I doing wrong?

    I just checked my tank and my nitrate is back and now over 100 ppm. I'm shocked, I don't know how this could have happened. Nothing has died, all 3 fish are alive and well. I feed twice a week. My Remora skimmer is pulling stuff from the tank. I've been doing weekly 4-5 gal water changes (just...
  8. sugarfox03

    What skimmer for my tank?

    Hey everyone! I need help choosing a protein skimmer for my refugium thats going to be plumbed to my 105g tank. I originally bought a Remora, I didnt think I would be getting a bigger tank than a 75 (planned on a 37, actually!) I ended up with a much bigger tank. The guy I bought the Remora from...
  9. sugarfox03

    Fish list in a 105 gal

    I need help choosing fish for my new tank. I want to have the fish picked out before I start adding anything. Anyway, here are some that I have picked out. Please remember, I will be getting a 200+ gallon tank in a year when I buy my house. I definately want: Fuzzy dwarf lionfish Maroon clown...
  10. sugarfox03

    NEW AquaC Remora for sale!!

    I just bought this last week, and then bought a bigger tank than what it it rated for. I need to upgrade to the Pro! Anyway, this is brand new, still in the box, never used. Asking $150 shipped. Please, no account was hijacked, so I don't use it anymore. :( This is rated for tanks...
  11. sugarfox03

    SugarFox03's 24g AquaPod diary!

    Ok, from now, I'm going to post updates, pics and everything in this thread. Others have done it, why cant I? First off, I wanted to thank James, efishnsea, for all the help in getting my tank back in order, and also the beautiful corals. My nitrates are down to 20, and with the info from...
  12. sugarfox03

    Return pump

    I need some suggestions for an appropriate return pump for my 105g tank with a 20g refugium. I'm new to big tanks, so I have no idea how these pumps work. Are they like powerheads? I was told to get one that doesn't have to go in the water, is this a good idea? Any/all info is greatly appreciated!
  13. sugarfox03

    Look what I got for my anniversary!

    We picked up this gorgeous 105g Oceanic tank, with predrilled overflow, and Oceanic cherry stained oak stand & hood. The stand and hood are brand new, whereas the tank used to be a reef tank. Can't beat this combo for $250 huh? I'm excited. My bday is soon, so I am getting lights then. I'm going...
  14. sugarfox03

    I need help - high nitrates, unknown reason

    (Also posted in the Nano section, I apologize for the double post.) Ok, I just checkd my nitrate level, and the test came back around 80 ppm. My nitrite is at 1.0 ppm, same with ammonia. It was fine a week ago. All corals look fine, I noticed white spots on my clown that I have had for months...
  15. sugarfox03

    I need help

    Ok, I just checkd my nitrate level, and the test came back around 80 ppm. My nitrite is at 1.0 ppm, same with ammonia. It was fine a week ago. All corals look fine, I noticed white spots on my clown that I have had for months, and my scooter blenny died 2 days ago, he was removed the morning I...
  16. sugarfox03

    Future 75g stock list...maybe?

    So I am trashing the 37 gal idea (thanks for the suggestions!) Once my finances are back in check (next month) I plan to look for a 75 gal tank. Now, is this one big enough for a dwarf fuzzy lion, maroon clown, coral beauty? If so, would it be too much to add 3-4 green chromis and/or a yellow...
  17. sugarfox03

    FS: 130w PC 50/50 Hood/ballast

    I am running into some financial problems this month due to missing some days for the storm that never really hit. I need to sell some things to get by this month. I was planning on keeping this hood for future use, but I need to sell some things, and this is something I am able to part with. I...
  18. sugarfox03

    What order to add fish?

    I am debating on getting a bigger tank, atleast a 37 gal, as a FOWLR. First, can a coral beauty, dwarf fuzzy lion, and a maroon clown all coexist in a tank that size? If not, will atleast the coral beauty and dwarf fuzzy lion? I really want the DFLF and my boyfriend loves coral beauties -...
  19. sugarfox03

    Updated pics of the 'Pod!

    Here are some new pics of my 24 gal AquaPod. I was having a hair algae problem on of my rocks, so I took it out and replaced it with a few new pieces. I got two new corals last week, a frogspawn and a green lobophyllia. Everything is doing great, opening up huge under the MH. Pics:
  20. sugarfox03

    Tanks for sale So FLA

    I have a few tanks for sale: 20 gal high, good condition, no scratches, cracks, holds water. $20 5 gal with hood (18w PC, white & actinic bulbs, works great) also a brand new filter (I paid $30 alone for the filter and replacement pads.) Box opened only to make sure all parts were there. $35 20...