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  1. cowfishrule

    i've seen 2 dead bodies this week....

    Originally Posted by jennythebugg yes , then usually go inside and pray for them and their families - at least thats what we do i didnt. i went inside, took a dump, and went on with my day.
  2. cowfishrule

    Swf Football Pool '09

    Originally Posted by nina&noah Forgive me, but are we talking about pro or college? I don't follow pro, but I am a HUGE college football fan. GO CANES!!!! Pro, but if it were college, i wouldnt allow you to play anyways. Canes? Eck.
  3. cowfishrule

    i've seen 2 dead bodies this week....

    update: the neighbor isn't dead. she's in bad shape, though.
  4. cowfishrule

    Guess how this happened...

    Sheep stuck up a telegraph pole in the small town of Helgoysund on the Norwegian coast. An amorous sheep in Norway got stuck hanging from a live wire when it tried to "abseil" down an electricity cable to reach a field full of ewes. Amazing. This ---- still happens.
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    Swf Football Pool '09

    STEP UP ladies...
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    swimmers ear

  7. cowfishrule

    losing / gaining weight... ladies?

    stay off the blow...
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    i've seen 2 dead bodies this week....

    ugh. body 1: coming home from lbi last wed nite. we saw the body lying in the middle of the road, covered by a sheet. medics standing by it, talking with police. fun. further investigation on my part finds out it was a 19 chick who decided to walk across a 6 lane road. body 2: yesterday...
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    I've been very gassy lately...

    steer clear today, folks.
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    Text or Talk

    How much/often do you text ? Would you rather text or talk ? Discuss....
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    "Slogans" needed... Pictures are wide... beware.

    "welecome to the jungle baby"
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    I left a bad tip today...

    I totally miscalculated and left like a 14% tip this afternoon. At a restaurant I frequent often. To a waitress who's never been anything but nice to me. I feel like such a ----.
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    I have a headache

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    18 and over for Aquarium Posts

    Originally Posted by MiaHeatLvr but probably the childish schoolyard antics that seem to have been inundated in here over the past year. CFR is inconsolable.
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    Oprah is being sued for . . . . . . $1 Trillion

    Oprah Sued For $1.2 Trillion: Report But that’s the dollar figure that poet Damon Lloyd Goffe is seeking from the talk show icon for allegedly plagiarizing portions of his cleverly titled book, “A Tome of Poetry,” according to celebrity photoshop artist, blogger and Miss California detractor...
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    Dolphin hitches a ride

    Originally Posted by florida joe “This was just a bad luck day for the dolphin,” he said. Well, thats what they get for hiring chad pennington.
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    Men and Women and Collectibles...

    I was just reading something that made a good point that got me thinking and I wanted to share it with you people. On a psychological level, what is it that draws men to collectibles? I don't even mean Star Wars action figures necessarily. But the way men express themselves with what surrounds...
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    Do you like Dorito's ?

    I <3 them. Discuss...
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    Do you use the AC in the car ?

    Originally Posted by zman1 I wonder why you choose to avoid AC? One of my sons never uses it. His reasoning is to save on gas mileage. I told him that I have either saw or read something once, that indicated you virtually lose the net benefit by the additional wind drag on the car with...
  20. cowfishrule

    Do you use the AC in the car ?

    I always try to avoid using air conditioning in the car unless it's absolutely necessary. There's nothing more satisfying than driving around with all the windows down and the wind blowing in your face. I really only use it if Im going over 75 and keeping the windows down is impractical. You...