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  1. 900dublr

    Large CPR aqua fuge

    Large CPR aqua fuge in good condition with rio power head. 60 plus shipping
  2. 900dublr

    Aqua C remora/ other stuff

    Aqua C remora with maxi jet 1200 also including surface skimmer. $115 to your door Cpr aqua fuge $70 to your door Also have a jebo light fixture that work perfect. 48" 4x55 $50 plus shipping 3 other maxi jet power heads $7 plus shipping Items have been cleaned since the photos.
  3. 900dublr

    Aqua fuge and aqua C remora

    Aqua C remora with maxi jet 1200 and surface skimmer in good condition $100 plus shipping Large CPR aqua fuge in good condition with rio power head. 65 plush shipping 3 maxi jet power head $10 each coral life 24gpd ro unit works great 40 plus shipping
  4. 900dublr

    Reef Break down in KY

    My girlfriend is moving out and is taking her 75 gal tank with her so the contents need to be sold. I do not have the time or money to put into another tank. This would be a good deal for someone with a tank ready to be setup. I would like to sell everything to one person but I am considering...
  5. 900dublr

    Ro unit in Laundry Room

    How should I plump my ro unit in the laundry room? I was thinking t-ing it off of the cold water outlet for my washer mabe with a ball valve or something. So I could just turn the valve when I need to start the ro unit. I went to lowes but I couldnt really find anything that would work. Im not...
  6. 900dublr

    CPR HOB Refugium

    I plan on building a HOB refugium some time this week. Does anyone have a CPR or similar HOB refugium that they can post pics of to give me an idea. Im not exactly sure how they work. Any help would be appreiciated. THanks
  7. 900dublr

    55 Gal Reef FS

    Complete Reef Setup fs. I am located in N. Kenutcky. Approx. 30-45mins from OH. Here is everything I have... 55 gal tank/stand 220 watt pc light 80lbs of sand about 50 lbs of lr 4 powerheads 3 in the tank one for mixing salt Aqua C remore protien skimmer with surface skimmer Penguin Mechanical...
  8. 900dublr

    55 gal setup For sale

    I hate to sell it but ill be moving soon and can't take it. I am located about 45 mins from cinnc. OH. I am selling as a whole and prefer not to split up. Here is the list.... 55 gal tank/stand 220 watt pc light 80lbs of sand about 50 lbs of lr 4 powerheads 3 in the tank one for mixing salt Aqua...
  9. 900dublr

    Help w/ algae..Im getting aggrivated.

    I have had my tank running for about 9 months and I have always had a lot of algae but now i am completly overran by it. My sand bed is covered in black algae, the lr has brown algae, the glass stays green and there is red algae starting to grow between the glass and sand. When I started my tank...
  10. 900dublr

    WTB Skimmer and Overflow box

    Looking to buy a decent skimmer, and a hang on overflow box for a 75 gallon. Thanks
  11. 900dublr

    Advice on keeping my tank

    I currently live at home with my parents and I just bought a house a couple weeks ago and will be moving soon. I am trying to decide if I should take the tank or sell it. I have a 55 gal and my girlfriends dad said he would give us a 75 gal with a stand and canopy. I just don't know if I will...
  12. 900dublr

    Tsunami Top Off controller

    I have a good used Tsunami Top off controller and sensor for sale. I no longer use it because I drip kalkwasser for makeup water. All you need is a good powerhead or pump, and a container and its good to go. 45 Shipped takes it. :happyfish
  13. 900dublr

    Plate not looking good

    I bought a plate coral a couple weeks ago and now its not looking good. It's a short tenacle plate and it hasn't opened up for over a week. The top is turning brownish in area's, and when I turned it over there are some brown spots on the bottom. The bottom still has white on it. I think the...
  14. 900dublr

    YT With White Spots

    I woke up this mourning and i noticed my yellow tang has a white spot on its eye. I don't see any other abnormal places on other than that. I will try and get some pics as fast as I can. Also I dont have a qt tank setup. Can I just use water out of my tank to fill it and then put some back in...
  15. 900dublr

    If you use tap water...

    CHECK IT. I've been using tap water and I just checked it for phosphate. It is 2.0ppm or higher!:scared: I've an awful outbreak in brown algae I think thats what it is. Its brown algae thats a little hairy with bubbles. I talked to someone else and they said its cyano. It looks like my tank is...
  16. 900dublr

    Test kit ?

    Whats is a good quality test kit brand to buy. I use the quick strips and Im not sure that they are accurate enough. I plan on ordering some soon. Thanks :happyfish
  17. 900dublr

    Tsunami Topoff ?

    Does anyone know anything about tsunami top off systems? I bought a used one a few weeks ago and I tested it out and it worked fine. I recently hooked it up to my tank and it doesnt want to turn my powerhead on. When testing it I saw that it fills about 1/2 inch above the sensor. So I set it up...
  18. 900dublr

    Algae questions

    I bought a bunch of base rock and a couple pieces of lr from my lfs when I started my tank 4 months ago. I bought another piece about a week ago that has really dark purple coraline algae and now its starting to turn white. Its kinda greyish. I have 220 watts of pc's over the tank. Also im...
  19. 900dublr

    Mushroom question

    I bought a rock with 2 shrooms on it from my lfs yesterday. I forgot what kind they are, but they are brown. How long does it take them to open back up? Its been over 24 hours. Also do they need to be fed? Thanks
  20. 900dublr

    Whats in ur 55 gal?

    Just getting some ideas of what to put in my tank so far this is my list: 40 lbs lr-adding more soon 50lbs of sand 10lbs of CC (wished i would have removed it all when i switched to sand) 2 pepermint shrimp 5 Astrea snails 2 Mexican turbos 1 serpant star 1 yellow tang 1 domino damsel 1 yellow...