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  1. natep206

    top down picture contest JUDGE THREAD

    ok people this was kinda a downer i only got 2 pictures that got voted for more then once so those are the ones the judges will vote on. fishieness' 1st picture murph145's 3rd picture ok so since there are only 2 top pictures were gunna change it up. judges you cant vote yet. everyone post...
  2. natep206

    its definatly winter in seattle

    hey guys, heres some shots from around 6 O'clock in the evening enjoy, nate
  3. natep206

    top down picture contest !AWARD!

    alright people. here are the rules 1. every picture must be top down (tookin through the open top of your tank not through any of the sides) 2. all pictures must be taken by poster and of or something in there tank. 3.every person is allowed three entrees. once a picture is posted in the thread...
  4. natep206

    My Elusive Indigo

    hey guys, i got my indingo a little over 5 weeks ago. its not elusive at all, actually. it is one of the friendliest fish ive ever kept. hes always played this game with me. when i get my camera near him hella pose and when he sees the light blinking before it takes the picture hell dart out of...
  5. natep206

    giant bright color zoa colony!

    i have this large zoa colony for trade. the rock its on is about 6 inches long. there a r more then 350 polyps on it so you can imagine i want a big colony of what ever you have. im looking for multiple lps and soft corals right now. when you make me an offer please include a picture and...
  6. natep206

    new rose *PICS*

    i got a rose anemone yesterday. it looks like its doing great. its doing the bubble thing where it hides in the back and is moving all around. its atleast 4-5" in diameter im planning on feeding it sea plankton. here are some pictures all comments, qquestions or tips are always wanted...
  7. natep206

    a couple diffrent fish i want to see (NMreef!)

    ok so im sttarting a 240 in a vouple monthes. its going to be a hawaiian themed sps reef with some polyps,plate and sun corals mixed in. im starting this for three fish that are my favorite fish. orange shoulder tangs, unicorn tangs and achillies tangs. if you own one id love to see all the...
  8. natep206

    ophiura!!!! un ided blue star!!!

    my lfs got in 4 stars. they r awsome! they know they r reef safe and think they r scavengers for sponge manly but dont know. from the outer edge moving in they are light grey then dark grey then royal blue with white speckles on the dark grey section. they have the shape of a linkia but he says...
  9. natep206

    nates 55gallon softie/lps reef tank log

    hey guys i started my 55 gallon 8 monthes ago. ive spent most of my money on corals so i only have 2 fish. im getting 3 fish with in this month. in this thread im going to give pictures of the stuff i have now and new stuff i get. so far i have fish 1- bangaii cardinal 1- occ clown inverts 1-...
  10. natep206

    new candy cane!

    got this awsome candy can today. it has around 65 heads and all are around the size of a nickle. the green is so bright! hope you enjoy, nate
  11. natep206

    bright zoas for trade

    looking for a small devils hand leather, a large pipe organ, a red or orange lobo, and a nice orange and green open brain and a pearl bubble coral. inclde a picture,size and overall description please. these are the zoas for trade. thanks, nate
  12. natep206

    Help With Ich Out Break!

    ok so i got a midas blenyy about a week and a half ago. it brouhg t i ich im assuming. that and my orange spotted blenny have it. they really shouldnt be quarantined together. and i cant catch them everyother day to give them formulin baths and i have a reef so i cant go hypo. what should i do...
  13. natep206

    how many tangs in a 180?

    im starting a 180 in a few monthes and am wondering how many tangs i can keep in it. it will be a fowlr. i want to keep 1 orange shoulder tang. 2 naso tangs and how many more yellow ttangs? thanks nate
  14. natep206

    hawaiian black triggers in a reef?

    ok so most online retailers have them posted as not reef safe. is this beacause they just move around rocks and that could crush corals? ant that they will eat crustations? or that they will eat corals? thanks nate
  15. natep206

    stocking list

    ok so presently i have 3 fish in my 55 gal softy reef with about 55lbs of lr. eventually i will have 100 lbs in there. i have a fluval 404 canister filter which is rated up to 100gallon tank. and a red sea protien skimmer which is reated up to 100gallon tank. i am getting another occ clown...
  16. natep206


    hey everyone... i got alot of e-mails saying people wanted to buy my zoas i said they werent for sale now they are 2 bucks a poylp a 10 poylp minimum thanks nate
  17. natep206

    new marbled sea star

    picked this guy up today! hes so awsome! and so nicly colored! :cheer:
  18. natep206

    cleaner wrasses

    ok so my lfs told me he was getting in abunch of nice cleaner wrasses next week. and i really want to try one. i know in the wild they eat only parasites. i have also heard once they get used to eating forzen food they have lived up to 3 years in captivity. i want to here any storys of u and...
  19. natep206

    2 wrasses in a 55 gal?

    never heard u cant do this. can u? im going to get a four line wrasse and want to know if i could get a cleaner wrasse also? thanks nate
  20. natep206

    6 month old 55 gal

    what do u think? please cirtique and suggest. here are some of my favorite inverts in my tank