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  1. oceanic110

    Upgrade or not?

    Hello, Currently have a 110 gallon Oceanic tank. This tank was orginially purchased for fresh water use many years ago, therefore it is not reef ready. Over time we switched to saltwater and has been a saltwater tank for about 8 years. Currently the tank is equipted with a trickle filter with a...
  2. oceanic110

    Weird Tubes

    Have a question about these weird things (tubes). Just recently I have notice these small tubes extending from all my live rock and other places as well. These tube look like little feather duster. I have noticed when cleaning the tank or moving things around, these tubes extract this silk...
  3. oceanic110

    Tennet Tang?

    Looking at the selection of fish from this website. Ran across this Tang (Tennet Tang). Does anyone have one?
  4. oceanic110

    Who cheats more?

    Men Or Women???? My pick..... Women
  5. oceanic110

    Bermuda Triangle

    What's your opinion on the theories? Has anyone been thru the so called Bermuda Triangle?
  6. oceanic110


    Who will it be?
  7. oceanic110

    Can you go without mechanical filtration?

    How many of you do not have a mechanical filtration (canister, wet/dry,etc.)? If not what means do you have(Live Rock, Weekly water changes, etc)?
  8. oceanic110

    Wet/Dry vs. Canister

    What are the benefits of switching from a cansiter filter to a wet/dry filter?
  9. oceanic110

    Background... Paint

    What kind of paint should I use to paint the back of my tank? Glass tank...
  10. oceanic110

    Remora Pro Skimmer

    Anybody have one? How do you like it?
  11. oceanic110

    Do fish feel pain?

    Just found this article, if anyone is interested. THE RESEARCH FOUND that fish have receptors in their heads and that subjecting them to noxious substances causes “adverse behavioural and physiological changes.” “This fulfils the criteria for animal pain,” said Dr. Lynne Sneddon who headed the...
  12. oceanic110


    Hey Tim, How did the Kent RX-P and POLY-OX work for you?
  13. oceanic110

    OT- How many people have made the moderators hit list?

    I posted a reply to a thread and now its gone! :eek: Whoops!!!
  14. oceanic110

    Question about ICH

    Question.. If a tank were contaminated by ich and all fish were lost to this parasite except for (2) damsels, and after 22 days with out any signs of ich on the damsels, What do you think the odds are of ich still in the tank? No hypo or meds were done.
  15. oceanic110

    Ick from LR???

    Can LR or Inverts bring ick into your tank?
  16. oceanic110


    If your lfs QT fish for 2 weeks or so, Should you QT the fish at home as well?
  17. oceanic110


    Is this true about ick? I have heard that some fish carry ick all the time, And it is released when a fish's immune system is weakend from stress or other problems. Everybody please give me your input.
  18. oceanic110

    Red Sea Prizm skimmer?

    I would like to get some opinions on this skimmer. Red Sea Pro Prizm Skimmer. They say its rated up to 300 gallons, anybody have one?
  19. oceanic110

    Atlantic Blue Tang?

    I found a Atlantic Blue Tang at my lfs and was woundering if anybody has had one? This is the first time I have seen one in this area.
  20. oceanic110

    Achilles Tang

    Wanting info. Has anybody had or have one? What kind of experience did you have?