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  1. crash519

    In Brownwood, TX..looking for southdown sand.

    Originally posted by Blyth Crash519 Can you email me at ? thanks Email sent.
  2. crash519

    In Brownwood, TX..looking for southdown sand.

    Blyth - Can't do 8 bags. I only have 10 myself and would like to save a some for my fuge. Ptt - check the forum. I know one person had a bunch they were advertising and the organizer of the group buy still has some left I think. If not, I can probably part with three bags - $10 per.
  3. crash519

    In Brownwood, TX..looking for southdown sand.

    Did you have any luck? How many bags are you needing? I graduated from Brownwood High and still have family in Bangs. I might be able to spare a few bags from the group buy the DFWMAS did a few months ago. I'm thinking of going bare bottom for the next one.
  4. crash519

    wtb playsand in central ohio

    Through all these post and the new name was never posted. Yardright Tropical Play Sand No it's not called Southdown anymore, but it's from the same plant. I believe it still references Southdown on the bag (small print).
  5. crash519

    Need GOOD in-sump skimmer

    I'm looking for a good in-sump skimmer for my 58 gal. that can be used on a possible 90 - 110 later. Please don't offer Red Sea Berlins, any hang-ons or Sea Clone quality skimmers. I've already wasted money on a used Berlin and the mods that were supposed to make it work (Mag 7 and Kent venturi)...
  6. crash519

    40-50lbs of LR needed in Dallas area

    I need about 40-50lbs of LR to add to my existing 50 lbs. I'll be relocating the tank in 2 weeks and would like to have it by then to add when it gets moved. Thanks!
  7. crash519

    SCWD Broke

    Mine died in about 2 months:mad: I've still got to put my new one back on, but I did like the way it worked. I'm using a Doplhin DP900 on a closed loop and I can't complain about the head loss. It stills blows crap everywhere in my 58.
  8. crash519

    FS: Live Rock in DFW, TX

    I'll keep ya posted. It would probably have to be on the weekend. Thanks!
  9. crash519

    FS: Live Rock in DFW, TX

    I'd be interested in around 25-30lbs if it's got good growth on it. I've got around 50 lbs in a 58 gal now and would like to add some more. All my corraline algae has been bleached by the halide, but it's trying to make a comeback now. I've also decided to rescape it. I'd like to lean as...
  10. crash519

    FS: Live Rock in DFW, TX

    Where in DFW are you located? I'd like to get some more LR for mine. What about sand? Do you have any you would like to donate to help seed mine:D How about pics?
  11. crash519

    Is collection cup supposed to be full of water always?

    Originally posted by RazorEQX You should see dry foam.. If its extracting white foam and clear to semi clear liquid its not working properly. You have it to set to high... (to much air) How in the world are you getting a Berlin to do that:eek: I've got the Kent venturi valve and a Mag7...
  12. crash519

    Brass Fittings!

    Since I've been in trouble before for posting links on this forum, I'll just spell it out: wwwdotusplasticdotcom I ordered a 1 1/2" and a 3/4" schedule 40 from them Teusday and it should be here tomorrow
  13. crash519

    RO/DI Selection

    I've got the same unit with the tank. I replumbed mine so the sink faucet is only getting RO water since drinking DI tastes terrible. The DI unit is only used for the aquarium and for filling my boat batteries. I like the performance of the unit. I have TDS reading of 7-9 after the RO...
  14. crash519

    gas prices goin up

    $1.59 for regular here
  15. crash519

    Stand in progress!

    Can you not see the link? Is that why there are no responses? I can see it fine. I don't know why they wouldn't allow links to a picture gallery nor do I care. The rules here are just a little to harsh for my liking. Looks like they can add another to list on users. I'm...
  16. crash519

    Stand in progress!

    Added some more pics to the gallery. I'm leak testing and structurally testing the stand at this moment. All I have left is building the doors, sealing and staining!
  17. crash519

    Stand in progress!

    My 58 gal. stand is coming along nicely. I'm only working on it a little each evening, then moving over to resealing the tank. Here are the pics: Reefecentral Gallery The top is only sitting on there right now. It gets glued and screwed tonight. Any comments or ideas would be appreciated.
  18. crash519

    Crash519...or any other dfw ppl! (Drilling the tank)

    Got ya on the DFWMAS site Tranquil Scapes in Arlington. They have a couple weeks long waiting list, but well worth it in my opinion.
  19. crash519

    DIY sump questions

    I'm picking up my tank from a place in Arlington that built and installed an internal overflow for my 58 gal. show and drilled the holes for the return and drain. IMO get it drilled. I've heard nothing but horror stories about the HOB overflows losing siphon and flooding the house. The CPR is...
  20. crash519

    Acrylite on glass sump

    Cut the acrylic 1/8" less than needed and use the silicone to glue it in and seal it. The acrylic will expand as plastics tend to absorb water. 1/16" on each side should be perfect. Hmm, come to think of it, glass is actaully a liquid:confused: