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  1. blondenaso1

    Thinking about setting up a 30 tall

    Hey everyone, I have been thinking about setting up a 30g tall and wanted to put aggressive fish in it. I was thinking a drawf lion and maybe an eel that stays small. I really don't have too much knowledge about aggressive setups so any advice would be greatly appreciated. The tank I was...
  2. blondenaso1

    Mushrooms Growing...

    That's awsome. It shows your tank is maturing...but watch what you wish for. You will soon see those things popping up everywhere, even where you don't want them. Either way they add to the tank :)
  3. blondenaso1

    Biocalcium dosing directions.....??????

    Ok, well this is kinda an ongoing debate/question that me and the lfs guy are trying to figure out. In the directions for biocalcium it says to "sprinkle" the powder on the surface of the water. Well, neither I nor the LFS guy like this idea so we would always premix it with RODI water and...
  4. blondenaso1

    LOA conspiracy...

    Ok, here is a dumb question....If you got it from Walmart, what section was it in?? I looked the other day out of curiousity but couldn't find it in the lighting section.
  5. blondenaso1

    Emerald Crabs...

    The only complaint I have is that they have the tendency to knock over any coral frag that I have not yet firmly glued in placed. but what are you gonna do? They keep the tank clean and the bubble algae under control.
  6. blondenaso1

    Sand clumping

    It's the 55g. The pH runs a little on the low end, usually around 8.0, but I have been trying to get it back up. Mg is fine. Last time I tested it it was aroung 1650 and I have been dosing as usuall. Do you think that it is a result of overdosing with Ca and/or buffer?
  7. blondenaso1

    Sand clumping

    So today when messing around with my tank I found that in several areas the sand is very hard and clumped together. I have heard of this before and think it had to do with to much buffering or alkalinity of something like that. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to corect it??
  8. blondenaso1

    Don't you love rearanging the tank.....

    Broomer, I know what you mean. My wallet is defianately the limiting factor in stocking my tank. With these last two additions I am pretty sure that I am done for a while (I know we always tell ourselves this), but I am suppose to be on a budget. I just couldn't pass this one up. :)
  9. blondenaso1

    New Pics...Finally!!! (Graphics Intensive)

    Ivy, what do I have to do to get a frag of that tricolor? That is seriously one of the most beautiful colonies I have ever seen! How long of growth is that on the daughter colony? I would do just about anything to get a frag!
  10. blondenaso1

    Don't you love rearanging the tank.....

    Do you really think that rearanging the tank will stunt the grow of corals? In nature, enviornmental conditions are constantly changing; water flow, light, temperature. I agree that moving a coral will force it to acclimate to its new placement in the tank. It would have to get use to a...
  11. blondenaso1

    Don't you love rearanging the tank.....

    You know you are all guilty of this at one time or another in our hobby.....Your are in the LFS and they just got a new shipment of corals in. You pick out a beautiful acro colony and a decent sized frogspawn that you have been waiting for. Then it dawns on you.....where in the world do you...
  12. blondenaso1

    lighting a refugium

    I have 96w of PC over my 30gal refugium. That is probably on the higher end of the scale when compared to other people. You can also use a simple grow light if you are just planning on growing macroalgae. WHat size refugium were you planning on using?
  13. blondenaso1

    Couple coral questions - Euphylia and plate??

    Thanks NM, I can always count on you for good responses to my post. Hows the hallide thing going? You make the switch yet?
  14. blondenaso1

    Getting fish out of tank

    Actually!! I just got my dreaded yellow damsel out of the tank with "The Trap" fish trap with the sliding door thingy. My roommate thought that stupid contraption would never work, but I showed him. I left it in there for about a week so he could get use to it and I kept putting food in it so...
  15. blondenaso1

    Couple coral questions - Euphylia and plate??

    Hey everyone! I know I haven't been around lately, but I have been busy with school and studying for the MCAT. Anyways I have a couple of questions. 1) I just placed my hammer and my frogspawn in polyps reach of eachother. It is possible for them sting eachother or should they be ok? 2) I...
  16. blondenaso1

    Float switch

    I just bought one last week off E-bay from the same guy. I received it and set it up last night. Works great and it doesn't seem like the float switch is likely to fail. I am still keeping an eye on it before I let it go for a weekend when I am not here. I also think that I am going to get...
  17. blondenaso1

    UPDATE: 10 gallon kitchen nano

    Absolutely Amazing Johnny! Your experience really shows when you look at those pics. I am trying to get my tank looked that good. I think I need to study up on stocking and coral placement and try to change it up a little. Just a couple questions though, how old are those SPS frags in your...
  18. blondenaso1

    Some additions added from my frag party

    Next time I hope I am invited :( Glad to see that you guys got together.
  19. blondenaso1

    southdown sand in south florida

    Where in Tampa do they have it? I am not setting up a new tank anywhere in the near future, but I am sure I will someday and it would be good to have.
  20. blondenaso1

    Things we regret adding?

    Um...lets see...The devil encarnated yellow damsel that I got when I first set up my tank and have not been able to catch for over a year. Then, the maroon clown that thinks every piece of coral is his anemone. I hate fish!! They are pretty but I never had had much luck and am very...