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    What could i use this for its a water bottle pic provided
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    he is all over tce and to tell you
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    Thread to the new

    Ok so i came up with this idea heres how you enter you say your name how long youve been in the hobby post what your biggest mistake was and what you would have done no that you know more, then tell your favorite thing that happened. Supply many pics of before after pics fish pics ect..... this...
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    I cant belive my eyes what can we do right
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    my fish are disapearing first my goby disapeared i just thought it was hiding but it hasnt come out in 3 days and now my wrasse isnt out can they die under the rock if so how will i know and how do i get it i dont know how far he burys and were he goes HELP
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    soooooo bord

    the form is sooooooo slow latly you used to be able to post a thread and get a reply in 2 min now its like you have to wait 2 whole days what happened!!!!!!
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    Need help fast!

    Well i notised my new cb has common ick so great just what i need ick please help i have cc and read it was bad to have incase of ick it has very little ick but were there is ick there is more should i treat i have no qt and snails
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    Coral Beauty

    Well picked up a cb today please do not be mad it is a temperary home i will get pics up soon it is 2 and a half inches an this is only temperary
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    HOW MANY of you think the world will end in 2012 if it does im sad cause ill sill be young and never get to live my life
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    Jake's Starting A Reef from a Fish only Diary!

    Ok so Im going to be changing my fish only to a reef tank! I have a 29 gallon biocube with flourecent lighting. Im only looking to get polyps mushrooms zoos and LPS. This will not happen for a week or 2 but in the mean time post some pics of your fav corals, give me some advice!
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    Whoo Hoo

    YESS im going to get some live rock to start my reef out!!!! Question is how much should I get I have a 29 gallon bio CUBE and should I take out half of my dead rock and replace it with live rock this is coming from a buddys tank or should I repalce all the rock should I change my lighting I...
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    How do you make ceopods without a refuge and does a biocube have a refuge im so fricking stubborn I'm still thinking about my last fish to add now I want a mandin they are soo pretty and i think i can take care of one but the problem is pods i have no idea what pods look like and if theyll even...
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    I remember a while ago people asked to see my lighting well I got a new bulb and as I was replacing it i took a pic
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    Almost done with my video on Youtube ill post it when it is done!!!!
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    DEAD :(

    MY SHRIMP IS DEAD IT WAS so big my heart accese ( spelling) Im testing water.
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    JUrrasic Park Four

    There has been some recent fuss about a Jurassic Park 4 I personally think that I want there to be a 4th Share your opinions
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    When I get my 90+ tank it is going to be a fish only with inverts I will be moving all my fish to the 90+ gallon tank and will be making my 29 a reef I want to know how to transfer it to a nice reef when the time comes My rock is dead and I will keep the cc in no sand I will upgrade lighting for...
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    Cleaner Shrimp

    I was wondering If I could get another shrimp with my cleaner shrimp I have a 29 gallon Biocube I would like a peppermint shrimp or a Camleback shrimp I dont have a reef I have a fish only / inverts tank
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    Omg my dad just decided he wants to get me a french angle I keep telling him no way dad they need big room. What do I do I cant convince him and do not want to ruin this animals life but he says that it will take years for it to grow that big ugh help me I DO NOT WAN TO KILL THIS ANIMAL. How do...
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    Nassarius Snails

    How often do these guys change there shell