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  1. vtecbro007

    Short n Sweet

    okay im going to get started on a 100-130 gal project with sump about 500 watts of mh n pc lighting all the primaries are set JUST SKIMMER someone with lots of experience please reccomend a skimmer ASM or euro reef or watever. juss give me ONE NAME! thanks again you guys
  2. vtecbro007

    Protein skimmer suggestions,..

    Okay you guys i left the hobby about 8 months ago sold all ma equipment now i wanna get back into it with better stuff and im going all out mild reef with fish. im think about anywhere from 125 to 80 gal tank,...guessin about 300 watt heater,...a mag 9.5 for return from sump or wet/dry 3 maxi...
  3. vtecbro007

    Blue spot on blue tang

    the person i sold my tank to is picking it up today,...and i noticed a blue spot on my blue tang is this bad?
  4. vtecbro007

    Acyrlic on Glass.

    i have a glass 35 gall tank that i want to make into a fuge will acrylic attach to glass if so what do i need to accomplish this.
  5. vtecbro007

    50 Gallon stand/sump/skimmer $250

    Im in despert need to get rid of this tank and upgrade this tank is a 50 Gal wide i think,...dimensions are 28Lx18Wx25T,...if im not mistaken. I have a Seaclone 100 that ive adjust to work,...maxi jet 1200 power head,..200 watt heater,...25 gal sump converted in a custom wet/dry and the return...
  6. vtecbro007

    LFS in LA, Cali

    Anyone no any good lfs in LA,...when i say good i mean the whole nine yards,...nice live rock,,...and prices?
  7. vtecbro007

    filter feeder?

    umm i was wonder wat people feed their filter feeders because in less than a month ill have a fully equiped 90 reef and jsut want to complete my research
  8. vtecbro007

    Hole = piping?

    if i have a 1'' hole in my tank what size piping do i use,...for my new tank i want to use 1'' piping so i dont no what size hole i would need :confused:
  9. vtecbro007

    PC lighting for anenome

    thinking of getting 440 wats of PC lighting for my upcoming 90 in about 3 weeks will this be okay for anenome plz tell me the truth i dont want to hear none of the rule of the thumb crap the tank will be 25'' deep but ill place the anenome on a high level rock closer to the light if i have too...
  10. vtecbro007

    DIY Moon light and fans w/ a twist!

    I dont know if this has ever been thought of or anything but i was thinking in the shower and this hit me...ive noticed that on ---- fans for canopys are any where from 15 to 30 dollars if im not mistaken so my solution to that, sure most people have a computer just sitting in the garage...
  11. vtecbro007

    IO or Oceanic?

    Which is better overall for reefers and coralline? Instant Ocean or Oceanic? In my area for a 50 gal mix IO cost $19.99 and Oceanic cost $24.99. I like the Oceanic because of the jug it comes with hehe but never used it.
  12. vtecbro007

    Upgrading Tank!

    95 Gal All Glass from GC's $180 Equipment: 1 Quiet One 3000 Pump 780GPH $50 3 MaxiJet 900 $42 1 Jebo 48''...
  13. vtecbro007

    PC light for anamoe(sp) lol

    okay im thinking of getin 2 48'' 220 watt PC lighting for my 90 is it enough for coral and anamoe? total lighting 440 giving 4.88 watts per gal
  14. vtecbro007

    Jebo 2003 in-sump skimmer

    Anyone have the jebo 2003 skimmer any thoughtS?
  15. vtecbro007

    UV ster. thoughts?

    Anyone mind recommending me a good UV ster for a 100 gl tank?
  16. vtecbro007

    Cost for a new 100+ tank?

    okay i have a 55 gal tank thats on sale for $250 with livestock stand and filters. And im planing on buying a 100+ gl tank off glasscages for around $200 and i was wondering how much more would it cost me for other equipment. i know i should know the answer to my question since ive been in this...
  17. vtecbro007

    Algea food?

    okay at my lfs they have some type of algea that looks like branchs in the tank where the tang n other fish juss gaze at it i wanna know wat it is and if i can get it?
  18. vtecbro007

    Surviving An Earthquake?

    Has anyone experienced an earthquake while owning an aquarium; I was just curious as to what occured? Tell me your story.
  19. vtecbro007

    Firefish info?

    I just got a couple of firefish yesterday they are simple but add much more detail into my tank. I was wondering if there is anything important i should know about them (feed,behavior,etc.) and if there is a way to find out there ---?
  20. vtecbro007

    Blue Hippo Tang Losing Color?

    I have had my blue hippo tang for about 2 weeks in the past 2 days his been gettin lighter in color on the bottom of his body does anyone know why this is happening or how it can be treated?