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  1. brad524

    cerith and margarita snails available for trade will ship

    looking for pumps, lights, overflows, tds meter, refractometer zoa's , sps, lps, etc... please pm or e-mail Brad
  2. brad524

    what do you think of my sps/clam tank plans so far

    [hr] Well let me tell you my plan.:joy: I'm going to setup a 70+ gallon SPS clam tank I'm thinking of getting a tank with the two large sides angeled 25% for veiwing the clams. It will be veiwable from three sides, with the overflow at the end. with 60+ lbs. LR, several clams and SPS maybe...
  3. brad524

    paintball guns for equipment trade

    I have three paint ball guns for trade 1-Tournament grade raptor semi-auto with 9oz.CO2 1-stingray semi-auto with 9oz. CO2 1-tigershark pump with 9oz. CO2 1-wal-mart blade takes CO2 cartridges also one mask, couple squegees, couple of 50 round hoppers it's all or nothing these are two tears old...