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  1. pontius

    "True Grit" is beyond good

    I just got home from watching it and I am already planning on seeing it again this weekend. If you are a fan of westerns, or just great movies, you owe it to yourself to see this one. It is hands down the best western that has ever been made and the best Coen Brothers movie ever made. and that...
  2. pontius

    best lawn mower?

    zero turn mower. I want to get a new one and really don't know which is the best. I have about 1.2 acre. I really would like a deck size as close to 50" as I can get. the ones I've been looking at so far John Deere 54", 23HP. $4000. I'm pretty sure this is about $1000 overpriced because of the...
  3. pontius


    tomorrow is national signing day and we just got the commitment from the #1 high school Runningback in the nation. he will join the youngest team from any BCS conference, a team that will return 18 starters from this past season. booyah. oh, and our basketball team is a week removed from beating...
  4. pontius

    questions about Modern Warfare 2

    I got this game at Christmas and just started playing it online a couple days ago (it is awesome and addictive, btw). I have 2 questions: 1. when you are playing online, sometimes when walking around you come upon a triangle-shaped hologram looking thing with your team's logo on it. what does...
  5. pontius

    is Dodge Nitro a chick car?

    I MUST have a new car. my car is 10 years old and is about to fall apart. it's embarrassing to drive it to work (it's an Explorer in case anybody was wondering). my wife *thinks* that she MUST have a new car. and she thinks it MUST be a Ford Expedition. so, we're going to trade her car (a...
  6. pontius

    another recipe from Pontius' portfolio: Mini Mexi Meatloaf

    I forgot to tell you all about this one. I made it last week (did I mention how great a husband I am?) so I don't have pictures. but it was DELICIOUS. and it's simple to make...... mix: 1 pound ground beef 1/2 cup chopped onions 1 egg 1/2 cup of crushed Saltine crackers (or bread crumbs) 1 cup...
  7. pontius

    Playstation 3 questions.

    ok. with the release of the newest Madden game, I'm nearly convinced that I need to go out and buy a PS 3. can anybody persuade me that I do NOT need a PS 3? I'm a 32 year old father of 2 (one being a 2 week old newborn) and a fulltime job, so that would be a perfectly good argument against me...
  8. pontius

    Les Paul has died

    an American icon. one of the alltime greats and the man who basically invented the electric guitar.
  9. pontius

    new Alice In Chains song

    praise the lord. this album can't be released soon enough as far as I'm concerned.
  10. pontius

    questions about Nintendo Wii

    I'm thinking of buying one of the newer video game consoles or either the handheld PSP. I'm leaning towards the Wii because I like the concept and I want to play that Punchout game. my nephew has one and I like the bowling and boxing games on there. so.... 1. is it worth it? are the graphics up...
  11. pontius

    anybody paying attention to what's going on in Honduras?

    basically, they have a far left leaning president who is growing unpopular with the middle and upper class because it's becoming clear that he's a socialist (sound familiar at all?). so he decides that he wants to stay in power longer than is constitutionally allowed. so he decides to try to...
  12. pontius

    need info from you gun buffs

    I would like to know as much as you can tell me as far as year, model, and any value. I bought this for $50 from a co-worker who found it in his mother's attic. it is a Smith and Wesson .32, 6 shot. the side of the barrel appears to say "30 LONG OTG". the number under the barrel looks like...
  13. pontius

    think I could sell my entire sw setup?

    NOTE: this is not a "for sale" post, this is a "thinking of selling and need advice post" it's tough to say, but I'm thinking about taking down my entire system and being done with it. since I've started with sw over 5 years ago, I now have a 3 yr old child and another one on the way. a wife...
  14. pontius

    Where is Barack Obama?!??!?

    I've got uncontrolled fires within 4 miles of my house and I turn on the radio and hear that my nation's president is more worried about meeting with credit card companies to determine how to bail them out???????? I want to know why he is not here, in SOUTH CAROLINA. if Hurricane Katrina was in...
  15. pontius

    telephone scam

    this is just FYI. Last night at about 10:30pm, my mother, 2 of her friends, and myself all got an automated phone call. the message said, "your Citibank card has been put on hold because we believe someone has accessed your card without authorization. Press 1 now to be transferred to our...
  16. pontius

    somebody explain this housing tax credit that Congress signed today?

    I saw this story that they signed a bill allowing up to $15,000 tax credit for new or existing houses. this is the line in the story that I want explained...... "The proposal would allow a tax credit of 10 percent of the value of new or existing residences, up to a $15,000 limit. Current law...
  17. pontius

    video: are shark cages safe?

    This guy very nearly gets his head nipped by a great white that doesn't seem too shy about nipping heads......
  18. pontius

    I don't understand the Geico/Billie Jean King commercial

    can somebody explain this to me? Caveman: "I can't believe I'm beating Billie Jean King" King: "you're not beating me. in fact, you haven't got a serve in" Caveman: "why don't you take a gander at the SCOREBOARD!" camera then shows the scoreboard and Caveman is LOSING 6-0, 6-0, 5-0. why would he...