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  1. maelv

    Ismael's 25 gallon nano

    I have this up on a couple of other sites....but always pop in here, so I thought I would throw it up here as well... I decided I wanted to go smaller for when I get an Army Commission I can move around and not have a big tank to have to break down and set up every 3 - 5 I decided I...
  2. maelv

    Video of my 60 gallon cube

    Wife gets to try out new gadgets for work and she brought home the little Flip Video camera (supposed to be HD, but I don't think so). are a couple of videos of my tank 14K halide and T-5 actinics T-5 actinics **Disclaimer: Do not view if you are prone to dizziness associated...
  3. maelv

    Echinophyllia Chalice ID

    I got this for a good deal, and it looks good, anyone know what it's called? Or if it is even special enough to get a name? LOL It is green with pink eyes...i have seen some mummy eyes running around, but with my bad picture taking, not sure if it's good enough to tell what it is.
  4. maelv

    60 Gallon Build

    Well I have downsized, got rid of the 220 and picked up a 60 gallon cube. The 220 was just too much...EVERYTHING, wasn't one particular thing I can pinpoint, just too much. So I transferred rock and water, and livestock into a 60 gallon and here it is... Water testing Acrylic Rods used to...
  5. maelv

    Atlantis Meteor Shower

    I purchased a small 3/4" frag from a local frag swap in March or April of 2008. And I know it has been growing, I just didn't realize how much until I compared pictures. Must say, this is on my favorite 3 items list in my tank along with my picasso clown and Watanabie Angel. Here is a shot from...
  6. maelv

    Lamarck Angelfish from this site...

    First, what is the best way to get a hold of SWF regarding question on ordering (want to see if I could get a lamarck pair)? I see they have a phone number. The other question is, if I purchased 2 of the Lamarck's from this site (a male and female...if they have them), and they are not a "mated"...
  7. maelv

    Tunze nano wavebox 39 - 150 gallon tanks

    Tunze has quite a bit of a lineup coming out by the end of the is one.. And on reefcentral here is a link to other things Roger has planned for us here in the US.
  8. maelv

    Yuma or Florida Ricordea

    Does anyone know what it is for certain? I was told it was a regular Ricordea, but I think it is a yuma (and I am aware that Yuma is a type of ricordea ).....purple and green
  9. maelv

    My 220 gallon

    Well, here I thought I would be waiting for another year or so until I decided what I would be doing about the renting (stand) vs. purchasing (in wall in garage) issue...Decided to just go ahead and build the stand. I can sell later if I decide to go in wall. But the money needed to build a...
  10. maelv

    Anyone with a 220+....would you get this skimmer?

    I have a chance to grab the following skimmer for what seems to be a good deal. I am aware it isn't a Euro-Reef or a Deltec. It is rated for 400 gallons, and this is for my 220 gallon. Does anyone know anything about this skimmer? Nautilus EX24...
  11. maelv

    ??? on zoas / palys

    About 2 weeks ago, I received some zoas / palys from an online retailer and someone here. My questions is most of them are still closed up, and I can't figure out why. It doesn't look like the zoas are dead, just still closed up. I gave it a week to see if they would open and most of them...
  12. maelv

    Fancy Nassarius Snail

  13. maelv

    Foxface - Venemous

  14. maelv

    Zoos - Red

  15. maelv

    Emerald Crab

  16. maelv

    Mushroom Polyp: Yuma

  17. maelv

    Maxima Clam - Teardrop

  18. maelv

    Montipora Capricornis

  19. maelv

    Bubble Coral - Green

  20. maelv

    Disregard.....double post

    Double post