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  1. srfisher17

    Lethal Ammonia level for bacteria

    Would someone know the level at which ammonia kills aerobic bacteria? I'm guessing somewhere about 1-1.5ppm. A source would be great too. Yep, this is more of the ''water change during the cycle" argument. Thanks!
  2. srfisher17

    Tiger in Rehab

    I used to like Tiger; and could again, but not on the path he's on. I saw his choreographed press deal and he ended it with something like..."you will be able to believe in me again", or similar drivel. Sorry, maybe its just me, but he sounded like he thought he was some sort of Deity...he...
  3. srfisher17

    Question for electrical geniuses

    About how many micro-amps would a multimeter need to register (from a power source) to run a small, 4watt, LED desk clock? Dumb question, I know, but I can't remember the whole amps-volts-watts- thing. I'm also to lazy, or too old (62), to get online and re-learn it. I'm become a real Wyle E...
  4. srfisher17

    "False Percs"

    I just spent a few minutes on the forum and saw the term "false percs' at least three times. THEY ARE OCELLARIS CLOWNS!! Every time I see this, its the visual equivalent of a fingernail on a blackboard. (Am I the only one?) Can't we, starting with our host- SWF. com, start calling this little...
  5. srfisher17

    Tough Fish

    Like a lot of us, I lost electric power last weekend. We live far enough south to usually avoid huge snow amounts; but live in an area that loses power easily. All the news ,and info from folks who have lived nearby for years, sure sounded like a power loss was inevitable. I grew up in the...
  6. srfisher17

    Guard your Bulbs!

    I need a partner. The Feds are going to confiscate our household incandescent bulbs and make us use the twisty fluorescents. What do you think will happen when they find out I'm blasting hundreds of watts at my reef tank? I'm looking for a partner to stash all the MH bulbs we can get our hands...
  7. srfisher17


    I haven't bought any sushi wrappers from a restaurant in quite a while; I really live in the boonies.. I've been using the dried stuff packaged for fish. Has anyone been able to tell if other fish (other than the herbivores we buy it for) leave the sushi wrappers alone? Most my fish will scarf...
  8. srfisher17

    ich spot source

    I'm sure that I've seen more than one reference to the white spot that is seen on fish with marine ich NOT being the actual parasite; but scar tissue. The actual parasite is buried deeper in the fish. I just can't find the source for this statement and even posted it in a reply elsewhere on this...
  9. srfisher17

    Buying fish online

    I've commented many times that I've bought all my fish from Online dealers for years and will never change.The guarantee, selection, service & knowledge of the dealers is great.I've gotten several PMs ,and other comments, about the high shipping cost. Here's what I've done, I hope it will help...
  10. srfisher17

    Ammonia in QT

    There have been a few threads concerned with ammonia build up in QT; a common problem with most QT set-ups. Here's my solution, I've been doing this for years. Use a HOB filter, I like Aqua-Clear because the sponges are so big. Keep a spare sponge (or 2) somewhere in the filter/sump area of your...
  11. srfisher17

    Partial quotes

    Being a tech idiot (Or Electronically Challenged if you're P.C.) I need some help. How do I quote just a portion of a post when I add my 2 cents to an existing thread? There must be instructions somewhere....Thanks!
  12. srfisher17

    Cyanide & Harlequin tisks

    How about some input from on this cyanide thread? Thanks!
  13. srfisher17

    Best reef book

    I've decided my last tank (maybe), a 240, is going to be a reef. I haven't kept a reef since Katrina and the reef I had was trial & error. Can you experts recommend a couple of good books? I'm not a new reefer; but not an expert by any means. I'm looking for a book that will help me decide...
  14. srfisher17

    New "cordless" PH

    I've been looking at the VorTech powerheads. They look great, attach & transfer power thru the no cord or heat transfer in tank. Unbelievably expensive, though. Has anyone ever run across a similar, less pricey version? Probably still patent protected, but that won't stop overseas...
  15. srfisher17

    Mixing Angels

    Once in a while, I see a juvi emperor, blue face, or other large angel that is hard to pass up. Most are too small to put in my large-fish tanks and I'm wondering about keeping them in a 55 until they grow a bit and show some assertiveness. But this tank has a full grown Flameback angel. I've...
  16. srfisher17

    Nitrate reduction

    I'm planning my 4th ,and last (yeah,right) tank. This tank is getting bigger everyday and is going to be another "retro" tank. NO LR,just skeletal coral & substrate. These tanks remind me of my early days in the hobby and I love them. I lucked into a big supply of beautiful, colorful skeletal...
  17. srfisher17

    Tank volume calculator

    I lost my link to an aquarium volume calculator and can't find the right one Google. This one is more than just the LxWxH; it has all sorts of odd shape tanks and includes info for amt of substrate, etc. Would anyone have it? Thanks!
  18. srfisher17

    Lions aren't aggressive

    Am I the only one who thinks that Lions should not be included in the "Aggressive Fish" list at the intro to this forum? IME, lions are the victims of aggression far more often than the instigators. I could be dead wrong on this, but I sure don't like the idea of mixing lions with the more...
  19. srfisher17

    Harlequin on the floor

    Last night, I heard a weird noise and found my 10" harlequin tusk on the floor; I was sloppy with the back piece of eggcrate and he always porpoises around the top of the tank when there is dim light. The odds of my hearing this must have been 1000 to 1. I had enough sense to handle him with a...
  20. srfisher17

    Harlequin Floor Fish

    Last night, I heard a weird noise and found my 10" harlequin tusk on the floor; I was sloppy with the back piece of eggcrate and he always porpoises around the top of the tank when there is dim light. The odds of my hearing this must have been 1000 to 1. I had enough sense to handle him with a...