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  1. crt81

    good for 55 gal

    The sailfin tang is way too large for that tank, and even if you buy it small, it WILL grow and FAST!!!!! NO TANGS! It's just not fair to the fish!
  2. crt81

    Damsel !

    Originally Posted by earlybird try jigging the baited hook up and down. He's not going to swallow the hook. When he's feeding off of it you are hoping to hook/snag him. Patience Daniel-son. I've been doing that and nothing! He just pulls off the bait. Anyone use anything other than sm...
  3. crt81

    Damsel !

    The fishing method is what I'm doing as we speak (well not as we speak on this post)! And let me tell you my yellowtail is very smart and has torn of the bait, picked at the bait but hasn't swallowed the bait (small piece of grass shrimp). So I'm feeling like this will never happen. and I also...
  4. crt81

    16 gallon fish list?

    Sand sifting gody might be another option. That way they say on the sand and clean your substate, and at the same time are giving you that open area in your tank for the clowns to freely swim!
  5. crt81

    16 gallon fish list?

    Instead of a clown goby what about a firefish? The clowns in that size tank would be great additions to a tank that size. And what ever fish you decide to go with, make sure they don't get tempted to have one of those sexy shrimp as a snack!
  6. crt81

    angels and corals

    One should have done research! Any site or online dealer would have clearly stated the tank size for those fish and what they require. So there is no excuse for someone saying they disn't know!!!!!!!! RETURN THOSE ANGELFISH TO THE PLACE YOU GOT THEM FROM!!!!!! This is not everyone being...
  7. crt81

    Would you put a Xenia in your tank?

    I hate this stuff!!!! It's a pretty coral, but not worth the hassle of trimming and keeping it from spreading. And once you cut it back, if you don't get every piece out, it will grow back!
  8. crt81

    Ripped my Xenia

    Xenia is a coral that, to me, is not capable to die! I put some xenia in my tank, while still a nooby, didn't know it would spread like a weed, but it did. I moved it over a little away from the rocks but it still managed to spread to the next rock. Well I had it with this stuff, so I got a...
  9. crt81

    Sun Coral

    They love Cyclop-Eez (sp?). The ones I've had in the past opened up fully once I fed them this! I no longer have sun polyps b/c they take up some much time with feeding them. I could never remember to target feed them. Also another word of advice- I know some people put there's in full light...
  10. crt81

    angels and corals

    Originally Posted by angel-lover14 i have a queen angel for about 3 days and am getting a blue face angel in a 60 gal and have mostly sps Do you think it's wise to put those size angels in a 60 gallon?
  11. crt81

    flasher and sixline

    I'd like to know as well! I'm thinking about this combo as well.
  12. crt81

    Our 75 gallon REEF!

    Very nice! Is it mostly softies and leathers?
  13. crt81

    Longnose Hawkfish Compatability?

    I'd like to know if it is reef safe? I've heard they can eat small shrimp, but what exactly is small- cleaner shrimp? Fire shrimp? Peppermint shrimp? Also will they develop an the taste for corals? I would not think your fish being eaten, wouldn't be a problem. The ones I've seen all seem to...
  14. crt81

    please ID these anthias

    Originally Posted by Dogstar Pseudanthias evansi What is the name in lamens terms for people like myself who don't the correct name?
  15. crt81

    Red Slime Algae? Cyano? Help!

    Originally Posted by b bauer what kind of lights and how old are the lamps Old bulbs make a difference when it comes to an algea bloom?
  16. crt81

    Getting New Fish

    I second that!!!!
  17. crt81

    Which Blenny?

    See if you can find a midas. I love mine! So much personality!!
  18. crt81

    T-5 lit tanks?

    Originally Posted by Flricordia Thanks. It just really started to take off since I added the T5s. 2x24wt retro actinics. It is a 75 corner tank. Also has a 150wt Mh. I am planning on adding another 2 24wt T5s, though I don't know if it really needs it. The shrooms are the biggest I have ever...
  19. crt81

    T-5 lit tanks?

    Originally Posted by Flricordia Not total T5, but 12hr T5 actinic, 6hr 15k MH. Never seen my corallimorpharians and zoanthids look better. what size tank do you have? How many T5's do you have? Just 2 bulbs or more? What bulbs are you using? Your tank is awesome!!!!!!!!