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  1. maxalmon

    I'm back!!

    Been a couple of years and got out of the hobby after hitting it hard!! Now I'm back:)
  2. maxalmon

    Prizm favia

    Been a while since I've posted..
  3. maxalmon

    New fragtank

    Mods, don't freak out.....As you know I don't try and sell or promote sites and never will on this site due to the strict moderation, this is totally for visual value. This is my new frag tank, total of 16'x4' 900g volume.
  4. maxalmon

    Finally got a good one

    I've been working on this particular shot for a few days, playing around with it off and on, retaking the shot, edit, retake, play with lighting etc.. Well today was the day, finally got some more settings figured out
  5. maxalmon

    Macros, macros and more macros

    All I did today was play with my camera... This is now one of my best images.
  6. maxalmon

    New images

    Wow, what a learning curve learning how to use the new camera. Moved over to raw and now learning manual controls, seems like everytime I turn around there is something else to learn... This is a study in iso and fstop, I'll post the other bracket shots a little later No photoshop or color...
  7. maxalmon

    Snow in Vegas

    Talk about a city falling apart, this turned into a city wide crisis. people ended up abandoning their cars cause they didn't know how to make it up a hill, what was normally a 25min commute for some people turned into a 4 hour nightmare. It was hysterical, I mean this city came to a STAND STILL...
  8. maxalmon

    Evening RAW macros

    Still playing around with RAW, some editing to adjust WB and contrast.
  9. maxalmon

    more macros...

    This is my favorite I think these are Florida zoa's Colors are simply wild looking
  10. maxalmon

    I hate American Express!!!!!!!!

    Argh, Huff, credit is awesome and these jokers just reduced my credit line to almost nothing with no explanation, just a simple letter stating that "we are reducing your available credit line" They also did this to my monther in law who has a black AMX, seems they are trying to...
  11. maxalmon

    Motortrend show is this week

    Motor Trend auto show is going on this weekend looks like they have a nice lineup of concept cars. Even though we are locals we are going to be spending 2 days on the strip and will take in the car show this weekend. I'll post tons of pics on Sun....Hope they have the new Cadillac Cien on...
  12. maxalmon

    Funny fish

    Talk about a fish with character, what a face...
  13. maxalmon

    Cool macro

    Just found this guy....really tiny
  14. maxalmon

    High iso shots

    Still playing around with the new camera, this one was iso6500. I'll post more later.
  15. maxalmon

    RAW Images

    I've ventured into the world of the unknow, Still trying to figure out all the settings on the new camera and now I'm shooting in RAW mode, which basically means that your going to edit the images with a program that will open raw images, other than that I'm still clueless. I will admitt that...
  16. maxalmon

    I'm going to do this, I want to be a good person

    Dearest Friend I am writing from the hospital, therefore this mail is very urgent as you can see that I am not going home. I was told by the doctor that I was poisoned and has got my liver Damaged and can only live for some months. I inherited some money ($39.725 Million) from my late father...
  17. maxalmon


    Been a while since I posted pics of my biocube, enjoy
  18. maxalmon

    Bellagio Hotel

    The Bellagio is amazing, these photos are of the Chihuly blown glass ceiling in the lobby. each of these blown glass shapes would cost 10-20k and the reported cost of this ceiling was over a million.....I collect blown glass and Chihuly originals are amazing for being ultra thin and highly...
  19. maxalmon

    D700 macros

    Wow, i'm amazed..... My god there are a lot of settings on this camera.... These are just "aim and shoot" images with no WB or compensation or any other adjustments, I can already see an drastic improvement in the resoultion and optics, this FX sensor is amazing, give me a week or so and my new...
  20. maxalmon


    I'm so freaking lucky,...Otherhalf finally and I stress FINALLY gave in and said I could upgrade to the D700... Got the D700 body, The MBD-10 external battery pack, 8g card and a new bag with a 3 year extended warranty......It'll be here on Friday. Still not sure how I'm going to weazil new lens...