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  1. jpc763

    Help with lighting please.

    Hi, My system is a 125g with 3 250w MH and 2 160w VHO. Up to today I have had Actinic "03" bulbs in the VHO and XM 10K in the MH. VHO goes from 11 AM to 9 PM MH goes from 1 PM to 8 PM I got 3 new Aquamaxx 14K bulbs which I installed yesterday and now with the Actinic "03" the aquarium is too...
  2. jpc763

    Sailfin with HLLE

    A friend just bought a 55g tank off of Craigs that had a 5" Sailfin tang in it. The fish has a pretty bad case of HLLE. I am considering taking the fish and treating it in my tank as his tank is too small and he appears to be going through a small cycle. I picked up a Hippo Tang with a mild...
  3. jpc763

    Does this Hippo have HLLE?

    I am considering trading some coral for this hippo. This is the only picture that I have of it. Does the face look like HLLE? Thanks, John
  4. jpc763

    GFCI tripping problem

    First, sorry for the long post... I have a 125g Reef Tank in my basement. I have 2 dedicated 15A circuits to the tank area for power. Each circuit has a 15A GFCI recepticle on it. I have 2 so that if one trips, I don't lose 100% of the power to the tank. The tank has been set up since...
  5. jpc763

    Worried about Sailfin Tang in QT

    I have had this Sailfin Tang in QT for 5 days now. He is just hovering along the bottom slowly moving around the tank. I fed Algae sheets and a couple of days ago, he was very interested. Today he did not touch them this morning or this evening. I fed a little regular food and it did not...
  6. jpc763

    Problem with my Teardrop Maxima - Help!

    I noticed this in this Clam's incurrent siphon a two weeks ago. It was fine as far as opening and such, but today it did this. Does anybody have any idea what is going on? More importantly, is there anything I can do to save this guy? Thanks, John
  7. jpc763

    Putting Fully Cured & Cycled LR in tank?

    Will the tank cycle? I bought some LR off a reefer and transported it to my home. It was out of water for probably 8-12 hours. Then it got a fresh water scrubbing to get some bubble algae off. Then it went into a tank and cooked for a month. It spiked ammonia, nitrite and then nitrate. All...
  8. jpc763

    Quick Sump Fuge Question

    I am converting a 75g tank into a Sump/Fuge for my new 125g. I want the water level in the sump to be 10 inches under normal circumstances. So I am getting 6 17.5" x 10" baffles cut and dividing the 75 into 3 chambers. The left chamber is where the overflow comes in. My protein skimmer will...
  9. jpc763

    Bulkhead Issues

    I have 1 1/4" bulkhead fittings for my new 125g tank. I installed them with no problem. I went to the Home Depot (Monday) and got some 1 1/4" PVC plumbing parts to build up the sump plumbing. Got home and they don't fit. Seem too small. So next day (Tuesday) I go back and return all of the 1...
  10. jpc763

    Is dying?

    In the past, posts would be answered pretty quickly. I have posted several different topics lately and have gotten little or no response. Is losing members? Do we have metrics regarding members on line and is that metric going down? Just want to know. Thanks, John
  11. jpc763

    Upgrading Question - Input Please!

    I am in the process of bring up my new 125g system! It is a 125g with a 75g sump/fuge. The tank is used and I got 200# of LR from the previous owner. I bought new Live Sand to go in it. Here is my upgrade plan... Please provide input Remove baffles from 75g to revert back to tank (I have to...
  12. jpc763

    Moving Clam to new tank

    I am upgrading to a larger tank and was wondering about my 2 Maxima clams. They are currently happy in my 55g established tank but will need to move in the near future to my new 125g tank. I had thought I read somewhere that you need a "well established" tank for them. I am bringing my LR...
  13. jpc763

    Any plumbers out there? Help! Pics!

    I am putting a new tank in my basement. Therefore I need to get a water source and a water disposal down there.Well I thought I would just put a utility sink in my basement "rough in" that I paid for when the house was built. NOTE: the basement has a "structured subfloor" due to expansive...
  14. jpc763

    How much suplimental actinic do I need?

    I am building up a 125g reef. I have 3 x 250 MH with 10K bulbs and wanted to know how much suplimental actinic do I need? I can do: 2 x 3' VHO (end to end) - for another 190 W 2 x 6' VHO (parallel) - for another 320 W 2 x 3' T5 (end to end) - for another 78 W What would you recommend? Thanks...
  15. jpc763

    MH Wiring Question

    I was wondering if there would be any harm in putting an ON/OFF switch between a ballast and a socket in a MH system. The ballast would still be powered, but the bulb would be out. Another alternative is to put an ON/OFF Between the ballast and the wall. Is there a preference? Thanks, John
  16. jpc763

    Electrical Wiring Question - SCSInet? wattsupdoc?

    I am putting a 125g in my basement. It will be using a 75g sump but with only about 10" of water in it. I am framing in a wall and running a circuit to it. My first question is simple. Will a dedicated 20 A circuit be enough or should I run 2 15A circuit? My second question should also be...
  17. jpc763

    JPC763 - 125g Reef Build Thread

    Well I figure it is time to start my build thread. I currently have a 55g and recently decided to upgrade. Here is my thread for that one. I found a tank and the rest they say is history! This build will be a lot more extensive as I...
  18. jpc763

    Sand depth for a reef system?

    What is the standard depth for a reef? I would do a search, but it seems to be broken!
  19. jpc763

    Lubbock's Wrasse died in QT

    I bought this fish 8 days ago. In the LFS it was active and swimming around with other fish in the tank. I put it in the QT and it immediately hid behind a rock. Normal I thought and it came out when I fed it and ate. Well 8 days later and it still was hiding behind the rock, only coming out...
  20. jpc763

    Upgrading!!! Yea!

    So I just got the Go Ahead from the Boss to upgrade! Today I have a 55g Reef with a 20g Fuge/Sump, Nova 4x54w T5 and a single 10k 250W MH. I run an Aqua C Urchin Skimmer and an ATO 10g top off system. For Powerheads, I have 2 Koralia 3's, 2 Koralia 1's and 2 MJ 1200 with Hydor Flo...