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  1. reef diver

    A Shot In The Dark

    I took these as a demonstration of a specific photography technique that appears to work extremely well in reef tanks. It was done by holding a narrow, bright beamed light source, such as a small car flashlight above the tank, less than a centimeter above the water. The the water diffused and...
  2. reef diver

    Lets see those zoas!

    lets see them all, palys and zoas, beautiful and ugly. :) heres a few pics of mine:
  3. reef diver

    ReefkeeperZ, HELP!-Fragging an open brain...

    A have a rather large, beautiful open brain that I want to frag, however, I do not know how to. HEre is a picture of the specimen as of a couple months ago. No im not fragging the mantis
  4. reef diver

    For all of you aspiring mantis keepers.

    This is a very good directory for identifying Stomatopods, and learning their aquarium husbandry, as well as adult size, as well as interesting facts. For validity of this page, google Roy caldwell, he is a researcher/professor at Berkely, and has studied Stomatopods for 20 yrs i believe...
  5. reef diver

    Crabs Wanted!

    Im not sure if this should be posted in this forum, but its my best bet...... I keep a mantis, yes one of those dreaded, yet highly intelligent devils. And as my bank account knows, the price of their neccesary treat once per week is exceedingly high, as they can get atrophy in their "smashers"...
  6. reef diver

    MMO Gamers Congregate Here

    Please Post what game(s) you play: Your in-game character name(s): What Guilds/Alliances you are apart of: Position In that Guild: Ill start Games: Guild Wars, all three campaigns Names: Oh Boy, heres my main character: Guremaya Huroduya Guild: The Blade Of The Silver Pheonix [MoOr] Guild...
  7. reef diver

    Ok the .7 gallon tank, for real.

    Well you all saw my idea for the .9 gallon tank. Well now ive decided to downsize. I found a tiny triple betta deco kit, with dividing walls. And it measures at exactly .7 gallon. I cut out the dividing walls, a very hard process as it turned out, because of how they were layed out, as you...
  8. reef diver

    Homemade frag bases.

    These are a DIY frag base, easy, cheap, and no cure time neccesary. All you need is instant-thinset glue, such as krazy glue. Wear Gloves for this, as it bonds extremely well, fast, and to skin. Just take a small handfull of sand, preferably old sand, place into mold and let it dry. Then...
  9. reef diver

    Reef Diver's Picture Log

    Im going to post every picture I take here, as well as in their respective locations. First few are from the mantis tank.
  10. reef diver

    Toadstool Leather ID

    My LFS is selling off a lot of its fragging stock, because they got a great deal on nearly a ton or more of LR, and they had a few interesting specimens, one such is this leather: Not sure of any ID on this, as soon as it settles in I will begin fragging it, it already had a few extra lobes.....
  11. reef diver

    Need an odd SPS ID

    This is an interesting SPS, I found it in my LFS's frag tank, it had overgrown the frag plug, and had overgrown onto the plastic holders. Oddly enough it was under very minimal light, just some of the basic PC lighting that we use for softies. It is reddish brown, with extremely small blue...
  12. reef diver

    The .9 gallon tank

    This is the actual DIY portion of the thread found at this location the tank is a 6" cube w/ a 9x7x8 sump w/ refuge. I will be getting my acrylic cut tomorrow(maybe) and buy the weldon. I will also drill my drainage and return holes tomorrow.
  13. reef diver

    The .9 gallon tank

    Well Ive been looking at this thread in reef central. And I thought Id build my own version. I am not particularly experienced in acrylic work, so I thought i'd start this out as my first project. Here are my plans: 1/4 inch thick acrylic, in a 6" cube design. A PVC overflow will be placed...
  14. reef diver

    Great Deal On Nanocube!!!!!!!

    This is for reef central members, but it doesnt matter anyone can get it, u just have to know the link. Here it is, 12gal reg for 89.99!!!! Moderators I am not selling, just showing people the path to a great deal. GREAT DEAL!!!
  15. reef diver

    Reef Diver's Mantis Tank Diary, and the daily life of Davo the Mantis

    This log will keep track of all aspects of this tank including mods etc. It will also keep a log of its sole resident (aside from the dinner offerings of course) a mantis that I call Davo. The tank is currently up and running, cycle finished. And Davo is now carving out his new home...
  16. reef diver

    Nano Mods

    I haven't been here in a while, however I recently set up a 12 gallon Nano-Cube for a mantis, which is the species pictured at right. However along the way, I learned quite a few things about modding Nano-Cubes and just general nano tank DIY projects. Here I will post links to websites forums...
  17. reef diver

    Martensii butterfly

    I was wondering, and I know it is kind of a stupid question. But does anyone think I could keep a Martensii butterfly, in a system with some LPS, some aptasia to munch on, and a rose anemone, guarded by clowns.
  18. reef diver

    Pairing diamond gobies.

    I am wondering if there is any way to tell diamond gobies apart, gender wise. Or is it just luck, when they get paired.
  19. reef diver

    Woot, I got a new clown, but he is ... Mucousy.

    My new clown is acting relatively normal, except his body is very mucousy, and he keeps trying to cough up, guck. Any hints?
  20. reef diver

    Clown lost a few scales to my clam.

    My clam a few days a go was knocked down during a re-aquascaping porcess, it fell again a few minutes ago, and my clown hates me, so the clown tried to ram my hand, it missed, got its head stuck in the clam. It pulled out, but it looks like it is slightly injured on the gill covering. She is...