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  1. greymach

    Selling on SWF

    Are we not allowed to do this anymore? I dont see the section for selling parts. I took down my tank and am looking to get rid of supplies.
  2. greymach

    Have a listen to my band.

    I have a new band and wanted to see what you guys think. Its kinda a pop rock band and we have some acoustic studio recordings and a couple live rock recordings on our myspace. have a listen and let me know what you think. It'd be appreciated.
  3. greymach

    Brittle Star fish eater?

    I have a large probably 9-10 in from leg to leg or maybe even bigger brittle star (Ophiocoma sp) that i think may have eaten some of my fish. I have mysteriously lost a clown and a 4 line wrasse. there are no signs of them and they seem perfectly healthy before they're gone. I know the green...
  4. greymach

    Catching a yellow tang

    anyone have any tips or techniques to catch a yellow tang out of a 55 gallon. i just set up QT for treatment for black ich and now i cant catch him
  5. greymach

    Setting up QT

    I have a yellow tang with black there anyway to set up a qt skipping the cycling process. If i use tank water or somthing?
  6. greymach

    2 koralia 1's for sale

    I have 2 that have been in use for literally 2 days. i bought them and realized they are a little too weak for my tank. They are basically brand new. They go for about 35 brand about 50 for both plus shipping?
  7. greymach

    Hydor Koralia 1 Powerhead

    Hydor Koralia 1 Powerhead .... Massive 400gph ! are these good powerheads
  8. greymach

    Listen to my band and tell me what you think

    This is my band, we are a rock band called The ShakeDown. Have a listen and leave some feedback. This was our first show and are excited for more.
  9. greymach

    Lawnmower Blenny

    I just bought one of these and acclimated it then went to the gym. I am home now and havent seen it yet. Are these usually hiders when first introduced or just normally hide often. thanks
  10. greymach

    Watch my metal band if u like metal
  11. greymach

    feather duster question

    my feather duster threw its crown and is sticking itself out of its tube. Is that normal after they throw their crown? It is sticking out a couple inches and is still moving in and out so its alive.
  12. greymach

    Green Star Polyps

  13. greymach

    Maze Brain

  14. greymach

    Green Zoos

    A couple pics of my green zoos
  15. greymach

    Orange Derasa Clam

  16. greymach

    Yellow Sun Coral

    Pics of my yellow sun coral taken in the dark becuase its a nocturnal coral...
  17. greymach

    Bangaiis fighting

    I have 2 Bangaii Cardinals. I got them and they were both the same size and were never fighting. Now its been probley 6 months and one has grown probley double the size of the other one and the big one hates the little one. Is this normal are they both male or both female or something?
  18. greymach

    Add base rock to established reef tank.

    I have a reef tank that has been up for about a year. It has 50 pounds of live rock if i wanted to redue my rocks and add 50 more pounds of base rock would i have to cure this base rock if i bought it online?
  19. greymach

    Green star polyps

    i have some green star polyps that are spreading toward some ricordea i have. will the gsp kill the rics?
  20. greymach

    Just saw transformers

    i think i threw up a little bit in my mouth...on a positive note die hard was really good though