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  1. cveach


    I disagree with that statement. I added a UV to my Reef tank May 11, my tank had been setup for over 9 years. I have not noticed ANY illeffects from adding the UV. I feather dusters still reproduce like fire all over the rocks and glass, coraline grows sheet ontop of sheet and Green Hair has...
  2. cveach

    RED ALERT. I have ich

    Happy to report no further sypmtoms of ICH. Everyone seems just fine so I will just keep a close eye.
  3. cveach

    RED ALERT. I have ich

    My Sailfin Tang does NOT like hyposalinty at all for some reason. Very bad reactions. Plus I find it hard on the fish when they go back to 1.025 which I keep my reef at. On the plus side the fish show no signs of the parasite in 24hrs never itched and I now have the UV. I currently have the...
  4. cveach

    RED ALERT. I have ich

    After sleeping on it I decided to go alittle unorthodox and left the the fish in the reef. I am trying to increase there feeding and protein intake while I purchashed a Aqua UV sterilizer. The fish are in excellent health so I hope there imune system can fight it off with the help of the UV...
  5. cveach

    RED ALERT. I have ich

    Man this sucks. My 75gal reef with ZERO Nitrate,Nitrites, amonia. Established for 6years. For no apparent reason my fish have broken out with Cryptocarion, ICH. I have delt with ICH and plan on treating with removing my fish from the reef for 45 days placing them in 2 20gal longs for the period...
  6. cveach

    Tetra testing kit

    I use there DKH carbonate hardness test I have found it to be very accurate as well easy.
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    Your Wetdry is the culprit. The Bioballs inside are taking filtration away from your LR and LS. The wetdry has no means of breaking Nitrates into Nitrogen. The LR and LS can. Slowly remove your bioballs from the wetdry. The lossed filtration will be made up from in the LS and LR, when all the...
  8. cveach

    Getting Live sand from reef- is it advisable?

    Rave wana sell any fish you might catch?!?!? :)
  9. cveach

    My Kent Tech CB Review

    I add the Tech CB for Calcium and buffer. I have alittle over 100gals of water in my reef with sump. I like to keep my Cal. at 450-500ppm. and my Dkh at 10. To maintain this value I add 20cc a day of Part A and 20cc of Part B. If I wish to raise the Cal I would add 25cc of Part A. Wish to Raise...
  10. cveach

    My Kent Tech CB Review

    In the past month I have changed to using Kents Tech CB 2 part calcium and buffer additive. In the past few weeks I have noticed a major increase in coral growth as well as snail shells and Coraline. Pleased to report highly on this product.
  11. cveach

    92gal fish only corner tank ?

    Your current setup sounds great.... for now. Your emperor is going to need more room and the 92 would be just great. You could probably get away with one more tang like a Hippo Regal in the 92 although I recomend jusing a large 30-40gal. sump. Increase your LR to about 100lbs. The Prizim is a...
  12. cveach

    Pink Tip/Green Tip Anemones

    I have had a Pinktip in my reef for 5+ years. Its has NEVER stayed in one spot for more then 3weeks. So of course he has come into contact with many corals. Finger leather as well as button polyps, Galaxia LPS never have shown any signs of injury or even reaction from encounters generaly stays...
  13. cveach

    Help me out please

    I disagree, the prizm is worth it's wait in gold. While 200 is far to much to pay, the 60-80 range is far more then fair. A true venturi that is affordable for the size tank most in the hobby have 90gal or below.
  14. cveach

    NY to Texas

    The only thing worth keeping is the LR just put it in a bucket if its longer then 48hrs some die off may occur but it happens. Its not worth moving the 10gal setup... cost to much in time and money. Just my opinion.
  15. cveach

    cleaner wrasse apetite

    I have never had a problem keeping a cleaner alive, all that is required is finding a specimen that will take food. My cleaner actually cleans the copepods from the glass walls. Looks like a vacume sucking little white dots off the walls.
  16. cveach

    Requesting grape caulerpa...

    My tangs eat it too fast I can not keep it for more then 48hrs. Just to warn you.
  17. cveach

    Clams on LR

    They should grow fine I was not sure if they carried a toxin. Light 7.6 watts per gallon calcium 500 plenty of plankton in the water.
  18. cveach

    Clams on LR

    I found some great looking LR at a store 3 weeks ago. Purchased and cured 4lbs it and placed it in my tank both pieces were covered in Macro algae and zooanthoid brown button polyps that have survived as well as three or four small clams. They open close they are alive. My qustion is if they...
  19. cveach

    Protient Skimmer (functioning)

    Running the skimmer during the cycling process of the tank was not advisable, the break down of the wastes in the water feeds the bacteria you are trying to grow.
  20. cveach

    Reef placement?

    You just took out your entire Live Sand Bed! Many benficial bacteria have grown over the past 4 months the tank has been setup which increasingly makes the tank much more stable and safe for its inhabitants. By just taking out all that colonized life you risk throwing your entire system down the...