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  1. doodle1800

    How important is a UV sterilizer?

    On my 210? opinions?
  2. doodle1800

    210 from 75 project

    Work in progress. Moved all inhabitants into a borrowed 72 bow front for now - will transfer into 210 when ready. By the way - the 75 and 72 bow front will need owners soon.
  3. doodle1800

    Need answer today please on lights for 210.

    Ordered a 210 gallon for a dental office. Have not ordered lights yet. Need to make a decision. Full reef tank, fish and LR, Soft Corals. 3 - 175 watt Halides with 2 96 watt actinics. or 6 bulb Fluorescent - 2-10k, 2 Actinic,and 2-50 50's - all 96 watt. Personally I want a "softer" look so I am...
  4. doodle1800

    reef ready or predrilled?

    Getting ready to buy a 210. Can't decide on reef ready or pre-drilled. What I do not like is the black plastic towers on reef ready. Anyone have an opinion?
  5. doodle1800

    A day at Monterey Bay Aquarium

    What a great place.
  6. doodle1800

    I need a picture of a ....

    tank that hides the plastic overflow on the left side. See the left side? It bothers me. I'd like to see how people hide this thing.
  7. doodle1800

    Mandarin and Tank Pics

    mandarin is over a year old now - Tank is a 90 reef ready with 150 halogen, 14k, and 2-96 watt actinics
  8. doodle1800

    My reef control design

    This is a design I've been thinking of doing for years and finally did it. This will be placed next to an aquarium in a dentist office. It has a touch screen and a programming logic controller (PLC) controlling the lights and water top off, along with monitoring the temperature, water level, PH...
  9. doodle1800

    My lil clowny

    why don't anemones eat clowns? they taste funny...
  10. doodle1800

    Green carpet, condi and rock anemone pics

    belongs in pic forum - oh well..
  11. doodle1800

    Calcium test Instructions - please help.

    I've lost the instructions to the Nutrafin Calcium Test. I need to know how many drops from bottles 1 and 2. I know 3 is multiply by 20. Any help is appreciated.
  12. doodle1800

    Coral and tank pics

    whatta you think?
  13. doodle1800

    Bubbles from new lights?

    I just purchased (2 months ago) a pro light system - 2-150 watt 10k's with 2 96 watt actinics. Things started out ok in the tank - no algae at all to moderate algae growth - expected maybe from the increase in light wattage on my tank. From 260 watts to almost 500 watts on a 90 gal tank. Now...
  14. doodle1800

    Glass tops for 75/90 - Chicago

    22 1/8 by 14 3/8 " Not stained - perfectly clean with handles and plastic hinges, qty 2 - for 1 aquarium.
  15. doodle1800

    FLUVAL 304 FILTER - Chicago area

    Great condition - cleaned inside and out.
  16. doodle1800

    SeaClone 150 - Chicago area.

    Perfect condition - I upgraded to a sump skimmer. Clean, ready to go.
  17. doodle1800

    How's beaslbob doing?

    How are things Bob?
  18. doodle1800

    post your 10k, 14k, and 20k's here.

    I'm trying to decide which MH's to put in my light fixture... so any pics of any of a tank with these wavelengths would be appreciated..
  19. doodle1800

    new light pics

    Just received my new coralife setup - 2-150MH with 2-96 watt acts.. I think too bright...
  20. doodle1800

    10k halogen - not pleased.

    I just bought a coral life light fixture. It has 2 - 96 watt actinic and 2 150 watt halogens - 10k. I'm not real thrilled with the 10k's - too yellow in my opnion. What do most of you that use halogens use for wavelength? 10k, 20k? Can you explain how the other wavelengths look?