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  1. chub

    For Sale

    Complete 55g setup everything you need plus extras. Cheap............ no shipping located in southern MN
  2. chub


    my 55g all glass tank is coming apart at the center support. do I unload the tank? I'M sure it will bow out if it breaks completely off. If I unload it wont be replaced its to hard to work onthis when you cant stand up. I need some suggestions soon. Thanks
  3. chub

    For Sale

    I have 55g FOWLR complete system for sale you get it all fish, water, powerheads skimmer etc Will NOT partout u haul. Cheap Medical problems force sale located in southern Mn
  4. chub


    I have a 55g FOWLR with lots of coraline on the LR, but you cant see it,there is some type of algae on it, brushing takes it off but in a few days it comes back. I do 10% WC every 2 weeks the water test has been the same for a long time. Theres only 2 fish in it now and I have added snails in...
  5. chub

    Mixing Dwarf Angels

    Ive seen posts on here where people want to add 2 dwarf angels Ive read where thats a nono. I'd love to add 2 to mine. Is it safe to do even if you add at the same time? I want a flame and a bio-color
  6. chub

    Larger Fish

    I have a 55g FOWLR and I would like too add 2 larger fish one will be a Dwarf Angel. What should I add as the other larger fish. People come over and ask me where are the fish? You never see them. What I have right now are 2 clowns a diamond goby and 1 chromis. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks
  7. chub


    I have a FOWLR and use Reef Crystals some day I may make it a reef. I can get a pail of Oceanic salt for the same price as a 200g box of Reef Crystals. Should I change?
  8. chub

    Diamond goby

    I put A Diamond Goby in my tank a week ago. I havent seen it for several days. I know where it was hiding the first day or so, it doesnt seam be be there any longer. Any ideas?
  9. chub

    Ready to add

    After nearly 3mo with no fish in my 55 I am ready to start over I want active fish a couple clowns and a dwarf angel are on my list. Corals are in the distant future.....any ideas? would be helpful
  10. chub

    AP test kits

    How do you tell if your test kit is old? Theres no date that I can see.
  11. chub


    I have a 55 FOWLR tank I was cleaning it yesterday and was called away. Today I saw that I had left the egg crate off the top and have 3 fish missing, I found them all died from jumping out. Sixline, basslet and lemonpeel all jumped. All I have left is 2 clowns and a chalk bass. I would like to...
  12. chub


    Can you add any fish to a 55 FOWLR with a Dwarf Angel with out causing a problem?
  13. chub

    Skimmer Question

    My skimmer broke and its going to take all week till the parts come. Is it going to harm anything not running it till I get it fixed?
  14. chub

    Need to add

    Ihave a 55g FOWLR tank. Ive been gone sinse xmas. The people who were going to watch my tank for me didnt so ive lost some fish ive done WC and cleaned it up now i'm ready to add a fish or 2. Here what I have left Lemonpeel Angel, 2 clowns and a chalk basslet. I would like to add 2 larger...
  15. chub

    Sand Depth

    I had some PowerHead problems and my sand got moved around several times. Now its 3in deep in front, deeper in some places, can I scoop some up and put it in the back? Or just leave it
  16. chub


    I have some T5 lights thats are appox. 10mo old. After there on 2-3hrs the sand in some areas starts turning Brown and after there off overnite. The sand looks perfect when the lights come on. There on approx 9hrs can they be weak already?
  17. chub

    Lights And Sand

    I have T5 Nova lights and after there on 3-4hrs the sand in places turns a greenish/brown. You mix it up and in a few hrs its back. Its all gone after the lights been off all nite. Any ideas?
  18. chub


    I want to add a conch to my 55g FOWLR . What kind and how many?
  19. chub

    Need Info

    Is there any type of coral thaat my dwarf angel wont nip at? My Lemonpeel distroyed my small zoa/ polyps in a few days
  20. chub

    HOB Filter question

    My bio wheel HOB filter stopped working. Do I really need one? I have a 55g with a AquaC skimmer. Could I just use a small HOB filter? I have a 20g one laying around if I really need to use one.