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  1. kidwicked

    dipping in fresh water?

    has anyone ever dipped a fish in fresh water to kill bacteria?? I also heard its good to make them drink fresh water from a syringe to kill any saltwater bacteria in their stomachs.. got that when watching a show about a huge aquarium in Europe. they were doing it with sun fish that they caught...
  2. kidwicked

    Titan trigger??

    anyone know some places that carry these regularly? I've only found one place that gets them in from time to time but have none now.. I plan on getting one next year in it's own tank setup..
  3. kidwicked

    what type of fish??

    when I used to work at a pet store we got a fish in one day who's mouth extended out (like the Aliens mouth in the movie) and grabbed it's food than went back in. it wasn't a ground dweller.. it swam around and it kinda of thin and dark in color. what was it? :thinking:
  4. kidwicked

    why do these same species of coral look so different?

    Brain: Favities Moon Coral Is the first picture the same species as the bottom? Why are the colors so different?
  5. kidwicked

    anyone run a "coral only" tank??

    what type of filtration would something like that need? Can a setup like that go without any mechanical filtration since theres really no waste is there?
  6. kidwicked

    What types of butterly fish can be kept in schools?

    {Please do not post links to competitor's websites.} besides those... :notsure:
  7. kidwicked

    was watching Blue Planet last night

    it was the part about deep dea fish and stuff.. like hundreds of feet down. They have some real wild jelly fish down there. Crazy colors. I bet these are impossible to get huh??
  8. kidwicked

    Breeding Angel fish?

    I am thinking about trying to breed the more rare species of Angelfish but I can't find a damn thing anywhere online about breeding them.. anyone know anything?
  9. kidwicked

    Breeding Conspicillatus Angels ???

    what would it take to successfully breed these fish in captivity?
  10. kidwicked

    EcoSystem Ecological Filters???

    {Edit link - KidWicked - Please do not post links to other stores... Out of respect to the owner and operator of this site, we ask that you not do so. Thanks. } It does not require a Protein Skimmer or activated carbon to purify the water. anyone running something like this?
  11. kidwicked


    Many of the pictures of tanks I am seeing put up seem to have really crappy lighting. They look very dark and bland. More like fresh water aquariums than marine.. Is great lighting very expensive or something? that looks like awesome lighting ^
  12. kidwicked

    Trigger fish videos
  13. kidwicked

    cool clam!

    Crocea Clam Electric
  14. kidwicked

    Another great marine fish place

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  15. kidwicked

    cool videos of fish.. ^^ take a look "Description: Titan Trigger Fish Attacks Camera " watch that one. trigger fish are hot.
  16. kidwicked

    blah screw the reef tanks!

    I am just going to get me a trigger fish setup... probably a 150 gal or 200... either a clown , picasso or blue line.. probably a picasso because they're pretty inexpensive and still look damn nice.. I read that you can keep a large Angelfish with a picasso trigger.. is that true? Like an...
  17. kidwicked

    thse look pretty nice

    some kinda snail? :notsure:
  18. kidwicked

    Where to buy a good setup??????

    Where are some of the best places to order aquariums online?? I am thinking about a 150-200 gallon but I want it to be a vertical cylinder or octogon in shape and come with the stand with it and all other needed things to get up and running fast.
  19. kidwicked

    this fish dead? =/ that fish looks like it was photographed out of the water.
  20. kidwicked

    how do fish know theres glass???

    Shouldn't the fish be constantly banging into the glass? I mean it's not like they can see the clear glass. :notsure: