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  1. loopy

    Bang Guy, need your help

    Hi, I ordered a clown fish from a site, about a month ago, for my daughters cycled 20 gallon aquarium in her room. Well, after many emails and phone came. It came today...and its about this big: _______ No kiddin, how do I feed this tiny little thing? I have been crumbling flakes...
  2. loopy

    wtb starfish

    looking for starfish. email I live in Wisconsin, can travel short distance to pick up, prefer shipping. thank you.
  3. loopy

    what fish won't I kill?

    I have once again killed a tang. Frustrated as all heck, but in thinking it over, I'm so far into this, I might as well keep trying. I would like a really pretty, but peaceful fish, as well as hardy. I have a 55 gallon with live rock, a blue damsel two clowns a hawaiin puffer mandarin goby lawn...
  4. loopy

    Kick Ich.........have you tried it? and a ?

    was reading about Kick Ich today and even called the company who makes it. Has anyone tried it? Like it or not? Work for you? I think I remember someone recommending it someplace here. Reef and invert safe. The rep from the company said the reason it doesn't work for some people is that they...
  5. loopy

    dipped the tang...he's dying now

    well, I was afraid to try the dip, but I went ahead and did it to the tang. He is dying, lying on his side in the tank. Wish I would have followed my instincts and not done and learn. If you are not sure of yourself on a dip, don't do it, get someone who has done it already to do it...
  6. loopy

    TeresaQ & Lizzard..?4u..and mandarin question

    Lizzard and TeresaQ will you email me? Also, anyone have a pic of a male or female mandarin goby? I want to know which mine is. Thanks. Loopy
  7. loopy

    mandarin goby's and copper

    are mandarin goby's sensative to copper. I want to put him in my qt tank, but there is copper in there. I don't have much time here....the question never hit my until I was on my way home with if I don't get some clue soon, he'll go into the main tank. Thanks.:yes:
  8. loopy

    tang with blach ich

    my yellow tang has black ich. I think the coral beauty probably does also. I did post this on the disease forum, but lefty said to do a formalin or freshwater bath and I am afraid to do that. (afraid I'll stress the fish catching it and make things worse.) Thank though lefty...seriously! any...
  9. loopy

    Yellow tang has black ich

    the yellow tang has black ich, or I am assuming that's what it is. Tiny blacks spots. He is scratching also. I have live rock and should I treat this? Copper is bad for a tang hospital tank is no good here, it has copper. Thanks.
  10. loopy

    coral beauty angel problems

    this is also posted under 'fish swimming strangely, my perms are too. But this is too wierd. The angel is 'buddying up' to the tang and when he get right next to him, he sort of turns on his side. He follows the tang and then does this, and there they are, motionless until the tang swims off...
  11. loopy

    fish swimming strangely

    my black perc clown was breathing heavy and swimming wierd, so I put him in the hospital tank. Now the coral beauty angel is swimming up and down the corner, only occasionly leaving the corner to graze for food, the blue damsel is staying in the same place much of the time, twitching. When it...
  12. loopy

    FREE to good...or really bad..home

    Asian Beetles. They are everywhere. You can have 'em all for the great price of $000000000 I will ship.:scared:
  13. loopy

    Home for tang....later...good idea?

    the tang I got is only 1 1/2 inches and is okay in the 55 now. BUT, not forever. I have an aquantance who has just finished his basement and put in a 200 gallon/in wall aquarium. He is going to do sw. I am planning on giving him the tang when his tank is mature enough and it will have a better...
  14. loopy

    just added yellow tang...he's turning white

    long story about the tang...but he is new to the tank and very pale. He's swimming, eating, breathing normal. Any idea's on what the problem could be? all parms are in exceptable, geez...perfect numbers. yikes. Thank you in advance.
  15. loopy

    ya gotta read this, care sheet from *****

    long before we even had a tank, I picked up a few care sheets on fish from *****. I was cleaning out my filing cabinet today and found them. I quote..(and cringe) Care Sheet/Tang Diet-marine flake, lettuce or spinach Housing-two gallons per fish inch is recommended for saltwater aquariums with a...
  16. loopy

    oh oh, I got a tang

    I have been seeing this poor yellow tang, about an inch and 1/2 long, at the fish store for a couple months. I have watched it waste away to a skinny bony fish. Yep, I bought it. I have 'rescue' in my blood...used to be dogs but got sick of the poo. Anyway, I brought it home and while...
  17. loopy

    Ich? not sure

    my coral beauty angel has been doing some flashing....but that is not so unusual, I have seen it do this before as well as most of the other fish....just like to flash I guess...welcome back to the 70's??? I dunno, the cba seems to have a slight color change, above mouth and eyes, less blue...
  18. loopy

    WTB- Mandarin Goby and Live Rock

    In Wisconsin.....will gladly strike a good deal. Smaller pieces of rock prefered, not giant bolders!! thanks.
  19. loopy

    "live' question

    I have, now, 30 pounds of live rock. Several months ago I added live sand to my tank...over the cc, and of course it sank below the cc. I am in the slow process of getting rid of the cc, but my question is this....Do you think the 'live sand' is still 'live' and if so....has the 'life' spread to...
  20. loopy

    Mandarin Goby question

    I was looking at a mandarin goby today...beautiful. The lfs lady said it was very difficult to keep, another site I belong to, someone said it was is it? Easy or difficult....what do they eat? Thanks. (Ya, lfs trying to talk me out of stuff...wierd ha? I was looking at a...