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  1. psycho

    150 g saltwater aquarium looking to sell

    Its been a long time since Ive been on here I have moved to smaller condo and I had to put my tank in storage. Its been in storage for about 6 months now and I don't have any room for it in my new home and need to sell it. Its 150g with mahogany solid wood stand and canopy. It is in good...
  2. psycho

    ph kh and ca.....

    ok so just did my weekly checks and Ill lay it out for everyone as im confused as usual ph 7.8 ammonia 0.0 nitrite 0.0 nitrate 0.0 calcium 360 ppm kh 140 ppm I thought if your calcium was low chances are your kh is to high....? and my ph is kinda low also... just confused and ive been doing...
  3. psycho

    Good protein skimmers

    Hey everyone since my whole bleaching incident about 3 to 4 weeks ago ive managed to save my candy cane coral, green zoos, feather duster, and mushrooms, no coral died thank god, only the 3 fish I had. :-( but on a better note I'm not dealing with that lfs anymore instead I got my own 6 stage...
  4. psycho

    I need an answer please.... Bleaching sachem purigen media bag

    Hey everyone my lfs said I could bleach my seachem purigen media bag and reuse it,.... However I did this and rinsed it very well.... When I got out of the shower all of my fish were dead.... All of my permitted are fine I checked them just a few min ago... Has anyone EVER known or heard of...
  5. psycho

    Reuse your Sachem purigen?

    Hi everyone.... My lfs told me today that you can bleach your seachem purigen filter media and reuse it today.... I did my weekly water change and did what he said ... But when I got out of the shower and looked at my tank all my fish were laying on there sides... :cry: I got some of my stored...
  6. psycho

    Protein skimmer question.......

    I bought a " aquatic life systems" essor ais-90 yesterday it is 16in tall 3in wide cylinder and is made to go in sump, the guy I bought it off of said he just used a small powerhead with the air tube hooked into pump to make the bubbles into this unit, however I have a maxi jet 900 pump that I...
  7. psycho

    anyone have any idea what this bright orange coral looking thing is??

    does anyone have any idea what this super bright orange thing is thats growing on the side of my live rock? It started out small and now its gotten a little bigger, looks kinda cool, just wondering if anyone knows what it is. thanks
  8. psycho

    MIA .... dwarf angel .....

    ok ... I just now got home from a 3 day trip as Im a flight attendant, I came in checked on my tank (12g nano) I have a clown and a bubble tip anemone, last week I bought a dwarf angel to put in my tank as well. He was hiding some but was eating and swimming around a little just shy which is...
  9. psycho

    I have pc and want to upgrade my lighting suggestions please

    I have a 12g nano cube and it has the power compat lighting that came on it, and I have just started my tank up a little over a month ago. I originally wated to do zoo's and leathers, other soft corals, which i have in ther now, but I would now like to do, maybe a clam, and some sps too. I seen...
  10. psycho

    12g nano cube help

    I have a 12g nano cube that I'd like to get back up and running again, it still has all the original parts that came with it and that's how I used it when I had it up and running 4yrs ago, with the black foam pieces in the back filter part along with the pump, however the small pump that came in...
  11. psycho

    ehh... Trade Board??

    Hey guys been awhile since i've been on, do we not have a trade board anymore? no place to trade stuff with others? and if so .... where would i find it?
  12. psycho

    my pistol shrimp and yellow goby!

    I seen my pistol shrimp and yellow watchmen goby paired up today! i would post a pic. but its not uploading
  13. psycho

    pic problems!

    I was able to upload pics. yesterday and also view other peoples pics, but since they did the message board upgrades, I can't view, or upload pics today! is anyone else having this problem too? my smilies don't even come up!
  14. psycho

    live rock for sale in Georgia

    I have a 150 gallon sw set up, and I have about 300 lbs of live rock in it, well I wanted to down size the rock just a little bit, so I got about 65 lbs needing to go. all sizes 2 or 3 nice size base rocks and then alot of hand size ones with nice colors on them. I will sell for 3.00 a lb...
  15. psycho

    yellow tang with bacterial infection

    hey guys I know that this is a bacterial infection, but I need to know what you can do to cure it....... could someone please help! i checked my ph and it is fine all others are fine as well amonia 0.0 nitrate and nitrite as well. its to late for this little guy but I need to know how to...
  16. psycho

    Eibli Anglefish

    ok I got this Eibli Angle about 1 week ago and I see him picking at my green star polyps! what is up with that! and now some the polyps don't have green centers anymore, they have orange centers now! is this because of him picking on them? He get food twice a day w/ algie sheets so what is...
  17. psycho

    what kind of lighting should I use?

    ok right now I have 2 72" pc. I was looking to upgrade to something elise, as these lights don't have the effect I am looking for. I want my corals to glow and my aquarium to look crip. any suggestions? :thinking: I have been trying to do research on metal halide's but I don't quit...
  18. psycho

    any info. on how to deal with HLLE?

    so I have a blue hippo tang that has HLLE, any suggestions on how to cure it if any? :notsure:
  19. psycho

    Pics of my new 150 gallon tank!

    Ok I started out with a75 gallon about 2 years ago, and I have been hooked since! :jumping: so a friend I work with said her b/f was wanting to sell his 150 gallon so he brought it to me all the way from south carolina with all his fish, lr, lights, sump, etc......Awsome deal I got on it too...
  20. psycho

    My Bi-color angel has a sore on his side

    I noticed my bi-color angel fish has a place on his side where his scales are gone like 1/2 inch long not very wide at all, but you can see meat their is no scales to cover it. I know who was picking on him, my MEAN velvet damsel! :mad: I hate that fish he is sation's son! so I moved the...