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  1. spoon

    Does Anyone Have An Akita?

    Post the pics here! Gosh I love those dogs... :happy:
  2. spoon

    Why Are Chromis' Cheap?

    I was just wondering, why Chromis' are so cheap? I am pretty sure they have NOTHING beneficial to add to an ecosystem, but is that it?
  3. spoon

    Is This Tank Overcrowded? (Need Answers)

    20g Long: 40lbs Live Rock 40lbs Live Sand 1 Niger Trigger 2" 1 Spotted Sharpnose Puffer "2.5" 1 Yellow Tang 2.5" 3 Green Chromis 2" This is my tank that started with the Niger Trigger and the Puffer. That's it! I Moved out of my apartment a week ago and set the tank up at my uncles house, who...
  4. spoon

    Spotted Sharpnose Puffer

    Anyone with expierience with Puffers is urged to share... Are these Puffers reef-safe? What do these eat primarily? Other habits? Do you have one? Thanks, Justin :happy:
  5. spoon

    Trigger Bites, oOo!

    I have a small Niger Trigger. If he's hungry and I put my finger into the tank, he will follow it around the tank. My question is, will they acually take a chunk of skin out? Owie! :notsure: Also, if you have any "bite" experiences you are urged to post them here! Thanks, Justin :happy:
  6. spoon

    Out of Control Family Member

    Ok, I moved out of my apartment two weeks ago and set up my 20g at my uncle's house. I had a 4" Lionfish (huge!) and a 1.5" Niger Trigger. During the move I took the Lionfish back to an LFS, as he was too big for my little tank. After setting the tank up at my uncle's, I was excited about...
  7. spoon

    I have an Alienware Area-51m and am pretty worried about my CPU temperature and my fan status. I currently have MotherBoard Monitor v5.3.6.0, I just can't get the thing to work right. I know my motherboard has 2 sensors. The program wont list them for some reason. If you can help me out, I...