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  1. adam2817

    Green Star Polyp

    Snails no, Crabs.....maybe. I had an emerald crab make dinner out of my polyp frag I bought. I should have moved it away from where it was since the crab has made that area his HOME TURF. So, I would just move it away from where ou put it and watch the crabs.
  2. adam2817

    Favorite colorful peaceful fish?

    I have a Royal and he's great. What a beautiful fish. Very peaceful and hardy. Too bad you can only have 1.
  3. adam2817

    Nitrates are high

    Why would you use a Refractometer to measure Nitrates? I thought it was just for Salt levels.
  4. adam2817

    my parameters

    A tank running that long should have no ammonia. Your nitrates will come up if you don't do water-changes often enough. What test's are you using to measure these readings? Try a different test and see if you get the same readings. Are you using RO/DI water when you do your changes? The...
  5. adam2817

    sun coral

    2-3 times a week should be fine.
  6. adam2817

    Tropic Marine pro reef

    I've been using it for about 6 months now and I have no problems. I think it's a great product.
  7. adam2817

    Coraline growing.....

    It's a very good thing. Keep doing what you're doing. It's a sign of good water quality.
  8. adam2817

    kenya trees

    Just keep me in mind when you frag again...
  9. adam2817

    Tri state area frag trade club starting up

    I got my clearance the next day. FYI
  10. adam2817

    leather owners

    My laether opens and closes all day long. Guess it goes by what touches it. I currenly have an Emerald crab make it it's home when he's not eating. he climbs up onto the op and the leather closes around him. I guess he makes a nice covered NEST for him. It annoys me a bit because I like he...
  11. adam2817

    Algae Issues

    I would suggest NEVER using tap water. Filtered or not. The RO does a much better job of removing organics than the filter on the tap. Just make a few gals more Ro water after the water change and use that for top off. That may help.
  12. adam2817

    Red / Rust Mushrooms!

    Here's a pic of what some of them look like so far. Most have attached to rocks 1 even attached itself to an old snail shell. lol... :cheer:
  13. adam2817

    Tri state area frag trade club starting up

    COunt me in. I will post my Spec's tomorrow. I'm off for work now, but don't want to miss the boat. :cheer:
  14. adam2817

    Red / Rust Mushrooms!

    They've been in a few days and doing very well..... Thanks :cheer:
  15. adam2817

    kenya trees

  16. adam2817

    65g Reef Back is in Action!

    Very nice use of Bamboo. It really cleans up the set-up. Nicely done.
  17. adam2817

    Pure-Flo II RO/DI Coralife with Pump

    Anyone know? :help:
  18. adam2817

    $229 for a clam

    In my opinion, I would wait a WHILE b4 you drop that kind of cash. For that kind of money, I would put in everything I would want in the tank first and use them as guinea pigs (not really) before you put that in there. Clams are nice but can be very delicate.
  19. adam2817

    Red / Rust Mushrooms!

    I got them and the're in. Some have opened already and some are blowing around trying to take hold of something. :cheer: Guess he's got none left and thats why he's not answering.
  20. adam2817

    Thermos trade list

    Believe me, I was one of the 24 who viewed. I would LOVE to do it, I just don't have anything to trade. I think it would be fun to see what you get. I just have nothing to trade.