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  1. toggil

    pics sitting on the floor

    What kind of jawfish is that?
  2. toggil

    Eli Manning

    Solid receiving core? I have to disagree with that, Plax is hurt and barely can run a route anymore, Amani is still good but obviously has slowed down and can't get the separation he once could, Shockey I don't know I usually stick up for the guy but sometimes it just seems like he and eli...
  3. toggil

    How loud is your tank?

    So I'll make sure I get an in sump skimmer and it sounds like I should be ok.
  4. toggil

    How loud is your tank?

    I was planning on using T5 lighting would I need cooling fans for these I figured that would only be needed with MH.
  5. toggil

    How loud is your tank?

    Well i already have my freshwater tank in my room and have no problem with that. I just wasn't really sure how much noise things like protein skimmers and return pumps and powerheads made. Thanks to everyone who has replied so far.
  6. toggil

    How loud is your tank?

    I have a 75 gallon RR tank, but due to remodeling in our house if I want to set it up anytime soon the only place that will work is my bedroom. So my question is how loud is your setup? I plan on having a sump with a protein skimmer and submerged return pump in it, and I'm wondering if these...
  7. toggil

    fantastic 4 was SO terrible (no spoilers)

    Have you ever read a fantastic 4 comic book? Thats exactly what she's like in them and she is married to mr fantastic. It's not like some crazy idea they came up with, blame stan lee if you want to blame someone though. I thought his appearance was corny this time.
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    I love my wii, and online gaming starts this summer. A new pokemon game coming out this month that will have online capability and I'm sure lots more will soon follow.
  9. toggil

    Fedukeford's 125 reef diary!

    Thanks I'll check there and creature comforts to see who has the best price. I don't think I'll have any trouble getting the sump together once I figure out what size will fit under my DT. Once I get closer to setting it up I know I'll have a bunch of questions about lights and skimmers and...
  10. toggil

    cover or no cover?

    What about having a canopy top with no cover? Would that work to let gas exchange happen but keep fish from jumping?
  11. toggil

    Fedukeford's 125 reef diary!

    Tank looks good feduke, I don't know if you remember, we talked a few months ago about me starting a tank. Those plans got delayed cause I ended up having to buy a new car, from feduke ford oddly enough. Hopefully my plan now is to get started sometime in June. Where did you buy your tanks from...
  12. toggil

    Going to the atlanta aquarium... anyone been?

    I thought the aquarium was great. The whale shark exhibit was awesome, it seriously seems like you're looking out into the ocean.
  13. toggil

    Starting a tank near Binghamton NY

    fgcu14 - I'm thinking 55 gallon but if I came across something else that was a good deal it could change. Bobtail107 - That's awesome, thank you so much I'll definately get in touch with you.
  14. toggil

    Starting a tank near Binghamton NY

    In the next couple of months I plan on setting up a tank and I figured I'd see if anyone on here had anything they don't use anymore that could help me out. Tanks, equipment, everything will be considered so leave a message here or email me at Thanks.
  15. toggil

    Leaving the hobby, everything must go.

    Also wondering where in upstate you are if you have anything left.
  16. toggil

    Fedukeford's 125 reef diary!

    Originally Posted by fedukeford Toggil- nice! i wish i was old enough to get a job so i could buy coral more often.... when are you going to set up the tank? Feduke I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks starting this weekend, I'm hoping to have some interviews set up by the time I get back so that...
  17. toggil

    Quarintine tank question

    What if everytime you set up your QT you put a piece of LR in from your DT or sump would that bacteria prevent a cycle?
  18. toggil

    Fedukeford's 125 reef diary!

    My plan atm is a 55 gallon reef tank. I talked to the people at creature comfort and they said they could order me a reef ready tank whenever I want, I'll probably buy as much stuff as I can form there, their fish people are always nice whenever I go in for freshwater stuff. I just graduated...
  19. toggil

    Fedukeford's 125 reef diary!

    Just wanted to say nice tank, haven't read through the whole thread yet though. I'm planning on starting a tank in Feb and live in endicott. Any advice on what stores are good in the area or did you buy most of your stuff online? You can email me at if you don't want to reply here.
  20. toggil

    I want one in my tank

    According to some show on the discovery channel, there are even bigger ones that live a the south pole.