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  1. granny

    14g Opinion

    Remember, you have a very very small tank and the clowns will grow pretty quickly. If you have a sand substrate and live rock, I would suggest one of the blennies-you would have to feed live worms or brine if you get a scooter blenny. The small gobies are also perfect for a tank this size. Just...
  2. granny

    Did ya ever notice?

    They are freakin b a s t a r d s!! Um, Who is the "they"? The scientists and environmentalists who are concerned about melting ice, loss of habitat for polar bears, seals and other Arctic creatures plus the rising water table in countries such as Greenland OR the consumers who continue to pump...
  3. granny

    Best way to remove carbon?

    Did you get any help with your biocube skimmer problems? I am not familiar with that set up so cant really help you, but bubbles are a common problem with adjusting skimmers. Let it run for a while-it could have just had some internal air that needs to bleed out. I see another thread here on...
  4. granny

    Best way to remove carbon?

    Good, You can go ahead and start your cycling. The cloudiness wont impact that. Good luck!
  5. granny

    salt level to high helpppppp

    Do you mean your salinity reading on your hydrometer or refractometer is too high? If so, it will only go down by diluting it with fresh water. Its always a good idea to mix your water in a seperate container so you can check everything before you put in into your tank. The cloudiness will get...
  6. granny

    Best way to remove carbon?

    Chemipure must be rinsed, just like carbon, before placing itin the tank. I am assuming you took the bag out of the tank and rinsed it thouroughly. Just put in in your filter, do a partial water change and it should clear up in a day or so. Do you use any floss or micron filter material in your...
  7. granny

    feather duster question

    I just read an excellent article in this months Aquarium Fish magazine about feather dusters. They usually die in 2-3 months in most tanks due to starvation. Losing the top is in most cases a sign of impending death. the FD needs adequate food to sustain the larger crown, so will shed it and...
  8. granny

    a couple of questions with pics!

    The brown thing is definitely Aiptasia. They can live singly for ages then will start reproducing like crazy. I would not keep it. Peppermint shrimp are in interesting way to keep it under control and they also scavenge for other things in your tank. The shrimp grow quickly, so make sure your...
  9. granny

    How did you get into the saltwater hobby?

    My dad was a naval officer, so we always lived by the ocean. He helped me collect my first specimins when we were in Hawaii and I was just a little tyke. Have kep Saltwater fish ever since.
  10. granny

    niger trigger, reef safe?

    Only if you dont care wht happens to any inverts, those with or without legs!
  11. granny

    Blue Hippo, sick??? with what???

    No, its not ich. Not sure what it is, but my gut instinct is perhaps internal parasites?? Ate a bucketload of black algae? A fungal infection-fish cancer???? If none of your other fish are affected and this fish appears healthy in all aspects except its appearance, Id just keep taking excellent...
  12. granny

    Sump Overflow And Return Questions??

    Yes, it will work. I have the Mag 7 with the tidepool overflow on my 75 gallon and it is perfect. I did put a tiny hole in the return tubing slightly below the water line so that if the power goes out, the siphon will be broken as soon as the water level goes down slightly. This prevents any...
  13. granny

    Blue Hippo, sick??? with what???

    Whats interesting is that the 'spots' correspond to the location of the fish's internal organs. Are these on the outside or are we looking at the 'inside' of your fish???
  14. granny

    how do you guys feel

    Anemones are opportunistic feeders. They will utilize liquid foods, solid foods, both live and dead and light for the internal 'algae' Therefore, I would suggest mimicing nature and providing a variety of foods and adequate light for the type of anemoney you have.
  15. granny

    wtb skimmer

    Do you want cheap or good! With skimmers, you pretty much get what you pay for. Basic rule is get the largest skimmer you can fit under your tank, in your sump or wherever you place it. I have a Euro-Reef and it is outstanding-though a little pricey.
  16. granny

    10G Nano....650 GPH. Super Flow???

    When your corals retract and your fish cant swim and your shrimp get blown away! Oh, and your sand will fly around as well.
  17. granny

    RO unit is wasteful.....??

    They truly are. We recycle our waste water, using it for watering plants, flushing toilets etc. We just put the discharge tube into a large trash can and then pump it off as we need it. That way we dont feel so guilty. You can use plain tap water if you want to in a fowlr. Just be prepared for...
  18. granny


    There are serious laws concerning this abuse, but the problem is each inspector has hundreds of places to monitor. many of these death camps have beenshut down and the poor animals had to be destroyed if they could not be rehabilitated. Truly, the problem lies with good old supply and demand. as...
  19. granny

    questions about getting a 20 gallon

    Excuse me, but am I the only sane one here? You have enough livestock posted for a 120, much less a 20 gallon tank. That is way way way too many fish. The six line wrasse needs more swimming room. a 20 gallon is a smll tank guys, You can cram lots of corals in it with sufficient lighting but it...
  20. granny

    Fish Dieoff

    Did the starfish just die? Had they deteriorated at all? If so, you needed to do a major water change adn add some amquel to the water immediately. Are you doing regular water changes , premixing, heating and aerating your water before putting it in the tank? Concerning the voltage, you need to...