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  1. jawfish101

    A depressing event

    Activated carbon...I'll look into that. I can't afford a chiller right now is the thing. They're all so expensive. Okay, another question. Now that I have almost all of the coral out of the bow (there is only a couple things salvageable, and they are floating in bags in the water), should I...
  2. jawfish101

    green carpet anemone

    They require a LARGE amount of light, they have a tendancy to eat whatever leands on it (i.e. fish), and they can get huge. They are gorgeous though. Hope that helps, i'm sure someone more knowledgable than me will chime in soon.
  3. jawfish101

    A depressing event

    Another thing, should I just siphon all of the 24gl water out and completely scrub the tank? The water is disgusting. We took out most of the LR, but a few pieces are still in there. What about the sand?
  4. jawfish101

    A depressing event

    That's what I thought...i'm just still floundering and trying to come up with any reason for not re-doing everything. I can gaurantee you that as soon as I can save the money I will be purchasing a generator ASAP. We've also had some wicked thunderstorms lately, and I refuse to allow them to...
  5. jawfish101

    A depressing event

    Yesterday my AC in the house quit working. My 72 bow spiked to 97 degrees and all of my coral was melting and clouding the water. So I bagged everything and took it to my 24 gallon tank which was downstairs and still a normal functioning temp. By late last night that water was opaque and all of...
  6. jawfish101


    Sure! I'll try to get some decent pics of mine tonight!
  7. jawfish101


    I absolutely LOVE you Dendros and Tubastrea! I have a large collection myself, they are by far my favorites in my tank! Great Tank!
  8. jawfish101

    Blue Assessors

    I'm pretty sure they can be kept in groups as long as they are added at the same time. They're very shy, though. Good Luck
  9. jawfish101

    Smoking Snails??

    Snail Spawn!!
  10. jawfish101

    Random Shots

    Heres some random for ya..
  11. jawfish101

    Pygmy Angel woes

    Okay, could you explain that in a little more detail? I'm feeling very stupid now, but I didn't quite get that.
  12. jawfish101

    Ur Latest, Greatest, Most Fav.

    Maybe not my greatest, but definately my latest. Added this morning, to help expand my already extremely large sun coral collection!!
  13. jawfish101

    Pygmy Angel woes

    Well, I took the risk of putting a Pygmy Angel in my 72 reef tank, and am now paying for it dearly. He picks on my sponge, which I had just convinced to live. He's killed a brain coral and is working on killing another one. He also picks on a christmas tree worm rock, my frogspawn, and my sun...
  14. jawfish101

    Tail Spot Blennie

    That should be fine. My experience with these guys was great. They are very personable and active. They get along well with others, and of the ones i've had, ate willingly. Probably one of my favorite blennies. Good Luck
  15. jawfish101

    what are these?

    Originally Posted by earlybird joes juice or boiling water works too supposedly. There is only a 1 in 7 chance that you kill them that way. And if you don't kill them, they just get mad and go asexual, ergo, spreading more.
  16. jawfish101

    what are these?

    Originally Posted by socal57che Bad idea, IMO. Aip reproduces by every means known to man. Crushing them will create a colony so invincible even Superman would pee his pants. :scared: I concur...Aiptasia/Glass Anemonies. Inject a drop of lemon juice near the base with a hypodermic needle. Use...
  17. jawfish101

    Whats this?

    Does it look like this? If so, it's an Scutus antipodes, or Elephant Slug.
  18. jawfish101

    Hair Worms - Cirratulids

    Ugh, i've got many of those. Really nice pictures!
  19. jawfish101

    Engineer Gobies here!

    Here is my Engineer Goby (convict goby), he's about 7in long. Feel free to post your engineers here!
  20. jawfish101

    My new "barnacle?" blenny !!!

    Nope, i've had mine for over a year and he's only 2in. Hm, when I first got mine, he swam all around poking his head in any hole he could find. Whenever I stuck my hand in the water, he always darted into the first nook or cranny he could find. He eventually made my coco worm "jump ship" and...