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  1. teviesfish

    Yellow Tang

    maracyn is the medication name and this is a fish only tank so i can use any meds
  2. teviesfish

    Yellow Tang

    Please help, My yellow tang has a bacterial infection. Looked under the forum that beth posted about it and that is for sure what he has..... red around his anal fin and up around but under his top and bottom fin. Any ideas on how to treat him? I have some Mytracin? spelling is prob off on that...
  3. teviesfish

    Yellow Tang

    Please help. I have a Yellow Tang approx 2 years old in a 55 fish only tank. hes been doing wonderful until tonight i noticed he had red around his anal fin and up under his top and bottom fins. He is eating well and is breathing slightly heavier than normal but not gasping. I looked up the...
  4. teviesfish

    A quicky

    I have heard that some are ok to touch. Some of the ones that have long tenticals are the ones that like the space becuase they sweep the area but that is as far as i know. still waiting to hear if anyone else has an answer for us ~
  5. teviesfish

    Spot feeding

    OMG thank you so much. Just sorta whiped out this week so forgot to check for a already posed thread. Thanks for the reminder and link it is much appreciated! Your very gracious to reply~ have a great weekend coming!
  6. teviesfish

    A quicky

    I look over the photos submitten on this website and it gives me inspiration totally. however i read that this coral or that coral dont like to touch yet in all of the beautiful pictures they are all touching. How is that ok?
  7. teviesfish

    Spot feeding

    I have a weird question, I use food suppliments for my corals however i know that some of the corals like fresh seafood given to them. How in the heck do you get them to take it? Just set it down there on the tips and hope that it takes it? My hairy mushrooms, frogspawn, zoos, and colt coral are...
  8. teviesfish

    calcium test help

  9. teviesfish

    Need Some Help Please! Alk Test Kit Sheet

    Sorry wish i could help. We use Hagen. Where did you order the test kit at? mine i dont have to move at all from one tube to another.
  10. teviesfish

    calcium test help

    I have been running hagen testing supplies and been testing my calcium and it was always showing low.. in the 370.... i started using kalwasser drip and in the middle of trying to raise it i ran out of that test and had to buy a brand at the lfs.. Theres was labled Calcuium test solution. well i...
  11. teviesfish

    So Excited!!!!

    we have a 28 gal bio, 75 reef and even though my hubby complains about how much this cost us ... we have started another 75 reef. SOOOOO EXCITED! we have the ls lr and its finished cycling. my fishie babies are done in QT and ready to move into there new home. CANT WAIT!!!
  12. teviesfish

    the art of live rock

    Well dont know if this helps you are not but this is my rock placement. i just wing it..but i can tell you that i use cookie sheets and a folding table to try to lay out all of my peices... then i start with my bigger peices for the bottom and just go from there. i think this tank took me about...
  13. teviesfish

    Daddy's Room

    Kick A*& tank!!!!!! love the color of the wall and the open end of the tank! nice job on the molding as well.
  14. teviesfish

    valintini puffer with corals?

    our val puffer snacked on ALL my corals so i had to take him out. returned him to lfs and got a credit.
  15. teviesfish

    adding more ls to tank

    I have 60 pounds of ls in my display 75 gallon reef. I added 20 more pounds last night... heard i should have done this slower then all at once. Might cost me some water changes...has anyone put this much in and if so can you tell me if you had any problem?
  16. teviesfish

    freaking out!

    Did the qt tank for 8 weeks!!!!!!!!!! moved them to the display tank two weeks ago and toniight my Blue hippo baby is scratching! i was under the impression that once i did the qt that it would get rid of all of that crap. And that ick had to be in my tank laying in waiting for a host. But if it...
  17. teviesfish

    clown fish acting funny

    I have a black perc clown. Got two at the lfs and the one is swimming fine and his black colors are still deep and just a hint of orange on his face. Nothing out of the ordinary for him. However the other one .. its like his black isnt as dark. And his face isnt a deep orange .. it looks...
  18. teviesfish

    Excited and nervous!!

    you guys are too much. thanks for the support
  19. teviesfish

    stablizing corals?

    yea i have a snail that moved into a huge empty up there now behind my frogspawn..pissing me off actually... going to give him the boot from that shell here soon if he doesnt stop it.
  20. teviesfish

    Few pics of 180

    beautiful tank ... congrats i think its going to be wonderful! Have a super week