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    Picture For You Guys

    Orange Toadfish and Zebra Moray
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    Smaller Agressive set-up

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    Just For Fun

    Hey guys, I've been gone for a while but now I'm back and I'm interested to see what you guys would do with the setup I have. Here's what I've got . . . 180 Gallon Tank 72 x 24 x 24 Around 200 lbs. Live Rock 55 Gallon Sump with oversized Euro-Reef Skimmer and the stock goes like: Orange Toadfish...
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    Wanted To Buy: 125-165 Gallon Fish Tank in CA, SF Bay Area

    I bought a 180 a long time ago, but thanks anyway.
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    Undulated Trigger

    Undulated Triggers are evil, I wouldn't suggest keeping one unless you plan on keeping it alone.
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    Unknown fish from Tsunami..

    Now there is an interesting thread. Thank you
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    Ideas for my spare tank.

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    grouper lanceolatus

    My dad came home with a two inch one, I new that it wouldn't last long, but what I didn't realize is that by they time he got to 8 inches (about 6 monthes) He would have eaten three of my Fish. Not a good investment, He's long gone now.
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    What can i put in my tank?

    You could get a hawkfish, or some other smaller aggresive Fish.
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    Overstocked Tank??

    I wouldn't keep the tang in that tank, he needs more swiming room. If you get rid of him you could probably get a hawk.
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    volitan lion.

    Lions are very lazy fish, and I guess if your gonna be lazy you might as well be laz backwards or upside down, right?:D
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    What can i put in my tank?

    You can get a dawrf lion, but the other Fish you mentioned wouldn't be too happy in a fourty gallon tank.
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    That's awesome man. Thats a very stunning fish.
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    Post size of your tank and fish that are in it

    180 Gallon FOWLR SFE Bumblebee Grouper Lunare Wrasse Purple Tang Orange Toadfish Squrilfish Harliquin Tusk
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    Queen trigger question

    I've kept them together for year and never had a problem, but I guess some people have.
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    I don't think so, can't replace him, at least not yet.
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    Fish ID

    It reminds me of a broomtail wrasse but with different colors.
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    Fish ID

    Guy who has it said that it was only 4 inches so it couldn't be a grown grouper, the mouth looks too small to be a groupers to me. I dunno, it's cool though, so I wanna find out.
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    Fish ID

    Anyone know what kind of fish this is, looks like a wrasse or hog to me.
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    His eyes got clody and puffy, I have reason to belive it was bacterial.