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  1. mattfrancis

    Teenage Reefers!

    Hey guys, I'm 16, been in saltwater for 5 years now. I have a 120 gallon reef (1 year old) and work for an aquarium service company.
  2. mattfrancis

    Matt's 120g Build

    The really aren't any problems with the fish. I thought it would be different. I'm going to add a yellow tang and kole tang soon. I know, tang police say no. But that's what I'm doing.
  3. mattfrancis

    my new fish frag

    Scooter blenny! Mine buried himself when he was scared! It was so awesome.
  4. mattfrancis

    Matt's 120g Build

    Picture were taken from my iphone, so the water looks yellow and not clear. I promise it's crystal clear and not yellow.
  5. mattfrancis

    Matt's 120g Build

    Figured it's been long enough for an update. lol. Since before: I now have another wavepoint light so now I have 8 bulbs over my tank, I set up a refugium in my sump, got an octopus skimmer that kicks some butt, picked up a ceramic frag rack at MANCA, and aquascaped. Don't harass me about the...
  6. mattfrancis

    10gal journal :D

    I agree with ^ I think two t5 vho bulbs would let you keep anything. And it'll leave some room so you can put hands in and out of the tank without taking off the fixture (and also has room for HOB skimmer).
  7. mattfrancis

    Gigantea Vs. Haddoni

    I'm really interested in getting a carpet anemone. But I'm a little confused about which of these two to get. I've attempted to do research on them but no one really has a good comparison chart for the two. So I figured I'd ask. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Stichodactyla Haddoni...
  8. mattfrancis

    coral placement question

    Run lots of carbon. That's really all. If you do research on the heavily stocked tanks, they always run carbon, a huge skimmer (for fish more so), and they take water changes seriously. -Matt
  9. mattfrancis

    Cup Coral? Grape Coral? Galaxy Coral?

    I think they're the same coral Nike, and i think they are a relative to the bubble coral. Also known as the grape coral. I'd give you the scientific name but my friend has my coral identification book.
  10. mattfrancis

    Six (6) Dead Shrimps (filter sock change the cause?)

    I remember the first time I replaced my sock. It turned my who tank white, but i didn't lose anything. Are you sure it wasn't the salinity?
  11. mattfrancis

    Six (6) Dead Shrimps (filter sock change the cause?)

    What was your salinity before and after? You may have shocked them.
  12. mattfrancis

    starting my 75 GAL in-wall (pics)

    Did you use copper fittings on the r/o unit?
  13. mattfrancis

    It's been to long... Coastie5685 90g

    The BTA is gorgeous. Where'd ya get it? And I'm lovin the tank. Great colors and nice and clean.
  14. mattfrancis

    Matt's 120g Build

    Picked up a bunch of stuff. Camera isn't working guys sorry. But I got: Eagle eye zoos (13 heads) A nice orange ricoridea Neon green montipora (idk the actual name) Superman monti A darker frogspawn Neon green hammer coral 1" x 1" frag of green star polyps Acans (idk i.d. again) Also picked up...
  15. mattfrancis

    Matt's 120g Build

    Originally Posted by Handbanana great tank, Cant wait for the skimmer build! Im all about DIY. Thought about building a skimmer. never took it on befor tho. Built many a Spudzooka tho. Phnumatic and propaine, hairspray too. cant wait to see. Lol, me too. I was scared to do a combustion. Even...
  16. mattfrancis

    Matt's 120g Build

    Originally Posted by nissan577 why do you do only a 5 gallons just do 20g in a month and your 15?!?! well atleast your parents buy you stuff! i had to buy all my corals, fish, and equipment!!!! i only got the rock and light from my dad plus the tank but thats it!!!! 5g a week is easy for me...
  17. mattfrancis

    Matt's 120g Build

    Originally Posted by nissan577 i would wait on the acro and save some money on a new fixture Good plan I'll probably just buy the same fixture again :D Originally Posted by Handbanana Beautiful tank! Great job aquascaping. wanted to say something earlier. Looks awesome. Just a few questions...
  18. mattfrancis

    Matt's 120g Build

    Originally Posted by nissan577 switch to ati and maybe you can but howcome you have only 4 bulbs on a 120 tank???? why not get 6 or 8 bulbs I may do that with birthday money. I only have 4 because thats all my dad would buy. I'm begging him to buy me a strip of 2 more t5s.
  19. mattfrancis

    Matt's 120g Build

    Originally Posted by nissan577 i must say the tank is looking so amazing!!!! i love the chevron tang i want one! Thank you. Once I put in the kole tang I'm going to start focusing on coral. And do you think I could support acros with t5's?
  20. mattfrancis

    Matt's 120g Build

    So today I picked up my chevron (a different one then the one that had ick, no charge) and a cleaner shrimp. The sailfin is kind of bugging him, but I think the chevron will hold his ground. I have a kole tang on hold at the LFS also. Pictures: Chevron: He's camera shy: Shirmps: (If you can...