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  1. 120reefer

    benefits of coralline algae?

    Originally Posted by ophiura I wouldn't say it "does" anything for the tank, however growth of it is considered to be indicative of a reasonably well balanced system. It is an indicator more than anything else. Tanks can be successful without it, though an SPS tank could have issues. Yep, in...
  2. 120reefer

    Big leak need help......... & support

    Originally Posted by woody189 Sorry. You should definitely check out C-list. THey have SOO many tanks for real good prices. At least in my area they do. +1
  3. 120reefer

    Alexknight 75 Gallon Reef Tank

    Count me in, I'm down for another softie build Up next.. STi build..
  4. 120reefer

    Peach Foxface??

    Originally Posted by spanko Sounds like an interesting color pattern. I've been looking around to find one of these. Siganus_doliatus. Picture from tropicalfishdata They just got one of these in at that "doctors" site... might be a little big for the cube at 5", beautiful fish tho. There...
  5. 120reefer

    Fact or Fiction?

    Ut wait.. I stand corrected.. they begin shipping to retailers on that date. In another article I've read, it states, "If you pre ordered the little pump you should expect it in the next 2-3 weeks depending on how fast your retailer can turn the orders around."
  6. 120reefer

    Fact or Fiction?

    Looks like it hit the market on June 26. Ideal for 2.5-50 gal. systems, 200gph to 1575gph, 8-18watts, max tank thickness- 3/8", .. which I'm sure you guys already knew but I figured to post specs incase others who didn't know were reading. Looks like a pretty sweet little pump, has tons of...
  7. 120reefer

    14k 250w Mogul Base MH Bulbs - Best ones ?

    SCSI, not to get off topic, but how do you like the radiums? I need to get new bulbs but I'm torn between 14k Phoenix and the 20k Radiums. I want good coloration but don't want to sacrafice too much growth if I don't have to. I know we can't have everything (i.e. awsome color and best...
  8. 120reefer

    Aggressive or not?

    I highly doubt that its the hawk.. or the anemone.. or the LMB. There is just no way those fish could "kill" the missing livestock. Two out of the 3 fish that are missing are of adult size, the other is a juvi but still, im sure its at least 1 1/2"-2" in size. If anything, the hawk or LMB...
  9. 120reefer

    Tearing the tank down...

    Originally Posted by Reefman22 So, unfortunately I'll be leaving for college at the end of this summer and will be taking the tank apart. It's very sad but I'm keeping all the 'hardware' so I can set it up again after. So my lfs will take all my fish and corals but not the live rock or live...
  10. 120reefer

    14k 250w Mogul Base MH Bulbs - Best ones ?

    Originally Posted by jackri I know you have to watch the wattages with the ballasts used... but for some reason I remember reading in a catalog or something about 20k bulbs needing something special.. but now I can't find it... or I'm just making it up in my head :) It's 4am and my thinking is...
  11. 120reefer

    Finally finished my DIY sump/refugium, scrubber and pvc overflow

    wow.... with that size sump/fuge, an AquaC EV series skimmer AND a turf filter going... your ready to go P.S. - AquaC FTW
  12. 120reefer

    need advise on Red Slime and Bristle Worm infestation

    Yes water parameters would be helpful. Bristle worms and aptasia usually begin to appear when the water conditions are suitable.. when there are high DOC/nitrates.. usually caused by overfeeding or poor circulation. Lighting conditions do not matter for these two, as aptasia can live in almost...
  13. 120reefer

    Help me LIGHT UR up!!

    Dual 175watt halides... you can keep almost anything givin your parameters are right If you don't want to do the anemone, you could do a nice mixed reef with t-5's, with metal halides your corals would thrive, and you would have a better chance at long term success. The fish will be fine under...
  14. 120reefer

    Return Pump Suggestions..

    thanks a lot for the suggestions so far! I really appreciate all of your quick responses... again thanks
  15. 120reefer

    Aggressive or not?

    Have an open top tank? If so, I would check the floor.. blennies, gobies, and jawfish are notorious tank jumpers. All but 1 from your list of tankmates are good to go.. but that damsel
  16. 120reefer

    Return Pump Suggestions..

    Wow, thank you both for the quick responses! I really appreciate it. Thats the pump I was looking at for the mags... at first I was nervous about the flow rate (735gph @ 5.5ft.) and then i remembered that I had a ball valve on the return line, hiding behind the tank. I guess when you neglect...
  17. 120reefer

    Fish Crazy!!!!!!!

    Agreed, most dottybacks, hawkfish, wrasses ect. are considered "reef safe" but usually have to moniter with shrimp, especially if its a smaller sized shrimp like a peppermint or small cleaner. Like Arvins stated, it all depends on the fish. Just like reefers trying to keep a pygmy angel from...
  18. 120reefer

    My ugly tank is getting better

    Tank looks awsome, I like your aquascape! I agree with Flower.. I would definately consider a solid background, it would really give it some depth. Btw, is that a spp. of pencil urchin in the first pic just to the right of the zoas?
  19. 120reefer

    Return Pump Suggestions..

    Hello everyone, well its that time again, time to dish out some more money Just wondering what everyone was using for a return pump and if your happy with your buy. Right now, I just have a cheap Catalina CA2200 (800gph). Don't get me wrong, its a good little pump and has served me well over the...
  20. 120reefer

    My newest Fish for my Reef

    Wow! what a great looking fish I love the wrasse species, especially the fairy/flashers! Beautiful gift, mom has good taste