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  1. emmitt

    Best Tank Contest!

    I'll post before it gets torn down
  2. emmitt

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    Very nice ! What are the yellow anemones(?) in the 1st post, pic #5?
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    pics of my 125 FINALLY!!

    Originally Posted by WangoTango is that the AGA "classic mission series" stand and canopy? looks great! I believe it is. Very nice tank, strongly considered that exact stand. Looks nice and clean! p.s.- would look really nice with a black or blue background
  4. emmitt


    You werent happy with the eyes?!?!?!?!?! That is an AMAZING cake! Much better than any i have paid for for any of my kid's birthday's. We had a Dora cake for my daughters 4th on sunday. It was really nice but not THAT nice!
  5. emmitt

    My 240 getting started

    Originally Posted by kzoo Thanks, looking for some sps with color and some clams now. My center rocks look bare. How long has the tank been set up? What kind of flow do you have? Sps need very high flow, doesnt look like you have much. Dont see anything but the returns, I think you need some...
  6. emmitt

    Worm question

    Last night, i went to turn the lights off and saw a small(1") worm start to float in the water. It was writhing and wiggling like mad, floating to the surface and looked kinda like a bristle. It got sucked into the filter and i never saw it come out and couldnt find it inside. I know i read...
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    bristle worms !!!

    Dont get a wrasse to control them. If they begin to get out of control, you are probably overfeeding. Just cut back the feedin a little bit and the population should stay in check.
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    July 4 Festivities

    Just found out the thunderstick rockets i was talking about were banned!!! What a bummer I checked and no stores in florida have any Thank god i have 80 left from last year. I was about to buy 2 cases twice last year and didnt, cant believe i didnt buy them!! Best rockets on the market...
  9. emmitt

    Coral Prop Vid by Eric Borneman

    Awesome video but the way he chops up that favia :scared: As soon as my new tank gets set up, definitely getting a wet saw and a cheap favia to try it out p.s.-I DEFINITELY vote that this be stickied and put in the archives, its a must see for anyone who wants to frag.
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    what kind of coral is this??

    It was definitely put through a wet tile saw, thats why it's shaped weird. Just watched borneman's video how to do it, he would have made that into 10 more pieces , lol
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    Question re: cleaning outside of glass tank

    Windex now makes wipes that are perfect. No spraying, no worries.
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    125 or 180 AGA

    If you are going reef, i'd definitely go with the 180. I was waffling forever on that or a 225 (30"wide). The 18" wide just fills up to quickly in my opinion if you are doing a reef. Also, the price difference probably isnt very much.
  13. emmitt

    Rude People !!!!!!!!! Rant!!!!!

    Originally Posted by Pontius I too think it's pretty silly for a 13 year to drink cafe latte or whatever, but that's beside the point, because it's your money to spend on whatever you want (really, I think it's silly for ANYONE to pay that much for coffee.) what you should do in the Starbucks...
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    I usually add it to food and put a drop or 2 in the tank every couple of days. They seem to like it.
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    July 4 Festivities

    Interestingly , i have checked the statutes a few times and even though there is a statute making it illegal to light off certain fireworks, i cannot find any penalties for doing it?? I dont think a person could actually be charged with a crime for doing it, the most they can do is confiscate...
  16. emmitt

    July 4 Festivities

    I'm not saying to do this and i'm not responsible if anyone does but here is our favorite 4th activity. I usually have 8-12 friends over lighting stuff off. Just before dusk, i bring out a huge box of assorted roman candles( like 8 different effects including the best, crackling) and a case...
  17. emmitt

    July 4 Festivities

    The fireworks store should have some type of them. Thats the only place ive seen them. The kind i have is called pyro torch. If not they might have the extra large punk, thats pretty good as well. The small punk is decent but the tip is so small its sometimes hard to light stuff. The xl...
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    Can't believe my eyes PART 2.

    Sorry for being partially responsible for the closed thread
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    July 4 Festivities

    Originally Posted by Johnbob Could one of you guys post a site to order wholesale from? Also how long would it take for the firewroks to arrive because I would place the order early week. I have some great wholesale and fireworks review sites but they are saved on my computer at work. If you...
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    July 4 Festivities

    Originally Posted by drew2005 I use one of those BBQ lighters. The ones with the triggers. Last year it ran out of fluid and i had to light most of the stuff off with a regular 50 cent lighter. Dont use those, they are crap and finger breakers if you have to use them all day. I use extra...