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  1. reefer545

    Chicago Sea Apple

    Anybody want a Sea Apple? It's doin great, but I have a very small system, and I would prefer to not have to keep a watchful eye on it, not to mention the extra water changes and such. feel free to email me at red and blue with yellow feeders. About 4 inches. very pretty.
  2. reefer545

    how would u put out a fish that was sick?

    Put it in a plastic sandwich baggy or a gallon freezer bag (depending on size) and then hit it with a cast iron skillet. Simple, fast, no clean up required.
  3. reefer545

    Uh oh... CRACK!!!

    Using epoxy, or some kind of fast curing cement, surround the crack witha glass or plexiglass plate that is at least 2 inches beyond any point the crack measures. This has worked for me in the past. I had a 75 g. fw tank with a crack along the bottom of the tank pretty much down the middle. I...
  4. reefer545

    The Most Beautiful Fish

    Mandarin dragonet. cuttlefish.
  5. reefer545

    12 gallon jbj nano overheating

    I had to buy a chiller for my 24. I did, because as soon as my apartent got above 80 degrees (mainly in the summer) my tank skyrocketed to 84ish. I had to blast the ac to keep my apartment cool, so a chiller in retrospect, has been the best component I have ever bought. It is not wierd for...
  6. reefer545

    could this work?

    EVERYBODY needs to chill. I am sure you are joking. Nobody is stupid enough to post something like that and then go through with it. As long as you check the laws of said island it could work, but why mess with nature? I say, just scuba, and enjoy it without trying to make it better.
  7. reefer545

    Plate Coral ?

    I have seen plate corals on rocks, but ime, when I first started to buy corals, I saw one on rocks in the LFS and so I put mine the rocks. Dead within 3 days. I will/have never put one on the rocks again. The only thing I put on the rocks these days is a nice scotch.
  8. reefer545

    I can't choose

    I have always wanted a frogfish. Mantis are cool, but need their own tank. Frogfish should really be kept alone too though.
  9. reefer545

    Need a good laugh? It happened.

    Yeah, a couple months with a rash that looked like egsma(sp?). It was itchy and constantly irritating. The wierd part was that the anemone stings took a long time to finally effect me. By that I mean that I had been stung by this same anemeone for months and months of intermediate stings to...
  10. reefer545

    like to know more about this star...

    Fromia is a great family of stars for the reef of the ones that are offered. Reef Safe. Easily spot fed. *very touchy about being picked up- you are best to try not to pick it up ever. It wont hurt any corals, but it POSSIBLY may go after a snail or hermit crab - but usually to no avail...
  11. reefer545

    Need a good laugh? It happened.

    I b4et you laughed your arse off Dark. I would have. It's funny when others get hurt. WITHIN REASON OF COURSE. The surprise is what really got me. The pain was not too bad. And I found the perfect remedy. A NICE COLD BEER IN THE HAND (AND GUT) REALLY ALLEVIATES THE SENSATION. LOL. for all...
  12. reefer545

    Need a good laugh? It happened.

    Thanks Alix. I used my pliers I carry. Needlenose. I got the most of them out, but some definitely are still there. The glue idea is great. Thanks. Na, no gloves. I am a chef, and I am constantly burning myself or occasionally (very occasionally) cutting myself, so the pain is not really...
  13. reefer545

    Need a good laugh? It happened.

    I finally stung myself today. After 2.5 years, I finally grabbed a bristle worm by accident. I was moving some rock around while cleaning, and sure enough there was a long bristle worm just waitin for me. I know better, and I have read so many times to wear gloves and that the sting of them...
  14. reefer545

    id needed please, (and thank you)

    HUGE score!!!!!!!!! Congrats! I have been wanting a fungia plate rock for a long time, but I cant find them for less a hundred bucks, and that is with just a few or up to 6 little plates on it. Nice find my friend. Enjoy it, take care of it. You'll love it I am certain. If not, send it my...
  15. reefer545

    light for my 24g nano

    That's a bit too much. I have 150 w MH with 2 x 32 w actnic over my 24. They hang a good 14 inches above the tank. I have had them for a little less than a year, and I can tell that some corals which were higher are just now starting to come back around. You could get those and just hang em real...
  16. reefer545

    How's THIS for a nano?

    Why does the LR just "hang" there? Is it just stuck between the sides? If so, keeping it clean on the bottom may prove to be a pain. VERY COOL IDEA !!! It looks like a new trend to me. Design and Patent. lol.
  17. reefer545

    Will the world end in 2012?

    Originally Posted by Strayloc After I die, I'm coming back as a Bristleworm Oh, adn as for you, I'm buying an arrow crab if you end up in my tank. lol.
  18. reefer545

    Will the world end in 2012?

    The known world will end 7 years after Jesus' second comng. His first coming will be the Rapture. 3 1/2 years after the second coming is when all nonbelievers will learn the true identity of the anti christ, who they will all actually be forced to worship as GOD. The second 3 1/2 years is...
  19. reefer545

    Enough already! No more ethnic titles!

    Ric Maniac, You're in! Then there were two. Doubled our numbers in one day. Not bad at all. Pass the word. I think the only requirements are going to be "to want in." Planethellyeah is out there everybody, and you are all just as much a part of it as I. Maybe you just dont SEE it yet. lol...
  20. reefer545

    HELP! EXPERTS omgg

    It sounds like popeye. This does happen from iritation from hitting a rock or other fish. It should correct itself if it is popeye. Unfortunately there is not much you can do. Keep an eye on it. Post a pic if you can, as that will help tremendously depending on pic quality